curs_beep 3x 2024-06-22 ncurses 6.5 Library calls

curs_beep(3x)                    Library calls                   curs_beep(3x)


       beep, flash - ring the (visual) bell of the terminal with curses


       #include <curses.h>

       int beep(void);
       int flash(void);


       beep  and  flash  alert  the  terminal user: the former by sounding the
       terminal's audible alarm, and the latter  by  visibly  attracting  user
       attention.    Commonly,   a   terminal  implements  a  visual  bell  by
       momentarily reversing the character foreground and background colors on
       the  entire  display;  even  a  monochrome  device  can do this.  These
       functions each attempt the other alert type if  the  one  requested  is
       unavailable.   If  neither  is  available,  curses  performs no action.
       Nearly all terminals have an audible alert mechanism such as a bell  or
       piezoelectric buzzer, but only some can flash the screen.


       These functions return OK on success and ERR on failure.

       In  ncurses, beep and flash return OK if the terminal type supports the
       corresponding capability: bell (bel) for beep and flash_screen  (flash)
       for flash.  Otherwise they return ERR.


       In ncurses, these functions can return ERR.


       X/Open  Curses,  Issue  4  describes  these functions.  It specifies no
       error conditions for them.

       On SVr4 curses, they always return OK, and X/Open Curses specifies them
       as doing so.


       beep and flash appeared in SVr2 (1984).


       curses(3x), terminfo(5)

ncurses 6.5                       2024-06-22                     curs_beep(3x)