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RCS-BLAME – comments and code


Here is the rcs-blame program written by Michael Chapman.


According to the change-log, Michael Chapman wrote blame in 2004, making minor fixes in 2006. This was on SourceForge; however the project page went away some time in 2018.

I happened to notice this program because I was looking for programs to compare with rcshist. Debian had a package; I installed it on my Debian 6 in 2012.

I noticed that the project page was defunct because it broke the FreeBSD port. Not only the SourceForge page was defunct, but the Internet Archive had no copies of the source. I located the source on


Like the rcshist tool, this is used for analyzing changes using the RCS history of a file:


See the changelog for details:

As part of maintenance,

Interesting enough, the test scripts worked with minor fixes in autoconf 2.69 (though of course none of the configure script would work due to multiple incompatibilities introduced by autoconf's developers).

There are still issues to resolve: