Change-Log for TCTEST

        * tctest.1: workaround for groff mis-hyphenating

        * package/tctest.spec: compromise between Mageia and Fedora

        * package/tctest.spec:
        rpmlint, and remove the "strip" command which now confuses Fedora's rpmbuild

        * tctest.1: style/formatting fixes

        * package/debian/compat, package/debian/copyright, COPYING, VERSION,
          package/debian/changelog, package/tctest.spec:


        * configure: regen

        * aclocal.m4: resync with my-autoconf, for compiler warning fixes


        * config.sub: 2023-12-27


        * config.guess: 2023-12-02


        *, testing/ shellcheck-warnings

        * configure: regen

        * initialize $ac_includes_default

        * COPYING, VERSION, package/debian/changelog, package/debian/copyright,

        * aclocal.m4: resync with my-autoconf


        * tctest.1: check-manpage fixes

        * COPYING, VERSION, package/debian/changelog, package/debian/copyright,

        * aclocal.m4: resync with my-autoconf

        * configure: regen

        * resync with my-autoconf


        * config.guess, config.sub: 2022-08-01


        * aclocal.m4: corrected initial date for this particular collection

        * tctest.c:
        added a -vvv check to show the number of parameters needed for a capability

        * package/debian/rules, package/debian/compat, VERSION,
          package/debian/changelog, package/debian/copyright,
          package/tctest.spec, COPYING:

        * configure: regen

        * aclocal.m4: resync with my-autoconf

        * use CF_WITHOUT_X


        * install-sh: update to 2020-11-14


        * config.guess, config.sub: 2020-08-17


        * configure: regen

        if the curses/termcap libraries are preset using CFLAGS/LIBS, do not
        look for the actual libraries.

        * aclocal.m4: resync with my-autoconf

        * configure: regen

        * COPYING, VERSION, package/debian/changelog, package/debian/copyright,


        * config.sub: 2018-01-15

        * config.guess: 2018-01-26


        * package/debian/copyright, COPYING, package/debian/changelog,
          package/tctest.spec, VERSION:

        * configure: regen

        * remove redundant rules

        * aclocal.m4: add new macros

        * add --with-man2html

        * add --with-man2html option

        * aclocal.m4: resync with my-autoconf
        add --with-man2html option


        * config.guess: 2015-03-04

        * config.sub: 2015-03-08


        * configure: regen

        * fix substitution warnings from autoconf

        * aclocal.m4, add check for lint-program

        * configure: regen

        * aclocal.m4:
        resync with my-autoconf, pull in CF_PROG_CC and discard unused macros

        * COPYING, package/debian/copyright, package/debian/changelog,
          package/tctest.spec, VERSION:

        * use CF_PROG_CC


        * config.sub: 2013-10-01


        * config.guess: 2013-06-10


        * tctest.c: icc warnings

        * remove a duplicate suffix rule

        * add docs rule

        * testing/entry-size2.gnu, testing/entry-size.gnu, testing/waste-size.gnu:

        * testing/includes.ref: resync for a case where names cannot be found

        * package/debian/changelog, package/tctest.spec, VERSION: bump

        * tctest.1: document -1 and -g options

        * tctest.c:
        add "-1" option to get counts from a single call to tgetent() per entry.

        * tctest.c:
        provide a breakdown of names+aliases into v6-names, primary and aliases


        * testing/bsd44.ref, testing/3bsd.ref: RCS_BASE

        * tctest.c:
        if -g and -s are set, get counts for number of capabilities with subcategory
        for obsolete and distinct/obsolete.

        * tctest.c:
        add a column to by-name.dat which tells whether the capability is standard
        or obsolete with respect to BSD 4.3


        * tctest.c:
        add -g option, to write data-files for plotting frequency of entries at
        a given size, and for plotting frequencies of given capability names.

        * tctest.c:
        use explicit range rather than isgraph(), to avoid bias with systems such
        as OpenBSD which use broken locale data.

        * tctest.c: libtic isn't relevant here - only in configure script


        * testing/
        use ncurses tic -K option if available, to suppress extensions to escapes.


        * testing/
        omit ".db" from TERMCAP and TERMPATH values, needed for *BSD's.
        use "time -p" for more consistent reporting of timing.


        * VERSION, package/debian/changelog, package/tctest.spec: bump

        * testing/ workaround for Solaris' sh


        * testing/escapes.ref, testing/bsd43.ref, testing/bsd42.ref: regen

        * testing/
        add ^'s and \'s for punctuation, to exercise ^? and friends


        * tctest.c:
        configure script changed so that USE_TERMINFO isn't set for FreeBSD builds

        * testing/ fix in case infocmp is not available

        * testing/
        check if infocmp uses a hashed-database.  If so, expect that ncurses is
        configured to support this.

        * tctest.c: add a null-pointer check in same_list()


        * tctest.c:
        improve check for "unknown" status return from tgetent, showing "unknown"
        in the comment for a name/alias.

        * tctest.c:
        check for NetBSD's "ZZ" entry, to get the resolved size of the entry

        * testing/includes.ref: RCS_BASE


        * tctest.c: add counts for tc's before/after

        * testing/ RCS_BASE

        * tctest.c:
        consolidate the two instances of unsetenv() into one ifdef'd fallback.
        add ifdef based on configure check for broken tgetent status.

        * configure: regen

        * aclocal.m4: add CF_BROKEN_TGETENT_STATUS

        * add check for broken tgetent status


        * tctest.1: add -c, -n and -r options

        * testing/
        use -n and -r options to show timing of tgetent calls

        * tctest.c: add -c, -n and -r options


        * package/debian/changelog, package/tctest.spec, VERSION: bump

        * configure: regen

        * aclocal.m4: add check for otermcap (OpenBSD)
        modify CF_XOPEN_SOURCE for NetBSD to add _NETBSD_SOURCE.

        * add check for otermcap (OpenBSD)

        * configure: regen

        add --with-curses option, for NetBSD termcap-emulation in curses library.

        * tctest.c: gcc warnings for 64-bits

        * tctest.c: add largest-size to summary report

        * testing/ reduce the ".err" to a reminder

        * add check-cap and check-tic rules

        * tctest.c: fixes/improvements for the dangling "\" check.

        * testing/freebsd.ref: regen

        * testing/
        improve redirection of stderr to separate output from 'time' (stderr on
        some BSDs) from the program's output.


        * testing/bsd43.ref: regen

        * tctest.c:
        provide for entries which have continuation markers in odd places

        * tctest.c: gcc-warnings for 64-bits

        * testing/
        redirect error messages from the terminal database compilers - want numbers only

        * testing/ improve the cleanup of temporary files

        * testing/
        modify to allow "-t" option to tell the script to use tic to first create
        a database, which can be used with the termcap library

        * testing/
        modify to test with hashed-db using NetBSD termcap


        * configure: regen

        * add check for unsetenv()

        * tctest.c: suppress curses' use of $CC

        * tctest.c: correct parameter to check_tgoto()

        * testing/ redirect library errors to a file, give counts

        * tctest.1, tctest.c:
        modify -o option so that reports go to stdout as well

        * package/debian/changelog, package/tctest.spec, VERSION: bump

        * tctest.c:
        again, wrap tgetstr() to work around various BSD4.2 flavors which are defective.
        show totals for library-failures and tctest-warnings in summary.


        * tctest.c: fix count for tgetent() calls for terminfo systems.

        * tctest.c: gcc warnings

        * testing/
        collect statistics with the summary-option of tctest

        * package/debian/changelog, package/tctest.spec, VERSION: bump

        * tctest.1: document -o and -w options

        * tctest.c: split-out the warning-related stuff as a new option "-w"

        * tctest.c:
        adapt table from ncurses to provide "params" parameter to _nc_infotocap()
        which controls whether it tries to convert parameter-functions.  Add a
        simple check of the result from tgetstr() for unrecognized parameter


        * testing/escapes.ref: regen

        * testing/ typo

        * testing/ add test-case for carets

        * testing/vim-amiga.ref, testing/freebsd.ref, testing/bsd43.ref,

        * tctest.c:
        remove two cases which are terminfo-specific, to help test ncurses' conversion


        * tctest.c: implement -s option

        * tctest.1: add -s option

        * tctest.c: fix sign-extension in use of ctype macros


        * package/debian/changelog, package/tctest.spec, VERSION: bump

        * testing/escapes.ref:
        termcap library has more bugs to research - use this as reference.

        * tctest.c: add another debug-trace

        * testing/escapes.ref, testing/ RCS_BASE

        * testing/freebsd.ref, testing/bsd43.ref, testing/bsd42.ref:
        regen with fixed BSD4.2 library which checks for dangling backslash at the
        end of an entry (a syntax error).

        * tctest.c:
        provide for generating statistics if "-v" option is repeated.


        * testing/freebsd.ref, testing/bsd43.ref, testing/bsd42.ref,

        * tctest.c:
        modify so that the 2-character short-name used in antique termcaps is
        processed last, since it is not guaranteed to be unique.  This is done
        to fix (among others) an obscure problem with the tvi912 entry in

        * configure: regen

        * tctest.c: instrument for leak-checking with ncurses

        * add checks for ncurses no-leaks functions


        * testing/
        improve use of environment variables so the test looks only at the test


        * tctest.c: remove unused debug-code

        * tctest.c: escape backslashes before calling _nc_infotocap()

        * testing/
        collect numbers for both standard and complete flavors.

        * tctest.c: add a "-o" option to simplify testing.

        * change, making different temporary files.

        * testing/vim-amiga.ref, testing/freebsd.ref: regen using "-b" option

        * tctest.c: "#" is a legal character in capability names

        * tctest.c: remove duplicate "ma" entry from conventional table.

        * testing/bsd43.ref:
        regen using "-b" (brute-force) option to pick up non-standard capabilities.
        this also eliminates a duplicate "ma" capability due to table error.

        * testing/bsd42.ref: regen, eliminating a duplicate "ma" line

        * testing/
        prefer "-b" option, since the termcaps may contain nonstandard entries

        * testing/bsd43.ref, testing/bsd42.ref: RCS_BASE


        * tctest.c: remove leftover debug variable

        * tctest.c:
        ncurses' translation makes "\^" and "\\" into "\136" and "\134",
        which do not match the common usage in BSD termcaps.  Fix.

        * tctest.c:
        suppress expansion of escapes if we're getting _nc_infotocap() to help.


        * testing/
        set TERMINFO_DIRS to specify that the termcap file should be read first
        (new feature of ncurses)


        * widen the mostlyclean rule to add valgrind's core-files.

        * tctest.c: compiler warning

        * configure: regen

        * tctest.c:
        if we can link with use_env(), it's probably because we're also linked
        with (n)curses.  Ask it to leave the lines/columns values alone.

        * add configure-check for use_env()

        * testing/
        adjust $PATH to allow for diffstat in /usr/local/bin

        * testing/freebsd.ref:
        regen using a copy of BSD 4.2 termcap with its buffer-size set to 4096,
        to just get the "correct" settings.

        * tctest.c: use const strings.

        * configure: regen

        * tctest.1, package/debian/copyright, COPYING, package/tctest.spec:

        * tctest.c: add copyright and version message

        * add VERSION file

        * package/debian/rules, package/debian/docs, package/debian/watch,
          package/debian/control, package/debian/changelog:

        * testing/
        only summarize results with diffstat since they can be quite large.


        * testing/
        try to override some of the environment variables that can affect results

        * tctest.c:
        use ncurses' _nc_infotocap() to translate terminfo strings back to termcap.

        add options --with-ncurses, --with-ncursesw and --with-curses to override
        the default search for a termcap library

        * aclocal.m4: add CF_FUNC_TGETENT

        * add xterm's check for full tgetent()


        * testing/ typo

        * testing/ if there is an error, leave the ".tmp" file

        * tctest.c:
        add setjmp/longjmp to stop Solaris termcap from dumping core on too-large

        * testing/vim-amiga.ref:
        regen this with Solaris termcap library, because it fixes values for "li"
        which my old build of BSD 4.3 termcap allows to use the terminal's value.

        * testing/ cleanup

        * use test-script

        * testing/freebsd.ref, testing/vim-amiga.ref: RCS_BASE

        * tctest.c:
        format result as a termcap file, one capability per line, to simplify diffs

        * testing/, README: RCS_BASE

        * tctest.c: add -a option

        * tctest.c: add -l option, for listing name and aliases

        * tctest.c:
        tgetstr() might return -1 for cancelled values in some implementations.

        * tctest.c:
        as alternative to -b, dump the conventional names defined in ncurses.

        * tctest.c: start adding options: -b, -e and -f.

        *, aclocal.m4, configure, RCS_BASE

        * tctest.c: todo "-o"

        * tctest.c: to-do list


        * tctest.c:
        for a start, trim out the features that assume I have terminfo, from ncurses.

        * testing/ RCS_BASE


        * config.sub: RCS_BASE


        * config.guess: RCS_BASE


        * tctest.c: RCS_BASE


        * package/debian/source/format: RCS_BASE

2010-08-08  gavin

        * testing/ FROM_KEYS


        * package/debian/compat: RCS_BASE


        * install-sh: RCS_BASE


        * RCS_BASE

        * s/Header/Id/


        * testing/ RCS_BASE


        * testing/ RCS_BASE

1983-07-01  Thomas E. Dickey

        * testing/ RCS_BASE

1979-12-31  Thomas E. Dickey

        * testing/ RCS_BASE