curs_addwstr 3x 2024-06-01 ncurses 6.5 Library calls

curs_addwstr(3x)                 Library calls                curs_addwstr(3x)


       addwstr,   addnwstr,   waddwstr,   waddnwstr,   mvaddwstr,  mvaddnwstr,
       mvwaddwstr, mvwaddnwstr - add  a  wide-character  string  to  a  curses
       window and advance the cursor


       #include <curses.h>

       int addwstr(const wchar_t *wstr);
       int mvaddwstr(int y, int x, const wchar_t *wstr);
       int mvwaddwstr(WINDOW *win, int y, int x, const wchar_t *wstr);
       int waddwstr(WINDOW *win, const wchar_t *wstr);

       int addnwstr(const wchar_t *wstr, int n);
       int mvaddnwstr(int y, int x, const wchar_t *wstr, int n);
       int mvwaddnwstr(WINDOW *win, int y, int x, const wchar_t *wstr, int n);
       int waddnwstr(WINDOW *win, const wchar_t *wstr, int n);


       waddwstr  writes  the  characters  of  the (wide-null-terminated) wide-
       character string wstr to the window win.  Its  process  is  similar  to
       constructing   a  cchar_t  for  each  wchar_t  in  wstr,  then  calling
       wadd_wch(3x) with the resulting cchar_t.

       o   Spacing and non-spacing characters in the string are processed  one
           at a time, and

       o   control characters are processed as in wadd_wch(3x).

       waddnwstr writes at most n wide characters, or until a terminating wide
       null character occurs in wstr.  If n is -1, waddnwstr writes the entire
       wide string.

       ncurses(3x) describes the variants of these functions.


       These functions return OK on success and ERR on failure.

       In ncurses, they return ERR if

       o   win is NULL,

       o   wstr is NULL, or

       o   an internal wadd_wch(3x) call returns ERR.

       Functions  prefixed with "mv" first perform cursor movement and fail if
       the position (y, x) is outside the window boundaries.


       All of these functions except waddnwstr may be implemented as macros.


       X/Open Curses, Issue 4 describes these functions.


       curs_addstr(3x) describes comparable functions of the  ncurses  library
       in its non-wide-character configuration.

       curses(3x), curs_add_wch(3x), curs_add_wchstr(3x)

ncurses 6.5                       2024-06-01                  curs_addwstr(3x)