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LYNX – The Text Web-Browser


Lynx is a fully featured World-Wide Web browser for users on both Unix and VMS platforms who are connected to those systems via cursor-addressable, character-cell terminals or emulators. That includes VT100 terminals, and desktop-based software packages emulating VT100 terminals (e.g., Kermit, Procomm, etc.).


The Lynx Development page gives some background on ongoing development.

Win32 Installers

Before each patch-release, I (usually) do a test-build on Windows. That builds several flavors, which I use in testing. Along with that, since 2007, I have made packages for a few of these executables. Although starting with release 2.8.9, Lynx will build/run as a 64-bit executable, these are 32-bit executables which will run on a 64-bit Windows system:

In the list below, “release” refers to the latest stable release, while “current patch” is the more recent development version.

I built all of these using Visual Studio on Windows 10 and 11 machines:

Here are screenshots showing the DLL dependencies:

That said, here are links to the Lynx installers on my website:

Win32 installers (Direct)

Win32 installers (Archives)

All files are here:

Viewable with any browser; valid HTML.