define_key 3x 2023-12-16 ncurses 6.4 Library calls

define_key(3x)                   Library calls                  define_key(3x)


       define_key - define a curses keycode


       #include <curses.h>

       int define_key(const char *definition, int keycode);


       This  is an extension to the curses library.  It permits an application
       to define keycodes with their corresponding control  strings,  so  that
       the ncurses library will interpret them just as it would the predefined
       codes in the terminfo database.

       If definition is NULL, any existing one for  the  keycode  is  removed.
       Similarly,  if  the  given  keycode  is  negative or zero, any existing
       string for the given definition is removed.


       Either keycode must be greater than zero, or definition  must  be  non-
       NULL,  otherwise ERR is returned.  ERR may also be returned if there is
       insufficient memory to allocate the data to store the  definition.   If
       no error is detected, OK is returned.


       These  routines  are  specific  to ncurses.  They were not supported on
       Version 7, BSD or System V implementations.  It is recommended that any
       code depending on them be conditioned using NCURSES_VERSION.


       Thomas Dickey


       keyok(3x), key_defined(3x)

ncurses 6.4                       2023-12-16                    define_key(3x)