Change-Log for DIALOG
-- $Id: CHANGES,v 1.821 2024/06/19 16:57:51 tom Exp $
-- Thomas E. Dickey

This version of dialog was originally from a Debian snapshot.  I've done this
to it:

        + modify configure script to ease deprecation of libtool-bin package
          (Debian #1071581).
        + update, dialog.sym for 2023/10/02 changes.
        + improve,
          + suppressing several special cases of linker options, and
          + adding support for --cflags-only-I, --cflags-only-other

        + fix a few cppcheck warnings
        + improvements to NLS configuration.

        + add configure check for PIC vs PIE, needed for linking to libraries
          which lack pkg-config scripts to specify LDFLAGS.

        + add option --color-modes, which can be used to color the content of
          programbox, tailbox, textbox (requested by Rafał Radziejewski).

        + updated configure script, e.g., for compiler-warning fixes.
        + amend change to formbox while revising --max-input to work with the
          form's "ilen" parameter (report by Anna-Maria Gruber, cf: 2022/04/14)
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + updated configure script, e.g., for compiler-warning fixes.
        + updated lv.po from

        + add/use dlg_print_nowrap(), to handle multibyte character strings in
          progressbox and tailbox (report/testcase by Sergey Merzlikin).
        + updated configure script, e.g., for compiler-warning fixes.
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + updated configure script, e.g., for compiler-warning fixes.
        + minor fixes for manpages to address mandoc warnings.
        + updated th.po from
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + install ".pc" files in the test-packages.
        + add pkg-config ".pc" file, for use with the development library.

        + change shared-library configuration in test-packages to use the
          ABI version in the library filename to match its SONAME.
        + add sample scripts to test-packages, using new makefile rule
        + corrected cdialog*.install helper scripts in test-package for Debian
        + change ftp URLs in test-packages to https
        + updated configure script, e.g., for compiler-warning fixes.
        + updated fur.po, zh_TW.po from

        + modify slackware.rc to match dialog's output from "make check" using
          this configuration file (FreeBSD #267777).
        + fix shellcheck warnings in helper-scripts for building/installing.
        + updated configure script, e.g., for compiler-warning fixes.
        + updated hu.po from
        + update config.guess, config.sub, install-sh

        + initialize color-settings before --create-rc option is processed.
        + add "use_scrollbar" setting in rc-file to use in whiptail.rc
        + improve manual page discussion of "--" token.
        + updated configure macro for math-library functions.
        + updated ca.po from
        + update config.guess

        + fix links in manpages (FreeBSD #264660).

        + document the built-in key bindings which are not part of widgets.
        + updated da.po fa.po is.po, added ka.po from
        + update config.sub

        + adjust fallback bindings for backspace/delete to match the curses
          library's sense of backspace (Arch #74379).
        + amend limit-checks to make --max-input work for sizes greater than
          2048 (Debian #1004874).

        + corrected limit-checks in checklist.c, menubox.c, and treeview.c when
          resizing while the data is scrolled (Debian #1004868).
        + improve logic for updating form-height after screen-resizing.
        + move most of the non-API definitions from dialog.h to dlg_internals.h
        + updated configure macros.
        + update config.guess, config.sub
        + updated es.po, tr.po from

        + update test-package for Debian to use debhelper.
        + adjust character-offset in editbox.c in case it is past the end of
          the string after trimming (Debian #1003185).
        + updated ro.po from

        + fix some inconsistent #if vs #ifdef.
        + correct off-by-one limit for month when validating parameters of the
          calendar widget (patch by "viverna", Debian #1000720).
        + modify dlg_yes_labels to not switch to ok/cancel labels if the
          extra button is used (report by Стрижак Андрей).
        + move leak-checking definitions from dialog.h to dlg_internals.h

        + use mktemp utility rather than tempfile for temporary filename in
          the sample scripts (patch by Ville Skyttä).
        + updated id.po, lt.po from
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + directly include stddef.h for systems which need it for offsetof().
        + modify gauge's handle_input function to use the file pointer in the
          object in preference to the global dialog_state.
        + correct height-computation for fselect and timebox, broken by fixes
          for auto-layout (Debian #990043, cf: 2019/11/10).
        + improve configure --with-no-leaks option

        + amend adjustment to inputbox height so the autosized dimensions match
          older versions (report by Werner Fink, cf: 2021/01/17).
        + improve configure checks, to reduce warnings during those checks
        + updated fr.po from
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + improve configure checks, e.g., for libtool version
        + updated ms.po, sr.po, zh_TW.po from
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + add configure option --enable-stdnoreturn to build when C11 _Noreturn
          feature is enabled in recent ncurses development.

        + updated de.po, ja.po, nl.po from

        + add several usage-messages to dialog.pot
        + improve configure-check for ld searchpath on HP-UX and Solaris.
        + fix a few cppcheck warnings
        + updated eo.po, fi.po, pt.po, sq.po, sv.po, ru.po, uk.po, zh_CN.po

        + updated dialog.pot
        + add option --no-hot-list, to allow suppressing the hotkey feature
          from lists.
        + increase minimum height of inputbox to avoid input field overlapping
          with the button-box (report by Victor Ananjevsky).
        + modify options-parsing to permit a "no" on any boolean option and
          deprecating the "no" options without a "-" , e.g., generalizing on
          "--nook" equivalence to "--no-ok".

        + minor spelling fixes, per codespell
        + update configure macros, for quoting/escaping fixes per shellcheck
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + modify configure script's compiler check to work around Xcode's
          useless aliases for standard C.
        + enable keep-tite feature for NetBSD 8 and up; earlier releases would
          dump core.
        > new features/fixes (Glenn Herteg)
        + add option "--cursor-off-label"
        + add option "--erase-on-exit"
        + fix errata in manpage.
        + fix logic: dlg_button_to_char() would return wrong value if no
          uppercase was found

        + add DIALOG_TIMEOUT to sample scripts, and use report-button more
          consistently to handle unexpected exit-status values.

        + add dlg_getenv_num() and dlg_getenv_str().
        + add DLG_EXIT_TIMEOUT to allow scripts to exit on an expired timeout
          with an exit-status different from DLG_EXIT_ERROR or DLG_EXIT_ESC
          (patch by Norbert Koch).

        + modify dlg_ok_label() and dlg_ok_labels() to ignore --no-ok if all
          buttons would be omitted.
        + add/use dlg_der_window() to account for derived windows just like
          subwindows, to fix regression in dlg_getc() in fselect/dselect
        + modify several widgets to make their handling of --no-ok consistent
          with the majority of the widgets: editbox.c, menubox.c, msgbox.c,
          rangebox.c, textbox.c, timebox.c
        + add ^D as binding for new virtual key DLGK_LEAVE, which will close
          the current dialog by activating the currently-selected button.
        + improve manual-page description of --no-ok option (reports by
          Hans Mueller, Gil Delescluse).
        + modify configure script to make Solaris -R rpath feature work

        + fix regression in dlg_getc() caused by not taking into account
          subwindows used for input (report by Michael Wihl).

        + add validity-checks for window pointer (report/testcase by Michael
        + improve configure macros:
          CF_CLANG_COMPILER: apply compiler-flags needed for test.
          CF_WITH_SCREEN_PDCURSES: use this to reduce X11-checks.

        + amend initialization for dlg_getc to fix regression in pause widget
          from 2020/03/27 changes (reports by Aidan Tessier, Norbert Koch,
          Josmar Pierri).
        + improve configure macros:
          CF_CLANG_COMPILER: split-out check for -Qunused-arguments to ensure
          that clang supports it.  IBM xlclang does not.
          CF_MIXEDCASE_FILENAMES: when cross-compiling to darwin (macOS),
          assume the filesystem doesn't support mixed-case

        + modify init_dialog's initialization of tab_len and aspect_ratio to
          avoid overwriting initialization done in process_common_options
          (report/patch by Rainer Weikusat, Debian #970508).

        + fix out-of-order description for --tailbox vs --rangebox in manpage
          (report by Glenn Herteg).
        + updated configure-macros: compiler-warnings and shared-library
          options.  Changed configure --with-warnings to --enable-warnings for
        + update config.guess

        + updated sq.po from

        + add clarification in manual page to show when the single/double
          quotes may be needed (prompted by discussion with Danilo G Baio).
        + fix an extra ".exe" in which prevented Cygwin build.
        + fix most cppcheck warnings
        + tailbox/tailboxbg's exit-button now works with mouse-clicks
        + fix repainting while resizing for the editbox widget.
        + add configure-check for curses_exit() from ncurses 6.2
        + fix a few memory leaks in fselect.c, mixedgauge.c when resizing.
        + fix inconsistency in dlg_string_to_argv() which made the checklist9
          example not work.
        + add empty-string check in dlg_print_listitem() to avoid indexing past
          the end of the array of character-offsets.
        + improve handling of KEY_RESIZE by repainting the backtitle after
          clearing the screen (integrated patch by Rainer Weikusat, Debian
        + improve logic for wtimeout() calls which are used to set temporary
          non-blocking reads (prompted by patch by Rainer Weikusat, Debian
        + add "make check" rule.
        + updated configure-macros.

        + updated configure-macros, to work around ncurses vs xcode's c99 -W
        + update config.guess

        + updated configure-macros.
        + update config.guess

        + correct rc-file lookup of "default" color (report by Grady Martin,
          cf: 2019/09/24).
        + fix several issues in the sample scripts reported by shellcheck.
        + fix a few spelling errors reported by codespell (report by Jens
        + correct check for return-value of isblank(), which is not necessarily
          0/1 (report/patch by Paul Cercueil, Peter Korsgaard, cf: 2018/05/31).

        + amend change for parsing command-options before calling init_dialog,
          to handle --no-shadow, etc., which are initialized in init_dialog
          (report by Paul Cercueil, cf: 2018/06/21).
        + add dlg_trace_va_msg to manpage, symbol files.

        + improve layout of several widgets' data area when maximizing. 
        + modify dselect/fselect to work with autosizing (Debian #915949).
        + add error messages from dlg_exiterr() to trace file.
        + improve manual page description of escaping in key-bindings.
        + modify inputmenu to recognize the "Cancel" button and keys bound to
          that feature while editing a renamed menu item.
        + revert one change, in form.c to the --last-key feature (Debian
        + correct ordering of libraries in configure-script, which appended
          in a case where it should have prepended.
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + improve dialog-config script's filtering of -L options using the
          linker default directories.
        + improve dialog-config script, adding a -L option corresponding to
          the configure --libdir option if it would be a duplicate (report by
          Andrew Kosteltsev).
        + build-fix for configure --disable-trace
        + updated pt.po from

        + allow for underline- and reverse-video flags in the ".rc" file
          (integrated patch by Richard Robbins).

        + amend change to --last-key feature to eliminate an unnecessary
          separator (report by Gabriele Balducci).

        + extend --last-key feature to the remaining widgets which have
          ok/cancel buttons, and add logic to map keys which happen to be
          bound to ok/extra/cancel/help to simulate a button-press on the
          corresponding button (report by "sgewrk"). 

        + further fixes for (report by Andrew Kosteltsev).

        + modify so that setting prefix or exec-prefix to
          a given value with --prefix=VALUE or --exec-prefix=VALUE has the
          expected result of changing bindir, etc.
        + correct substitution for $LIBS value in (report by
          Andrew Kosteltsev).

        + modify dlg_will_resize() and dlg_result_key() functions to reduce
          the chance that dialog exits on a SIGWINCH (Debian #930775).
        + make test-package for the development headers/library
        + add --libs-only-L, etc., to dialog-config script (prompted by
          discussion with Andrew Kosteltsev).
        + fix a memory leak in gauge widget (Andrew Kosteltsev).
        + minor fix for CF_GCC_WARNINGS
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + modify to work with ncurses' threaded-library, which does not allow
          assignment to LINES/COLS (report by Marcus Roeckrath).
        + correct clearing after text in progressbox from 2018/06/21 changes
          for resizing (reports by David Boyd, Alan Somers).
        + improved configure macros CF_GNU_SOURCE, CF_POSIX_C_SOURCE,
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + convert ja.po to UTF-8 for consistency (suggested by Stanislav
        + repair mis-encoded hi.po (report/analysis by Stanislav Brabec).

        + improved configure macros CF_CC_ENV_FLAGS, CF_LD_RPATH_OPT,
          CF_WITH_VERSIONED_SYMS from ncurses
        + add ast.po, from

        + improve file-offset computation in textbox.c (Werner Fink).
        + fix an overlooked case with real_auto_size() to maximize when
          height or width is given as -1.
        + build-fixes for configure options "--disable-Xdialog2" and
        + add traces for each widget to show its parameters.
        + modify color scheme for mixedgauge to use the dialog window colors,
          like the captions.
        + fix a too-small malloc in the mixedgauge widget.
        + fix a use-after-free in dlg_remove_callback().
        + improve handling of SIGWINCH for several widgets (Debian #865840).
          + menubox, the point of the Debian report was that it would be nice
            to increase the window size if the terminal size increases.  Did
            that as a special case less problematic than decreasing the
            terminal size.  Added samples/menubox11 to demonstrate by
            comparison with menubox10 a problem with debconf which puts extra
            newlines in the caption that interfere with autowrap.
          + progressbox and derived prgbox, programbox, now handle resizing.
          + yesno, window was cleared
        + add dlg_ttysize() to support new options, allowing scripts to obtain
          some text-formatting details without initializing the terminal.
        + add options --print-text-only, and --print-text-size for scripts that
          adjust the widget size according to how the captions are formatted.
        + improve
          + add, to demonstrate the functions
          + quote/escape string parameters passed to dialog.
          + ensure all "integer" parameters are really integers.
          + use actual screensize for list captions rather than assuming 24
        + when trimming blanks, treat unconverted tabs the same as spaces.
        + correct parameter to test when trimming blanks from the script,
          e.g., with "--trim" (report by Jarno Suni).
        + improve documentation of the various whitespace-filtering options,
          to show which take precedence (Debian #867536, cf: Debian #102942).
        + modify msgbox.c, yesno.c to bind SCROLLKEY_BINDINGS before
          TRAVERSE_BINDINGS so that up/down arrow will by default scroll the
          message up/down rather than be aliases for tab-traversal (report by
          Fredrik Kers).
        + modify dump_one_binding() to show when a binding is overridden.
        + improve format of trace-file, making comment-syntax consistent,
          as well as showing argv-splitting as a series of comments.
        + modify dlg_string_to_argv() to change the quoting behavior to be
          more consistent with shell behavior (patch by Denilson Sa Maia).
        + modify dlg_getc() to return ESC when a timeout expires, notifying
          callers that a quit occurred rather than exiting the application
          (suggested by Rodrigo Freitas).
        + modify handle_inputs() to ensure cursor-visibility is restored when
          there is no input character available (report by Guillaume Vareille).
        + improve comment in manual page regarding which widgets can use the
          "--help-button" (prompted by discussion with Csanyi Pal).
        + add a check for valid object pointer in tailbox's main loop since
          the getc-callback may have been freed within ui_getc.c (report by
        + improved configure macros for ncurses: CF_GNU_SOURCE, CF_SHARED_OPTS,
        + improved configure script checks for groff vs man2html: 
        + build-fix from lynx for AM_WITH_NLS configure macro
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + update ftp url in test-packages.
        + modify test-packages to use recommended compiler/linker flags.
        + improved configure macros AM_WITH_NLS, CF_CC_ENV_FLAGS,
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + improved configure macros CF_ADD_CFLAGS, CF_CC_ENV_FLAGS, and
        + updated hu.po and tr.po from
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + use DLG_TRACE macro consistently to make "--disable-trace" configure
          option work.
        + modify buildlist widget to support option "--reorder" for to allow
          user to reorder the data based on the sequence of selections
          (discussion with Paraic O'Ceallaigh).
        + fill background color on unused parts of buildlist.
        + fix a minor error in buildlist which let pageup switch columns.
        + change several calls to dlg_trace_msg to prefix with "#" to make
          the trace logs more consistent for parsing.
        + add samples/
        + further improve performance with very long command-lines by changes
          to howmany_tags().
        + modify dlg_string_to_argv() to convert escaped double-quotes to
          plain double-quotes when within a double-quoted string.
        + modify makefile to apply CFLAGS to linking
        + modify dlg_string_to_argv() to ignore escaped newlines except when
          quoted, fixing a problem with samples/checklist9.
        + interpret $DIALOGOPTS before expanding "--file", etc., to allow
          the environment variable to turn on tracing in that process.
        + improve performance when processing very long command lines, e.g.,
          using "--file" by changing dialog_opts[] to an array of pointers to
          the expanded argv[] (discussion with Lars Tauber).
        + modified autoconf macros
          + CF_CC_ENV_FLAGS amend the last change to move only the
            preprocessor, optimization and warning flags to CPPFLAGS and
            CFLAGS, leaving the residue in CC.  That happens to work for gcc's
            various "model" options, but may require tuning for other compilers
          + CF_LARGEFILE workaround for clang exit-code vs warnings
          + CF_MATH_LIB quiet strict gcc warning
          + CF_WITH_LIBTOOL fix a few places in configure/build scripts where
            DESTDIR and rpath were combined
          + CF_XOPEN_SOURCE add "uclinux" to list of Linux's
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + added fur.po (Friulian) from

        + improve parsing and trace for "bindkey", to convert space to/from
          "\s", as well as handle octal escapes for single byte characters.
        + change explicit checks for space character used for select or toggle
          to make this rebindable to "TOGGLE" (prompted by discussion with
          Paul van Tilburg).
        + add default bindings for cursor left/right to formbox.  The cursor
          left/right cases were replaced with rebindable symbols in 2005/12/07
          without providing these keys as default values (report/patch by
          Miroslav Lichvar).
        + modified autoconf macros
          + CF_PROG_LINT add cpplint to programs to use; drop ad hoc tdlint and
          + CF_CC_ENV_FLAGS don't limit the check to -I, -U and -D options,
            since the added options can include various compiler options before
            and after preprocessor options.
          + CF_GNU_SOURCE recent glibc (Debian 2.23-4 for example) has
            misordered ifdef/checks for new symbol _DEFAULT_SOURCE, producing
            warning messages when only _GNU_SOURCE is defined.  Add a followup
            check to define _DEFAULT_SOURCE.
          + CF_XOPEN_SOURCE use _GNU_SOURCE for cygwin headers, tested with
            cygwin 2.3, 2.5 (patch by Corinna Vinschen).
        + mention --no-collapse option in manual page description of
          --tab-correct option.
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + fix a special case in drawing shadow on a line-drawing cell where the
          alternate-character set flag was lost (report by Martin Kravec).
        + fix a regression from 2015/05/13 changes for escaping; it is
          necessary to retain backslashes within quotes to make "\Z" escapes
          work (report by Marcin Krol).
        + fix test package for RPMs; changes in 2015 omitted symbolic links
          for the library.
        + fix typo in help message for "--buildlist" (report by Rihards Olups).
        + modified autoconf macros
          + CF_PROG_AR, CF_AR_FLAGS added to improve check for archive tool.
          + CF_LD_RPATH_OPT, change FreeBSD to use -Wl,-rpath rather than
            -rpath option.  According to FreeBSD #178732, either works since
            FreeBSD 4.x; however scons does not accept anything except the
            -Wl,-rpath form.
          + CF_WITH_NCURSES_ETC, change from ncurses to check for pthreads

        + modify editbox widget to add a trailing newline if the text has none
          to ensure the last line is not ignored (report by Florent Rougon).
        + change mouse initialization to look for button-presses rather than
          button-clicks, for better response.
        + modify dump_curses_key() to show mouse-coding in readable form.
        + correct mapping of mouse-clicks on the day-grid in calendar widget
          when "--week-start" is used to set the start of the week (report by
          Stefan Vogtner).
        > integrated changes from Stefan Vogtner:
        + use Gregorian algorithm for leap year
        + use mktime if available; calendar was written just as it became

2016/01/26 - release 1.3
        + correct --infobox documentation, which said it shows an OK button.
        + fix a couple of place in test-scripts which referred to $SIG_TRAP
          rather than $SIG_QUIT
        + reorganize dialog.3, to use subsections for generating navigation
          pane, using man2html
        + add "--week-start" option for calendar widget (prompted by discussion
          with Stefan Vogtner).
        + add a limit-check in editbox.c to ensure that mouse-clicks outside
          the filled-in text area do not access past the end of the array
          (report by Stefan Vogtner).
        + update configure macros from ncurses changes.
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + decrease table value for minimum number of arguments for the widgets
          which use --no-items option (report by Raven Singularity).
        + update configure macros:
          + use $SHELL consistently, deprecate non-POSIX shell
          + PKG_CONFIG may simply be unset - fix
          + add option to allow changing ABI version, from ncurses6.

        + fixes for two autoconf macros, CF_ADD_INCDIR and CF_NCURSES_CONFIG
          from work on ncurses.
        + build-fix for NetBSD curses (patch by Matthias Scheler).

        + add configure option --with-install-prefix, like ncurses.
        + add --with-screen and related configure options from ncurses-examples
          to allow building with ncurses6 test-packages.
        + update configure macros for improved coding style from lynx changes.
        + updated ro.po from
        + update config.guess, config.sub
        > patches by Florent Rougon:
        + fix two bugs in the "--file" option.
          + When the number of arguments read from the included file is 0, the
            code used to just skip over '--file' and its argument instead of
            removing them from the argument list, causing "Error:  Unknown
            option --file" later on.
          + In the alternative case (at least one argument read from the file),
            the previous code used to do '--j;' in order to "force rescan" of
            the inserted arguments.  However, control then flowed to outer
            blocks where a '++j;' counteracted this measure, causing "Error: 
            Unknown option --msgbox" (for instance) later on.
        + modify escaping in argv.c to be more uniform, whether or not the
          backslash is found within a parameter.

        + modify gauge widget to keep from erasing a second gauge widget, e.g.,
          via the "--and-widget" option.  This is a cosmetic change to match
          behavior of dialog 1.0 (report by Jason Orendorf).
        + add configure option "--with-man2html"
        + add configure options for versioned symbols, from ongoing work on
        + update configure macros, e.g., for shared libraries

        + suppress highlighting of character which denotes an abbreviation or
          shortcut for the OK/Cancel and other buttons for these widgets, which
          use abbreviations for the list shown on the screen:  buildlist,
          checklist/radiobox, menubox, treeview (Debian #775295).
        + add grid up/left and down/right bindings in editbox.c as synonyms for
          field prev and next, respectively when handling the OK/Cancel buttons
          (Debian #775294).

        + correct malloc-size for change to prgbox.

        + fixes to make "-c" option work when passing command to shell for the
          prgbox widget, for example in samples/prgbox2 (report by Korantin

        + fix an out-of-bounds array index in buildlist widget (report by
          Cade Foster).

        + add configure check for groff, needed for html/ps/pdf output.
        + update configure-script macros:
          + CF_ACVERSION_CHECK - work around another gratuitous incompatibility
            introduced in 2.69
          + CF_ADD_CFLAGS - workaround for ash-shell, e.g., with Minix
          + CF_ADD_LIBS - filter out duplicates
          + CF_CURSES_FUNCS - improve workaround for weak-linkage, seems to fix
            tests with NetBSD 6.1
          + CF_INTEL_COMPILER - clean up the -no-gcc option which was leftover
            from testing.
          + CF_LIB_SUFFIX - change suffix for AIX shared libraries to ".so".
          + CF_MAKEFLAGS - workaround for GNU make 4.0 incompatibility with
            previous releases.
          + CF_XOPEN_SOURCE - add cases for Minix, UnixWare and improve the
            workaround for Solaris.
        + improve comparison in compare_cache() function, in case difference
          between pointers does not fit in int's.
        + updated de.po, es.po, hu.po, lv.po from
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + cleanup of manpages prompted by Gislason's comments.
        + several changes to manpages to improve presentation (patches by
          Bjarni I. Gislason, Debian #739180, Debian #739181)
          + use "\/" when transitioning from italic to normal font
          + correct an instance of "e.g,."
          + use "\e" rather than "\\" to present a literal "\"
          + improve formatting of table header
          + remove some excess space-characters
          + change a reference 0-9 to use "through" as the connector
          + use "\&" to separate "." from a space to make the space shorter
          + change a list's TP macro parameters to make the hanging text align
            better with the adjacent paragraph
          + add comma in a few places before "and" in a list
          + separate units from numbers with a nonfillable space
          + replace "-" with en-dash in a few places
        + corrected argument indices after "--args" and "--file" to rescan the
          argument list after removing/substituting those options.
        + fix loops for "--file" option to handle cases with zero or no tokens at
          all substituted (Redhat #1066168).
        + add gd.po from

        + improve calculation for amount to scroll in programbox when an "Ok"
          button might obscure part of the data (report by Florent Rougon).
        + modify program to permit --separate-output to be used with buildlist
          and treeview widgets (report by Florent Rougon).
        + add list-height parameter to manpage description of --buildlist
          (report by Florent Rougon).
        + minor fixes to dialog.1 manpage; the reported problem was actually
          fixed in 20120703 (Debian #726233, patch by Bjarni Ingi Gislason).
        + add a "Hello World" example to dialog.3 manpage (prompted by
          discussions with Dustin Oprea, Kevin Ingwersen).
        + correct comparison in dlg_lookup_key() so that using "bindkey" with
          a "*" wildcard parameter works as documented (report by Stewart
        + updated configure macros, fixes for clang and mingw.
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + fix a regression in gauge widget from 2013/09/28 changes;
          dlg_reallocate_gauge() failed when no --title option was given
          (report by Tritonas Insomnia).

        + fix samples/inputbox6-utf8, which had depended unnecessarily on bash.
        + improve memory caching for wide-character manipulation in gauge
          widget (report by Devin Teske).
        + add dlg_reallocate_gauge (discussion with Devin Teske).
        + updated configure macros to use msys changes from ncurses.
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + modify makefile rule to make the ".png" filenames created by groff
        + add option --help-tags to allow scripts to get the item's tag field
          consistently from help- and help-item button results rather than
          getting the item's text for the latter (discussion with Florent
        + correct manpage discussion of DIALOG_ITEM_HELP versus --item-help,
          as well as --help-button return status (report by Florent Rougon).
        + correct limit used for --hline option (report by Devin Teske,
          cf: 2011/06/30).
        + do not print empty "[]" if a --hline option was given with an empty
          value (report by Devin Teske).
        + miscellaneous configure script fixes/updates.  In particular, add
          option --with-shared which builds shared libraries without a libtool
        + add FreeBSD port-files for test-builds.
        + update lt.po, add fa.po from
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + modify ifdef in arrows.c to work around packages which use the
          wide-character ncursesw headers with the ncurses library (report
          by Aleksey Cheusov).
        + correct workaround for xterm alternate-screen to work with/without
          the fix made in ncurses that makes putp() always write to the
          standard output (Debian #708829).
        + improve limit-checks for checklist, in case the dialog is resized
          (report by Ilya A Arkhipov).
        + add --last-key option (adapted from patch by Jordi Pujol, Debian

        + update zh_TW.po, add an.po from

2012/12/30 - release 1.2
        + improve some older changelog entries to help with HTML'izing content.
        + various fixes/improvements for scrollbar appearance.
        + add mappings for some equivalent options provided by whiptail;
          add configure option --disable-whiptail to allow suppressing these.
        + add configure option --disable-Xdialog2 to allow suppressing the
          newer features, i.e., for cdialog 1.2
        + add --no-items option, for consistency.
        + add --no-tags option, like Xdialog.
        + add buildlist, rangebox and treeview dialogs, like Xdialog.
        + remove obsolete workaround for ncurses 4.2 scrolling in checklist
          and menubox.
        + improve dialog_helpfile() by preventing it from showing extra buttons
          (suggested by xDog Walker).
        + correct logic in formbox's scroll_next() function (report by xDog
        + fix a case with inputbox widget where preset input text is not shown
          until moving the cursor within the text (report by xDog Walker).
        + handle SIGCHLD in dialog_prgbox() to eliminate defunct processes
          (report by xDog Walker).
        + improve the way "hotkeys" are assigned to widget buttons by checking
          if a given key has already been used in the row of buttons (Debian
        + amend fix for --trace parsing from 2012/07/03, which sometimes
          skipped a parameter (report by xDog Walker).
        + drop copismall and install files from samples, which were essentially
        + correct secondary border colors in samples/slackware.rc and
        + update gl.po, add ia.po from
        + fix various issues reported by coverity scan.
        + miscellaneous configure script fixes/updates:
          + require autoconf 2.52+patches
          + support --datarootdir option
          + check for clang compiler
          + check for tinfo library when looking for ncurses
          + add 3rd parameter to AC_DEFINE for autoheader
          + remove unused macros from aclocal.m4
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + modify samples/setup-tempfile to work with Tru64's shell.
        + modify inputmenu sample scripts to make them more portable:
          + use "id" rather than "$GROUPS", use sed to work with Solaris.
          + use sed to split-up the rename results to work with HPUX.
        + fix regression in msgbox (ArchLinux #30574)

        + modify prgbox widget to work with --extra-button, etc.
        + add case values to several widgets to allow for mouse-clicks with
        "--extra-button" and "--help-button" additions.
        + correct timebox widget's exit code for "--extra-button" when handing
          the "enter" key.
        + modify msgbox widget to honor "--extra-button".
        + corrected processing of "--trace" option, which did not update the
          index into command-line to point past its value.
        + add a check in dialog program for valid characters used in option,
          e.g., to generate an error if a script attempts to add option value
          using "=" rather than with whitespace.
        + add new command-line option --default-button and library function
          dlg_default_button() to retrieve the value set by the option
          to provide a way to set the default button directly rather than
          by combining --nook, etc. (patch by Zoltan Kelemen).
        + amend include of unctrl.h to apply only to the case where curses.h
          is included, to avoid conflict of ncurses' unctrl.h with a system
          implementation (report by Martin Roedlach)
        + add limit-check to dlg_toupper() in non-wide curses mode to work
          when non-character values such as arrow-key codes are passed to
          it (patch by Zoltan Kelemen).
        + override timeout value, e.g., as set via --timeout command-line
          option in pause widget because that interferes with pause's behavior
          (report by Jan Spitalnik).
        + modify samples/inputmenu* to allow ":" in renamed text (report by
          Andreas Stoewing).
        + modify double-quoting to make it more consistent, i.e., checklist
          output is quoted only when needed.  This fixes the case where
          single-quotes were used whether or not needed, but also modifies
          older checklist behavior for double-quoting which always added those
          (Debian #663664).
        + correct exit-code used in inputmenu for "rename" button (Debian
          #673041, forwarded from Ubuntu #333909, patch by Lebedev Vadim).
        + update el.po and hr.po from
        + use checkbashisms to clean up sample scripts.

        + modify menubox.c to use the same improvement as in checklist.c
        + improve auto width computation for checklist widget by using
          dlg_calc_list_width as in the non-auto case (Edho Arief).
        + eliminate some bashisms in the sample scripts (Pedro Giffuni).
        + makefile fixes from FreeBSD ports (Li-Wen Hsu):
          + make --with-package option of configure script work.
          + get LIBTOOL_VERSION from configure script, needed by
            ${LIBTOOL_VERSION} in LIBTOOL_CREATE (LIB_CREATE in configure and
        + update cs.po and sr.po from
        + updated configure script macros, improving CF_XOPEN_SOURCE among
          other fixes.

        + fix --analyze warnings for clang versions 2.8, 2.9.
        + add configure check for lint program.
        + add check in dlg_getc() in case its window is freed as a side effect
          of removing callbacks.
        + fix logic in freeing subwindows (report by xDog Walker).
        + fix a regression in logic distinguishing between inputmenu and menu
          widgets (report by xDog Walker).
        + minor fixes to library manpage.

        + modify to work around limit on sed script length on
        + add a special case of parameter parsing for "--trace" to the
          initialization done before calling init_dialog(), to allow users to
          capture the initial state of the parameter list before any options
          are processed and removed.  This is only done if "--trace" is the
          first option, otherwise it is handled in the common options as before
          (report by xDog Walker).
        + modify samples/testdata-8bit, discarding $1 from the parameter list
          if it was used, so that the source'ing scripts can consistently use
          "$@" to insert parameters before the widget, e.g., as an alternative
          to using $DIALOGOPTS (report by xDog Walker).
        + modify treatment of function pointers in menubox.c, make
          dlg_renamed_menutext() and dlg_dummy_menutext() visible to library
          users (request by xDog Walker).
        + add dlg_count_real_columns(), use to modify centering for "--hline"
          text to account for "\Z"s (report by xDog Walker).
        + improve check in dlg_draw_arrows2() for conflict between the window
          title and up-arrow marker to take into account that the given window
          may not be the top-level window of the widget.
        + change width of page up/down mouse areas in fselect panes to use the
          full width of the panes rather than only the portion from the left
          margin to the up/down arrow.
        + add/use dlg_draw_box2() and dlg_draw_bottom_box2() to use the
          secondary borders.
        + modify rc-file read/write to accept/generate color values that refer
          to previously-processed items in the color table.  This reduces the
          number of distinct colors that must be specified to set up a color
        + add color table entries for secondary borders, i.e., the ones that
          are normally drawn with the dialog's text-colors (Debian #641168).
        + modify fselect.c to scan the current directory if the input field
          happens to be empty (Debian #640905).
        + repeated the discussion of environment variables that can override
          the exit-status values in the manpage's return-codes section
          (Debian #642105).
        + add an example to the manpage showing how to override the form
          widget's keys used for field/button traversal (Debian #642108).
        + modify call to dlg_register_window() in formbox.c so that the editing
          bindings are attached to the form sub-window rather than the
          top-level dialog window.  Also change the name by which the editing
          bindings are bound for editbox.c, fselect.c and inputbox.c, so that
          the editing and navigation bindings can be different.
        + correct logic in dlg_lookup_key() so that it matches the widget name
          before using a binding from .dialogrc, allowing the inner/outer
          windows of form and other editing widgets to have different bindings.
        + modify dlg_register_window() to call dlg_dump_window_keys() after
          its updates, via the --trace output, to supplement the manpage
          description of key bindings (Debian #642108).
        + add DLGK_FORM_PREV and DLGK_FORM_NEXT key-bindings to form.c, to
          allow binding a single key to traverse both form-fields and buttons
          (Debian #642108).
        + modify dlg_parse_rc() to check for error return from
        + add function dlg_dump_window_keys(), to help with debugging widgets.
        + add CR, LF, TAB, FF and ESC to table of curses names to help make
          key bindings more readable.
        + update table of dialog key-names so that helpfile and trace are
          dumped properly.
        + correct dlg_dump_keys(), which was showing only the first item in
          the matched binding table.
        + save/restore window current position in dlg_update_mixedgauge().
        + pass return-code from pause_for_ok() from dlg_progressbox() when
          pauseopt is set, rather than only DLG_OK.
        + call setlocale() in init_dialog() rather than relying on on-demand
          use within inputstr.c, since there are paths in textbox widget which
          do not exercise the latter (report by xDog Walker).
        + fix some places where checks for "\Z" were done without also checking
          dialog_vars.colors (report by Moray Henderson).
        + correct logic for DIALOGOPTS parsing so that the parse happens only
          once unless memory leak checking is enabled (report by xDog Walker).
        + remove an incorrect free() call in dlg_free_gauge() (report by xDog
        + modify dlg_trace_win() to log wide-characters (report by xDog Walker).
        + make traces shorter by skipping repeated ERR's, but showing the
          number skipped (report by xDog Walker).
        + improve description in manpage to distinguish program box and
          progress box from tailboxes (adapted from email by xDog Walker).
        + modify dlg_trace_win() so that it looks for the topmost window in a
          dialog.  Because subwindows share space with the top window, tracing
          the latter shows the whole widget (report by xDog Walker).
        + expand tracing so that each window is traced before soliciting input,
          making the ^T feature to print a window on demand partly redundant
          (suggested by xDog Walker).
        + cosmetic change in dialog.h to avoid "*/*" strings from comments next
          to "*" (report by xDog Walker).
        + ensure result from dlg_align_columns() has trailing null on each
          string.  Analysis was hindered by libc6's continuance of libc5's
          early-1990s misfeature of clearing the result from malloc, noting
          that libc6's documentation incorrectly claims that it does not do
          this (report by xDog Walker).

        + modify util.c to work better with old versions of ncurses:
          + suppress use of wchgat() before fix in 20060715 which is needed
            for simple shadow manipulation used here in 2011/06/30 (report
            by xDog Walker).
          + add a null-pointer check in dlg_print_scrolled()
        + fix a regression in dlg_getc() introduced by changes to intercept
          F1 for help-popup (report by xDog Walker).

        + correct license statement for prgbox.c (Debian #632198).
        + correct layout when "--colors" is used, by discounting characters in
          the escape sequences from the column counts (report by xDog Walker).
        + modify dlg_checklist() so that only one item in the list can
          initially be selected (report by xDog Walker).
        + add/use macro dlg_enter_buttoncode() to improve implementation of
          "--nook" option (report by xDog Walker).
        + add option "--no-nl-expand" to suppress the conversion of "\n"
          strings into newlines (request by xDog Walker).
        + modify LIB_CREATE symbol in to include the library
          dependencies such as ncurses.  This is needed when dynamically
          loading the library (report/analysis by xDog Walker).
        + modify dlg_exit_label() to suppress the Cancel button, for
        + modify dlg_exit_label() to honor the --nook option, except when there
          is no other button, e.g., the help-button.
        + modify dlg_exit_buttoncode() so that it returns the proper code for
          help-button (report by xDog Walker).
        + correct loop limit when processing "--column-separator" (report by
          xDog Walker).
        + modify handling of "--version" and "--help" to ensure that they are
          processed, and exit before widgets.  Separate "--print-version"
          from "--version", allowing its output to be interspersed with
          widget output (report by xDog Walker).
        + correct a few places where "--version" or "--help" options went
          always to stdout rather than allowing redirection with the "--stderr"
          option (report by xDog Walker).
        + improve repainting after erasing a widget and its shadow.
        + add "--hline" and "--hfile" options for compatibility with FreeBSD
          dialog (request by Devin Teske).
        + add dialog version message when opening a trace file (request by
          xDog Walker).
        + show filename of rc-file in traces.
        + add piped-in data for gauge widget to traces.
        + add entrypoints to gauge widget, for allocating, updating and freeing
          the widget (adapted from patch by Stephen Hurd).
        + fix a reference to freed memory in the gauge widget.
        + fix --no-mouse option by actually closing the mouse (report by
          xDog Walker).
        + add sk.po from
        + limit Solaris xpg4 portability fix for redefinition of ERR to cover
          the specific value found in <sys/regset.h>, in case an application
          includes dialog.h after curses.h (FreeBSD #156601, report by Jaakko
          Heinonen, Stephen Hurd).
        + updated configure macros:
          + CF_CURSES_LIBS, make checks for special libraries on hpux10 and
            sunos4 optional
          + CF_CURSES_FUNCS, workaround for bug in gcc 4.2.1 (FreeBSD 8.1)
            which caused part of test program to be omitted, i.e., when it saw
            two return-statements in a row it omitted the _first_ one.  Also
            add expression to pointer check to help FreeBSD's linker decide it
            should be validated.  Just an assignment was not enough.  Also, add
            check for unctrl.h
          + CF_CURSES_HEADER, change order for curses.h / ncurses.h pairs to
            put ncurses.h first, which will tend to provide the same #define's
            as in CF_NCURSES_HEADER (report by Dennis Preiser).
          + CF_CURSES_TERM_H, modify to avoid spurious check for
            <curses.hterm.h> if there is no ncurses version.  Look for
            ncurses's term.h anyway, to work around breakage by packagers who
            separate ncurses' header files.
          + CF_DISABLE_RPATH_HACK, fix garbled message
          + CF_LD_RPATH_OPT, add mirbsd
          + CF_MAKEFLAGS, filter out GNU make's entering/leaving messages.
            This only appeared when using the macro in a dpkg script, though it
            should have in other cases.
          + CF_RPATH_HACK, add a check for libraries not found, e.g., from
            suppressed functionality of gcc in linking from /usr/local/lib, and
            add a -L option to help work around this.
          + CF_XOPEN_SOURCE, workaround for cygwin to get ncurses' configure
            script to define _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED (cygwin's features.h
            doesn't do anything, so it needs a crutch).
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + add --prgbox and --programbox (adapted from patch by David Boyd).
        + add sl.po from
        + fix timeouts from 2011/01/18, which were being interpreted as
          milliseconds rather than seconds (report by Luis Moreira).

        + fix inconsistency in return-codes for textbox when help-button is
          used by making dlg_exit_buttoncode() a wrapper for
        + modify pause widget to use dlg_ok_buttoncode(), so help-button works.
        + correct two infobox sample scripts, which did not pass extra
          command-line parameters due to quoting problems.
        + add a limit-check to the timebox widget (patch by Garrett Cooper).
        + modify --trace option to also trace the command-line parameters.
        + account for combining characters when wrapping text (Debian #570634).
        + correct handling of SIGWINCH in gauge widget (Debian #305705).
        + add gauge_color, to make guage's progress-bar distinct from
          title_color (request by Dominic Derdau).
        + update fi.po from
          as well as resync line-numbers in the other po-files.
        + modify configure script and dialog program to build with NetBSD's
          wide-character curses functions, including workarounds for its
          incorrect WACS_xxx definitions.  Some of the UTF-8 examples work.
        + add back-tab for traversal of tailboxbg widgets, for symmetry with
        + reduce flicker in tailboxbg by checking if the input file size has
        + modify internals of callbacks to avoid blocking reads of their
          associated files by keyboard input.
        + add command-line option --no-mouse, to suppress use of mouse.
        + add configure option --enable-header-subdir to allow the header files
          to be installed into a subdirectory named for the package.
        + modify dlg_restore_vars() to retain the updated values of
          input_result and input_length, eliminating the need for a caller to
          provide their own user buffer (prompted by report by Thiago Bimbatti
        + add a null-pointer check in show_result() for
          dialog_vars.input_result, and ensure it is set to null after freeing
          (prompted by report by Thiago Bimbatti Felicio).
        + change order of -I options in CPPFLAGS (report by Michel Feldheim)
        + modify pause-widget so that it no longer exits when an unrecognized
          key is pressed (patch by Creidieki M Crouch).
        + add --with-package option to configure script to allow renaming
          of the dialog program and library, to support the package scripts.
        + add Debian and RPM package scripts for test-builds.
        + several improvements to configure script:
          + quote params of ifelse()
          + change obsolete ${name-value} to standard ${name:-value}
          + use new macros CF_ADD_LIB/CF_ADD_LIBS to enforce consistency.
          + AM_GNU_GETTEXT, drop $MKINSTALLDIRS, use "mkdir -p" consistently.
          + CF_ADD_SUBDIR_PATH, workaround - if $prefix was not mkdir'd yet, no
            directories were added.
          + CF_BUNDLED_INTL, add --with-textdomain option, to use with lynx-dev
          + CF_FIND_LINKAGE, simplify save/restore of $LIBS
          + CF_GCC_WARNINGS, fix for Mac OS X (compiler makes conftest.dSYM
          + CF_HEADER_PATH, don't search for variations of everything in the
            current include-path
          + CF_WITH_CURSES_DIR, move the calls to CF_ADD_INCDIR and
            CF_ADD_LIBDIR for the curses-directory here, from
            CF_NCURSES_CPPFLAGS and CF_NCURSES_LDFLAGS, so it will work even
            with the default checking, e.g., no --with-ncurses, etc.
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + several improvements to configure script:
          + modify CF_CURSES_TERM_H to handle cases such as cygwin where
            packager has installed curses.h and term.h in different
            directories, e.g., to wedge in a termcap library.
          + modify CF_XOPEN_SOURCE, adding special case for OpenSolaris
          + modify CF_MAKE_TAGS to add check for exctags and exetags, prefer to
            ctags and etags to work around pkgsrc (NetBSD) renaming.
          + correct CF_FIND_LINKAGE, setting cache variable for library_file in
            the special case where no directory search is made.
          + improve CF_GCC_VERSION, suppress stderr for c89 alias of gcc.
          + improve CF_GCC_WARNINGS, moving -W and -Wall into the list to
            check, since c89 alias for gcc complains about these options.
          + modify CF_HEADER_PATH, to not search for variations of everything
            in the current include-path
          + use "mkdir -p", remove
          + use CF_CURSES_HEADER to fill in possible subdirectory used for
            ncurses header filename.
          + modify CF_XOPEN_CURSES to work around current ncurse header loss of
            predefinition of _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED
          + add "--disable-rpath-hack" option, along with scripting to add
            rpath option to libraries found in unusual places.
        + modify pause widget to autosize like gauge, and to omit the area for
          buttons when none are displayed.
        + fix an infinite loop in dlg_button_layout() if there are no buttons
          to display (Debian #579390).
        + add makefile rules for generating html, etc., documentation from
        > patches by Samuel Martín Moro
        + reset errors in tailbox before reading new character.
        + modify dlg_draw_scrollbar(), omitting hiding percentages in boxes
          when no arrows or scrollbar are needed.
        + correct value of row for scrollbars in formbox.
        + update es.po from

        + split up binding tables in inputbox and similar widgets to avoid
          conflict between cursor-key use for input-string versus navigation
          (report by slakmagik).
        + if strftime() is available, support --time-format option for timebox
        + if strftime() is available, support --date-format option for calendar
          widget (request by Walter Harms).
        + build-fixes for linking to intl library in /usr/local
        + add --scrollbar option, use in most widgets to show a scrollbar on
          the right margin of the data.  That is cosmetic, does not respond to
          the mouse.
        + reuse functions from msgbox to allow prompt for yesno box to be
          scrolled in a too-small window.
        + correct mapping of button-codes with --nook option (report by Lebedev
        + cleanup sample scripts using new utility scripts setup-* and report-*,
          and allow command-line parameters to be added, for ad hoc testing.
        + correct change to tailbox widget from 2009/02/22 using
          dlg_button_layout(), which broke that widget.
        + document some of the portability caveats.
        + modify gauge widget to service callbacks (prompted by patch and
          comments by Frank Sorenson).
        + modify editbox to allow its input buffer to be larger than MAX_LEN
          unless bounded by the --max-input option, and add limit-checks for
          the buffer (report by slakmagik).
        + improve manpage description of --checklist (report by Isaac Good).
        + several improvements to configure script macros:  CF_ADD_CFLAGS
        + add is.po, lv.po, sw.po from
        + update de.po, id.po, pl.po, pt_BR.po, vi.po from

        + do not display top-arrows for scrolling if they would overwrite the
          title (report by slakmagik)
        + consistently use dlg_button_layout() when autosizing widgets (report
          by slakmagik).
        + add "-" and "+" bindings to timebox widget.
        + add "-" and "+" bindings to calendar widget (OpenSolaris #6739031).
        + review/fix other widgets to ensure that they exit on error, e.g.,
        + modify check in dlg_getc() to treat closure of either stdin or stdout
          as an error, rather than both.  This is more stringent than the check
          added in 2007/07/04.
        + modify dlg_result_key() to map curses ERR to dialog's error exit
          (adapted from patch by Domagoj Pensa).
        + updated several configure script macros:
          + consistently append, rather then prepend, to $CFLAGS
          + add cases for AIX 6, mint, and dragonfly to CF_XOPEN_SOURCE
          + use $PATH_SEPARATOR rather than $PATHSEP
          + improve CF_FIND_LINKAGE, use in checks for more libraries, e.g.,
            libutf8 and libiconv.
        + update da.po, ru.po from
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + amend changes to quoting; by default, the checklist widget quotes its
          output except when --separate-output is used (Debian #495600).
        + add eo.po from

        + add pointer-check when closing piped input (cf: 2007/03/25)
        + use here-documents rather than echo, when passing backslashes in
          strings, to accommodate the Debian shell "dash" (Debian #489563).
        + recode several ".po" files to UTF-8 for consistency.
        + change --separator to be an alias for --output-separator, for
          compatibility with Xdialog.
        + add --output-separator option to allow scripts to change the output
          separator from a newline (for --separate-output) or a space.  This
          applies to other widgets such as forms and editboxes which normally
          use a newline.
        + add --column-separator option, to tell where column-aligned data for
          radio/checkboxes or menus should be split into columns (request by
          Ben Dibbens).
        + add id.po, ku.po, lt.po, nb.po and update ca.po, fr.po, gl.po, ja.po,
          th.po from
        + add "--quoted" option, to quote values returned by formbox, etc.
        + change names of EX/ES macros in dialog.1 to work around name-
          pollution caused by changes in Debian #470729.

        + modify dlg_mouse_wgetch() to loop only on errors that it detects,
          rather than on errors forwarded from dlg_getc(), in case those are
          due to a disconnected terminal (report by Anatoli Sakhnik).
        + allow "default" color in dialogrc file (request by Dashing).
        + fix an indexing error in formbox (Debian #469190, report by Dmitry
          Gomerman, patch by Vladimir Mezentsev).
        + add bindings for CTL/N, CTL/P to checklist, fselect and menubox
          widgets (prompted by discussion with John Gatewood Ham).
        + add be@latin.po, th.po and update zh_TW.po from
        > patches by Peter Åstrand:
          + modify dlg_auto_sizefile() to ensure the computed height and width
            do not extend beyond the screen size.
          + use unctrl() to make inputstr.c work with Solaris curses.
        > patches by Yura Kalinichenko:
          + extend pause widget to use ok/cancel buttons (the former giving the
            same result as a timeout), rather than an exit-button.
          + fix initialization parameter of inputbox for multibyte characters.

        + improve layout of checklist.c, menubox.c, ensuring that the list fits
          within the available space (report by Gordon Schumacher).
        + undo removal of redundant chunk from checklist.c in 2007/02/27,
          since some scripts depend on this (Debian #443077).
        + update nl.po from

        + correct cursor position in editbox after deleting past left margin
          (report by Joe McDonagh).
        + add "--no-ok" option (patch by Klaus Knopper).
        + modify "--file" option to allow it to read from sources other than
          a regular file (patch by Pieter van Beek).
        + improved hi.po (Hindi) (from Klaus Knopper).
        + fix masking of attributes in dlg_draw_shadow() which lost
          line-drawing bit (report by David Everly).
        + fix editbox widget to handle zero-length files (report by Joe
        + update "po" files eu.po ga.po it.po ms.po sv.po vi.po wa.po zh_CN.po

        + revise the resizable shadows so textbox's search dialog has text
          visible in the shadow again.
        + improve the prefixing of autoconf-related symbols in the installed
          header files, taking into account symbols which are not mentioned in
        + add a check when ERR returned from wgetch() to ensure that the
          input/output streams are still valid.  If that happens, force
          ESC to be returned, quitting dialog (report by Reiner Huober).
        + add extern "C" declarations to dlg_keys.h so the corresponding
          function declarations are exported to C++ as C symbols.
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + fix a memory leak in editbox.c
        + revise change from 2007/02/27 which moved the logic for trimming
          option text out of the loop because that moved it before
          initialization of the "--trim" option.  Put it back in the loop, but
          limit the tokens which are trimmed to cover only those for the
          current widget.  Also ensure that all tokens for a widget are
          trimmed, rather than only the first, which is usually text (report by
          Lai Zit Seng).
        + add _FILE_OFFSET_BITS definition in CF_LARGEFILE configure macro.

        + revise changes needed to make textbox's searchbox handle ncurses
          resizing events, e.g., by handling the ERR in that code rather than
          in dlg_getc() (Debian #423732).

        + supply a repaint_text() call in tailbox.c which was bypassed because
          dlg_getc() now retries on ERR (Debian #423732, cf: 2007/02/27).
        + modify dlg_getc() to fix regression in 2007/02/27 for use of
          timeouts, broken by fixes to allow resizing of textbox (patch by
          Arnaud Fontaine, Debian #418905).
        + modify dlg_getc() to fix regression in use of TAB for traversal of
          tailboxbg widgets due to changes for user-definable key bindings
          (Debian #418917, cf:  2005/12/07).

        + add case in dlg_getc() to handle tab for traversing between widgets
          as in the samples/tailboxbg1 script.  Normally the key binding
          overrides, except for the special case where multiple widgets are
        + add configure --with-libtool-opts, which passes its value to the
          library creation and linkage passes, e.g.,
          to force the result to be static libraries (prompted by a related
          request by Santiago Vila).
        > several fixes based on Coverity scan:
        + fix memory leak in timebox, calendar widgets if the widget cannot
          be created.
        + fix memory leak in dlg_key.c if a user binding's storage cannot
          be allocated.
        + fix improperly delinked entry in dlg_del_window().

        + improve to ignore error from mkdir if the target directory
          happens to already exist (suggested by Harald van Dijk).
        + amend documentation for --gauge to reflect longstanding quirk which
          allows it to read percentage from the first line after an "XXX"
          (Debian #415596).
        + fix makefile dependency so "configure && make install-lib" works.
        + fix resizing of msgbox; the message was not repainted (Debian
          #415022, patch by Brian Rolfe).
        + fix typo in makefile LIB_OBJECT symbol from 2007/02/27 changes.
        + improve CF_MBSTATE_T by including stdio.h, needed on Tru64 to make
          the test-compile work.
        + change makefile to install dialog.3 as part of install-lib rather
          than install-man (report by Thomas Klausner).
        + use $(INSTALL_SCRIPT) for installing dialog-config (report by
          Santiago Vila).

2007/02/27 - release 1.1
        + mark as "dialog 1.1"
        + add dialog-config script, which provides applications with compile-
          and link-information for using the dialog library.
        + move calls to dlg_trim_string() out of loop in dialog.c, so each
          string is trimmed once (report by Ivanov Makcim).
        + modify textbox.c to allow resizing while the search box is presented.
          This relies on bug-fix in ncurses 5.6 20070224.
        + use dgettext() rather than gettext() to allow libdialog to use the
          messages installed for dialog (patch by Vajna Miklos).
        + modify inputbox to position the cursor initially at the end of any
          initial-text (request by Klaus Knopper).
        + add configure --with-valgrind for testing.
        + add --trace option, for debugging.
        + add --ascii-lines and --no-lines options to control the way the
          line-drawing characters are rendered (request by Klaus Knopper).
        + add --keep-tite option, to override suppression of smcup/rmcup
          (termcap ti/te) strings which would switch to xterm's alternate
          screen (Debian #380665).
        + modify fselect/dselect to use space-character as a completion
          operator like tab in shells (patch by Yoram Bar Haim).
        + remove a redundant chunk from checklist.c which reported status a
          second time if the help-button was pressed but no item-help option
          was in effect (Andre C Barros).
        + fix return-status from "dialog --pause" (Debian #409254).
        + add --mixedform and --mixedgauge dialogs based on patch from
          Kiran Cherupally.
        + add some notes on compatibility to the manpage.
        + add editbox dialog (compatible with Xdialog, Debian #368478).
        + add dselect dialog (compatible with Xdialog).
        + remove an incorrect initialization of .text_flen from 2005/12/07
          changes, which made all fields in a form editable (Debian #404045).
        + report error and exit if a filename given for the --file option
          cannot be opened (report by "Dog Walker").
        + make --program-prefix, etc., work in configure script, e.g., to make
          program install as "cdialog".  This does not alter the library name.
        + add install-bin, install-man (and uninstall) rules to makefile.
        + updates for configure script macros (originally vile, lynx, xterm):
        + update config.guess, config.sub
        > adapted fixes from SuSE package (Werner Fink):
          + add some limit-checks in dlg_draw_shadow().
          + make shadows resizable, using new dlg_move_window() in msgbox.c
            and yesno.c
          + add dialog_state.input, use this in end_dialog() to decide whether
            to close pipe inputs and call _exit(), or simply call exit().
          + modify dlg_ctl_size() to check if the reason for failure is because
            shadows were used; retry in that case without shadows.
          + add signal catcher for SIGSEGV.

        + fix logic in split-out dlg_menu() to separate inputmenu and menu
          handling (report by Auke Kok).

        + fix fselect.c to compile properly with Intel compiler and largefile
        + improve configure script checks for curses headers to work around
          breakage in some packages, e.g., cygwin.
        + amend correction to menubox, fixes normal menus (Debian #349969).

        + completed dialog.3 manpage
        + modify configure script option --with-gauge to cover all flavors of
          the gauge (gauge, pause, progressbox).
        + add progressbox widget, a hybrid of gauge and tailbox (Reznic Valery).
        + fix a comparison in checklist.c to avoid unneeded arrows when the
          list happens to fit in the window (patch by Peter Postma).
        + correct wrapping computation in print_line() from 2005/11/07 changes
          (report by Barry Kauler).
        + update sv.po (comments only).
        + correct logic that passes the callback for menubox to do inputmenu
          operations from 2005/12/7 changes (report by Reznic Valery).

        + add a null-pointer check in dlg_register_buttons(), needed for the
          tailboxbg (Debian #345524).
        + fix a few memory leaks reported by valgrind.

        + correct return-values of new functions dlg_default_listitem() and
          dlg_default_formitem() (Debian #344002).
        + add Swedish translation (Debian #343303, by Daniel Nylander)
        + begin function-summaries in dialog.3
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + change license to LGPL.
        + change naming convention in dlg_colors.h to make it easier to read,
          and incidentally remove the last chunk of code preventing relicense.
        + add --passwordform (request by Reznic Valery).
        + modify pause.c, msgbox.c to work with --help-button.
        + modify formbox.c, inputbox.c, textbox.c, yesno.c to work with extra
          button (adapted from Reznic Valery patch).
        + modify dlg_exit_label(), dlg_yes_labels() and dlg_ok_label() to allow
          help-button (prompted by Reznic Valery patch).
        + add zh_CN.po file from
        + provide alternate interfaces for dialog_checklist(), dialog_menu()
          and dialog_form():  dlg_checklist(), dlg_menu() and dlg_form()
          (discussion with Michael Gebetsroither).
        + add/use dlg_result_key() to allow binding function keys to the
        + implement user-definable key bindings in the rc-file.
        + modify inline cases for KEY_xxx values to use binding tables in new
          module dlg_keys.c
        + add several DIALOG_STATE items to the rc file:  aspect,
          separate_widget, tab_len and visit_links
        + add a tab-adjustment to dlg_print_text() to improve solution from
          2005/10/30, e.g., in the samples/form* scripts.
        + fix an off-by-one which made mouse-selection not work for menu items
          past the first page (GenToo #112024, patch by Harald van Dijk).

        + extend dlg_add_result() to allow caller to pass a null pointer
          for dialog_vars.input_result (Debian #336986).
        + correct length used for text portion of radio/checkboxes (report by
          Valentin Stoykov).
        + modify msgbox, textbox and center_label() to work properly for
          LANG=bg_BG.utf8 examples by Valentin Stoykov.
        + modify use of freopen() to work with opaque FILE type on DragonFly
          (report by Jeremy C Reed).
        + modify print_line() to compute columns, use that for the call to
          dlg_print_line().  Fix a few places where strlen() was used instead
          of dlg_count_columns() (reports by Valentin Stoykov).

        + reviewed changes since beginning development in 1999, decided that
          there are no appreciable portions of original code remaining.
          Marked sources to correspond.
        + improve cache performance for inputstr.c using tsearch() rather than
          a linked-list search (Debian #294853).
        + remove a special case for darwin in CF_XOPEN_SOURCE configure macro.
        + add ms.po file from
        + remove an assignment that caused the cursor to appear initially on a
          form field rather than button (Debian #333506).
        + modify buttons.c to count columns rather than bytes, fixing case
          where buttons were laid out incorrectly (report by Valentin Stoykov).
        + change dlg_print_text() to count columns rather than bytes, fixing
          case where fewer columns were displayed in menu than expected
          (report by Valentin Stoykov).

        + improve fix for dlg_does_output(), eliminating redundant leading
        + fill background color for item-help text (report by Peter Postma).
        + correct interaction between --separate-output and --output-separator
          broken in 2005/09/11 fix for Debian #326918 (Debian #331440).
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + undo doubled adjustment for left/right margins when wrapping text
          for msgbox, gauge and pause (report by Xyba).
        + correct position of scrolled text in formbox broken by 2004/12/19
          changes (report by Konrad Jelen).
        + call dlg_does_output() from dlg_add_result(), ensuring that
          separators are used when combining widgets such as formbox (report by
          John Suykerbuyk).
        + fix marker in textbox.c to make it disappear at the top of the file
          (report by Patrick J. Volkerding).
        + fix marker shown in arrows.c for checklists, etc., which was "(+)"
          where it should have been "(-)" (report/patch by Patrick J.
        + fix --input-fd (changes in glibc since 2003 made dialog hang on exit
          due to the way dialog updated stdin).
        + restore default value (a tab) for --separator or --separate-widget
          lost in 2003/11/26 changes (Debian #326918).
        + make several widgets handle SIGWINCH (calendar, checklist, formbox,
          fselect, inputbox, menubox, pause, tailbox, textbox, timebox).  Only
          msgbox and yesno had been done before.  Note that some still have
          fixed geometry requirements, so they cannot be shrunk below a given
          threshold.  Also, these changes do not address traversal, e.g., for
        + make gauge widget handle SIGWINCH with ncurses (Debian #305705).
        + add configure option to control whether largefile support is
          compiled-in (Debian #298882).
        + update eu.po (Debian #312622, patch by Piarres Egana).
        + add/update po files from
          fi.po, rw.po, sr.po, tr.po, zh_TW.po
        + fixes for configure script:
          + improve script for determining gcc version
          + improve checks for Intel compiler and related warning options
          + improve checks for defining _XOPEN_SOURCE (or alternatives) and
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + add/update po files from
          ga.po, it.po
        + revert last change for da.po; it was from an older version (report by
          Morten Brix Pedersen).

        + modify so --disable-echo applies to libtool builds.
        + corrected malloc size used for editable fields in formbox widget to
          match the function which updates the corresponding buffer.
        + modify formbox widget's use of flen to allow negative values to be
          used to limit the length of the displayed field.
        + improve description in manpage of output from formbox widget
          (Debian #292418).
        + modify formbox widget to allow fields with flen==0 to display
          (Debian #292417).
        + improved configure macros CF_POSIX_C_SOURCE and CF_XOPEN_SOURCE, to
          avoid redefinition warnings on cygwin.
        + fix a typo in inputmenu-stdout found via "sh -n" (report by Steve
        + add/update po files from
          ca.po, da.po, hu.po, nl.po, rm.po, ro.po, vi.po

        + add --args option to help with debugging scripts.
        + adapted some new po files from Debian package for whiptail:  ar.po,
          bg.po, gl.po, hi.po, hr.po, mg.po, mk.po, ro.po, sq.po and zh_TW.po
        + update da.po (Morten Brix Pedersen).
        + add configure check for Intel 8.0 compiler, to set appropriate
          warning options.
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + correct a typo in 2004/12/19 changes which caused width of multibyte
          characters to be incorrectly computed in some locales.
        + modify --version and --help options to write consistently to the
          standard output (report by Santiago Vila).
        + modify tailboxbg by resetting tty modes at the point where it forks a
          process to update the screen, rather than waiting until that process
          exits.  This improves user feedback by making it apparent that dialog
          is no longer processing input after that point (Redhat #142538).
        + minor updates to some .po files using Babel Fish, comparing with lynx.
        + update es.po (Santiago Vila).
        + work around bug in NetBSD 1.6 curses which seems to be confused by
          reusing color pairs with different video attributes.  The problem
          does not appear in NetBSD 2.0 curses (but its headers do not provide
          version info, so color-caching is not available for that
        + modify pause and gauge widgets to ensure that reverse-video progress
          bar is visible when the background is reversed, e.g., using the
          default non-color attributes.
        + use chtype rather than attr_t, to build with old Solaris curses,
          used in save/restore operation from 2004/09/20.

        + add pause-widget (patch by Yura Kalinichenko).
        + modify exit-code returned on selecting the "Help"-button when the
          --item-help option is given.  Previously this returned the same code
          as "OK", since it combines output for "OK" with the help status.  It
          now returns the help-code, but this can be overridden by setting the
          environment variable $DIALOG_ITEM_HELP (reports by Erika Pacholleck
          and Sebastian Muesch).
        + modify formbox widget so input-length is not limited to field-length
          (report by David Liebermann).
        + localize the label on the search box for textbox widget (report by
          Erika Pacholleck).
        + correct usage message detail for fselect, which listed an extra
          parameter (Debian #284008).
        + add include for <sys/select.h> in ui_getc.c to build with QNX 4.25
          using Watcom 10.6 (patch by Len Meakin).
        + modify behavior when no locale (or POSIX locale) is set to allow
          legacy interpretation of Latin-1 character set (Debian #284795).

        + correct computation of column width for menubox/checkbox tags, for
          multicolumn characters, e.g., the menubox-utf8 example.
        + correct calls to wbkgdset(), which set the background attribute but
          not the corresponding character (ncurses uses blank if none is given).
        + improve configure script check for _XOPEN_SOURCE and _POSIX_C_SOURCE.
        + improved limit-computation in show_message() to allow for scrolling
          very long messages.
        + adjust scrolling logic in msgbox to account for the one-line offset
          used by the logic which wraps text in a box, thus avoiding leaving
          an extra blank line (report by Maxim Sobolev).

        + add samples/whiptail.rc
        + add samples/ (noting that a later version of this exists
          as pythondialog, but this is relatively self-contained).  Modified
          the script to accept the $DIALOG environment variable like the other
          sample scripts, to specify the path of the program to use.
        + modify the install rule for header-files so the autoconf names in
          dlg_config.h (and corresponding usage in dialog.h, etc), are altered
          from "HAVE_xxx" to "DLG_HAVE_xxx", etc.
        + add a check for getenv("HOME") in rc.c
        + add a call to end_dialog() in signal_handler for tailboxbg (from
          patch by Werner Fink).
        + correct initialization in checklist and radiobox for --default-item,
          scrolling as needed.
        + modify --visit-items option so that it puts the cursor initially on
          the list (in menubox, checklist and radiobox), accepts abbreviations
          for the buttons when the cursor is on the button-row, and otherwise
          (when --visit-items is given) abbreviations apply only to the list
          (report by Erika Pacholleck).
        + modify a few widgets (inputbox, textbox, yesno) to beep on unexpected
        + modify some msgbox widget to accept abbreviations of its button
          label, for consistency with other widgets (request by Erika
        + corrected logic of dlg_char_to_button(), making it check only the
          first uppercase letter in each button label rather than all uppercase
          letters (report by Erika Pacholleck, cf: 2003/09/10).
        + improved description of --clear and --keep-window options (adapted
          from Erika Pacholleck).
        + move discussion of --beep and --beep-signal options to Obsolete
          Options section of manpage, remove these from the help-message
          (report by Erika Pacholleck).
        + bracket extern's in dialog.h with C++ extern "C" declaration, in case
          the library is used from a C++ application.
        + modify inputmenu examples to allow ESC to cancel the script.
        + modify inputmenu widget to cancel edit on a TAB or ESC.
        + modify inputmenu widget to use the same color scheme for the editable
          text as the inputbox widget.
        + modify samples/killall to work around differences in "cut" versions.
        + use the color-caching from the \Z logic when loading the ".rc" file,
          thereby reducing the number of color pairs required, and making it
          less likely that deriving color pairs for drawing arrows on a given
          background will run out of colors.
        + save/restore window attributes in dlg_draw_arrows() and similar
          functions, to allow widgets to draw arrows using the widget's
          background rather than a common/fixed value (request by Erika
        + modify textbox widget so the down-arrow will be hidden when at the
          end of the file.  (Modifying the up-arrow to be hidden is harder -
          will do this when implementing scrollbars).
        + correct off-by-one in fselect.c which left down-arrows showing at
          the bottom of directory- and file-lists (report by Erika Pacholleck).
        + improve display of percentages by omitting blanks where lines should
          be shown.
        + modify logic for \Z escapes to make those that set video attributes
          not clear the colors (report by Erika Pacholleck).
        + modify logic for \Z escapes to allow foreground and background
          colors to be the same, provided that bold attribute is set.
          Also improved the logic for choosing a background color when the
          foreground and background are the same (report by Erika Pacholleck).
        + updated configure script macro CF_XOPEN_SOURCE, ensuring that the
          _POSIX_C_SOURCE value is defined with a specific value (bug report
          originally for lynx).
        + fix configure script so that po/makefile is generated properly when
          the configure --srcdir --enable-nls options are used.
        + modify to allow build/install from another directory,
          i.e., using configure --srcdir (patch by Mike Castle).
        + updated da.po (Debian #262587, Morten Brix Pedersen).
        + modify some sample scripts to avoid using grave quotes nested within
          double quotes with multiple file redirection, which does not work
          with Solaris /bin/sh (report/analysis by Eric Haller).
        + check for end of string immediately after a \Z escape to avoid
          displaying the null terminator as a ^@ (report by Erika Pacholleck).
        > patches by Erika Pacholleck:
        + modify calendar.c, fselect.c and timebox.c to use color scheme like
          other lists, using menubox colors rather than dialog colors.
        + correct charset for po/de.po, translate messages for "Help" and
        + omit parentheses around percentage in textbox.c
        + correct a few mismatched attributes, e.g., searchbox_attr in textbox.c,
          percentage in msgbox.c,

        + add test scripts to cover zero-width column case.
        + remove limit checks from checklist.c and menubox.c (cf: 2004/07/28),
          since some scripts use zero-width columns (Debian #262411 and report
          by Kyle Sallee).

        + modify msgbox.c to only reserve space for percentage shown as part
          of scrollable text for the msgbox widget.  This makes infobox look
          as it did before 2004/06/06 changes (report by Vinesh Christopher)

        + remove redundant calls to wtimeout() from widgets since wtimeout()
          is properly called from ui_getc() where it is controlled by the
          --timeout option (bug report by juanjo).
        + add limit checks in checklist.c and menubox.c for very narrow screens
          (prompted by Steve Grubb patch).
        + initialize step in dlg_draw_buttons() in case it is used to draw
          a vertical list of buttons (prompted by Steve Grubb patch).
        > fixes by Steve Grubb:
        + correct logic in checklist.c (cf: 2003/11/26 changes) which turned
          quoting on unnecessarily for radiobox, breaking some old scripts.
        + increase size of array in dlg_ok_labels() to avoid overrun if extra
          and help buttons are used (cf: 2002/06/22 changes).
        + initialize fkey variable in menubox.c and textbox.c (cf: 2003/07/12).

2004/07/21 - release 1.0
        + minor updates for configure script, i.e., CF_XOPEN_SOURCE,
          CF_NCURSES_LIBS macros.
        + update config.guess, config.sub
        + add nl.po (Jacques Weewer).

        + add --visit-items option, which allows the user to tab to the item
          list in the checklist/radiobox and menubox widgets (request by
          Ari Moisio).
        + use wide-character line-drawing for up/down arrows when configured
          for wide-characters, gives better results with uxterm.
        + limit the number of times a --file option can be used, to prevent
          runaway recursion if a --file option is embedded within a file which
          is included.
        + improve discussion of wrapping in the manpage (Debian #251937).
        + modify msgbox to allow it to scroll vertically like textbox (Debian
          #233276).  This only works with ncurses.
        + implement $DIALOGVARS environment variable to apply common options to
          dialog_vars when it is reset before processing other common options.
        + add --single-quoted option to control whether output is double-quoted
          with '"' or single-quoted with single-quotes.
        + revert the default quoting behavior of checklists to use
          double-quotes (report by Mark K Post regarding Slackware scripts).
        + add eu.po (Basque) (Piarres Beobide Egaa).
        + add ca.po (Catalan) (Jordi Mallach).

        + add a call to flushinp() to init_dialog(), to discard any typeahead
          before dialog is invoked (Debian #244746).
        + correct dlg_match_char() function, which was broken during rewrite
          to support wide-characters (Debian #244777).
        + improved ru.po, uses UTF-8 charset (Leonid Kanter, Redhat #119200).
        + correct position of shadow drawn for dialogs, which appeared to work
          for most versions of curses (other than NetBSD) but would have been
          visible for certain color schemes (discussion with Julian Coleman).
        + correct loop-exit in longest_word() (Tomas Heredia, forwarded by
          Santiago Vila).
        + add cy.po (Welsh) (Dafydd Harries).

        + modify quoting of results to use single-quote rather than double
          quote, and ensure that results containing a quote or backslash
          character are escaped (report by Florent Rougon)
        + remove an incorrect comparison from checklist which made cursor
          stick on the last line, from 2004/03/01 changes.

        + add a dependency to install library if "--with-libtool" is used.
        + add manpage for the library.
        + add "--file"
        + modify formbox.c to support "--help-status" like menubox.
        + modify checklist.c to add item name to the "HELP" string when
          "--help-button" is used and no --item-help option is given (Debian
          #236841, report/patch by Jorg Sommer).
        + rename colors.h to dlg_colors.h, install that when the library is
        + add copyright notice to usage ("--help") message.
        + correct a missing bounds check for mouse-clicks in menubox (prompted
          by Debian #233044).
        + updated several configure-script macros:  AM_GNU_GETTEXT,

        + improve layout of calendar widget to allow for very long button
          labels (report by Santiago Vila).
        + correct logic for $DIALOG_TTY, broken in 2003/11/30.  The environment
          variable must evaluate to a nonzero integer (report by Florent
        + document interaction between "--default-no" and "--no-cancel" options
          in manpage (Debian #223488).
        + change configure script to use autoconf 2.52+patch, to work around
          issues with Estonian locale (report by Seemant Kulleen).
        + add uk.po (Ukrainian) (Debian #232441).
        + make --default-item apply to checklist widget (Debian #225255).
        + correct a missing check for --item-help when --help-status was given
          for checklist (Debian #232921).
        + correct a missing bounds check for mouse-clicks in checklist (Debian
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + correct infinite loop in yesno widget when "--defaultno" option is
          combined with "--no-cancel" (Debian #223077).

        + suppress double-quotes added for "--help-status" option if the
          string does not contain any special characters.

        + add samples/sourcemage.rc, for comparison with slackware.rc
        + add "--insecure" option (request by Sean Mathews (
        + make "--defaultno" option apply to widgets which use OK/Cancel
          buttons as well (Debian #209030).
        + improve documentation of exit-codes for each widget in the manpage
          (Debian #217926).
        + add option "--keep-window" to suppress repainting after completing
          each widget (request by Ingo van Lil).
        + add options "--yes-label" and "--no-label" to allow override of the
          "Yes" and "No" strings (request by Christoph Zwerschke).
        + add option "--help-status" to allow script to restore a checklist
          or radiolist after processing an item-help string (Debian #209031).
        + modify width-calculation for non-formatted text to ensure it is
          wide enough for the longest word in the text (patch by Andrew Gaul).
        + modify dlg_index_columns() to count a newline as a single cell rather
          than 2 for the normal curses case.  This fixes an off-by-one for
          the text-justification, shown in screen 2 of msgbox1 sample script.
        + fix dlg_char_to_button(); 2003/09/10 changes made it incorrectly
          ignore case of the labels.
        + change calendar's use of arrow keys so they are (as before 2002/06/22)
          interpreted within the day-grid as movement within that grid (request
          by David Anders).
        + correct missing initialization of last_getc variable in dlg_getc()
          (report/analysis by Victor Wodecki).
        + modify main program to make
                dialog --no-shadow --print-maxsize
          work.  Normally dialog prints the screen size after subtracting the
          area reserved for shadows, but some applications may need the actual
          screen size (Debian #213424).
        + several related changes (Debian #213425):
          + separate the examples using "--stdout" and "--output-fd" from the
            normal usage examples.
          + add "--input-fd" option, provide a sample of its use.
          + modify init_dialog() to use initscr() unless a "--stdout" option
            was used.  Some scripts relied on the coincidence that redirecting
            standard output from dialog would "work".  Before this change
            init_dialog() assumed that redirected standard output was
            synonymous with "--stdout" option (not the intended behavior).
          + modify command-line parsing to look for "--stdout" and "--stderr"
            options first, allowing only one.
          + add a check for an environment variable $DIALOG_TTY which provides
            the older behavior, i.e., try to open the terminal directly if
            stdout is redirected.
        + interface changes, to make libdialog simpler to use:
          + rename all of the internal functions to begin with "dlg_", but
            provide compatibility with older names if the application defines
          + add dialog_version() function, and corresponding DIALOG_VERSION and
            DIALOG_PATCHDATE definitions to dlg_config.h
          + eliminate remaining global variables such as screen_initialized in
            favor of dialog_state and dialog_vars.
          + move some data such as dialog_vars.output to dialog_state, since
            they are normally not reset between widgets.
          + change interfaces of dialog_yesno() and dialog_checklist() to use
            dialog_state.defaultno and dialog_vars.separate_output, making it
            simpler and more consistent.
        + improve configure script and related definitions:
          + add "--with-libtool" option to provide shared library support by
          + rename generated "config.h" to "dlg_config.h", so it can be
            installed without naming conflict.  Added "dlg_config.h" to
            install-lib rule.
          + modify configure script and makefile to use EXEEXT and OBJEXT.
          + add "--enable-widec" option to control whether wide-curses features
            are compiled-in, rather than check for the existence of those in
            the curses library.  This allows building with HPUX curses, which
            has abandoned legacy features while not quite supporting X/Open
          + add configure check for getbegx(), etc., which are not provided on
            all platforms.
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + update hu.po (Arpad Biro).
        + revert part of the 2003/08/18 change to "--stdout" option.  Using
          stderr for screen output does not work well on several platforms
          since stdout's settings are affected (report by Kent Robotti).

        + modify tailbox to allow it to display files with arbitrarily long
        + fix an infinite loop in tailbox, broken when making interface changes
          to dlg_getc() (report by Ingo van Lil).
        + amend fix for "--and-widget" to not treat "---" as an option (report
          by Kent Robotti).
        + updated es.po (Santiago Vila).

        + correct "RENAMED" result from inputmenu widget, which did not reset
          the result buffer, and did not account for scroll-offset (Debian
        + modify button, menu and checklist logic that matches a character to
          the beginning of a text field to support wide-characters (completes
          Debian #195674).
        + modify configure script to not use "head -1".

        + modify searchbox popup in textbox widget so one can simply press
          return on an empty input to cancel the popup.
        + modify error reporting to avoid clearing screen if a problem is
          found in the ".rc" file.
        + add color/attribute combinations for form widget (based on patch by
          Reznic Valery).
        + combine rc-file colors, attribute- and color-tables to obtain a
          single table for color values, which requires less work to add new
        + modify fselect widget to make back-tab work again, since it was
          broken by the rewrite of dlg_edit_string().
        + modify howmany_tags() so it will quit searching when it finds any
          option, not only "--and-widget" (Debian #206636).
        + correct call to dlg_print_text() in print_line(), which did not
          account for hidden characters (report/patch by David Poole).
        + modify print_button() to display properly if locale defines ok/cancel
          or yes/no buttons that contain multibyte characters.

        + correct an indexing error when deleting from the end of a line using
          KEY_DC; it happened to work on Linux because malloc() clears memory
          like calloc().
        + add '\r' to case statement where '\n' is translated to KEY_ENTER to
          work around defect in NetBSD curses.
        + modify configure check for getparyx(), etc., which are implemented
          by NetBSD curses as functions rather than macros.
        + correct configure check for term.h, which may be <ncursesw/term.h>
          if ncursesw development headers are installed, but not ncurses
          development headers.  Or they may not coincide (Debian #206287).

        + modify checklist.c and menubox.c to display tags properly if they
          contain wide-characters.
        + better solution for initializing curses when "--stdout" option is
          used, e.g., use stderr for the output if it is a tty.  Also correct
          the error handling, so dialog exits with an error if it cannot
          find a way to do output (Debian #205509).
        + modify sample scripts to use consistent definition of $DIALOG
          (Debian #205508).
        + add UTF-8 examples inputbox6-utf8, inputbox6-utf8 (from Tomohiro
          Kubota, Debian #195674).
        + modify print_line() to work with wide-characters, e.g., so it handles
          wrapping for double-width characters.
        + cache results from multibyte character indices, speeds up cursor
        + modify form widget to support scrolling and mouse-selection.
        + add form widget (based on patch by Reznic Valery).
        + correct mouse-handling for inputmenu widget.
        + corrections to menu.c: location of clearing operation, and height of
          rows in code for older ncurses versions (patch by Reznic Valery).
        + improve logic that compensates for xterm's alternate-screen by
          cancelling the rmcup/smcup strings after the rmcup has been issued.
          That ensures that dialog will not clear the screen on exit (report
          by Javier Kohen).
        + modify initialization between widgets to retain the values for the
          --aspect, --separate-widget and --tab-len options.
        + add --separator as an alias for --separate-widget (compatible with
        + correct handling of Xdialog's --icon and --wmclass options, whose
          parameter was not ignored.
        + correct logic for --separate-widget so its string is written before
          each output, rather than only for --and-widget option (report by
          Javier Kohen).
        + improve limit-check in center_label() for buttons.c (report by Tor
          Vidar Havstad).
        + correct layout of --menu widget, which reduced display width due to
          logic for --inputmenu being applied whether or not that configuration
          was used (reports by Javier Kohen, Dimitar Zhekov and MAL
          <>).  Fixes Debian #201215.
        + modify gauge widget to support --begin option (Hans-Joachim Baader).
        + updated pl.po (Jaroslaw Swierczynski).
        + hide cursor while painting gauge.
        + add auto-sizing logic to gauge widget (reports by Javier Kohen and
          Robert Schubert).

        + rewrote inputstr.c, allowing it to enter and display wide-characters.
          Some nonprinting characters such as control/B can be edited as well.
        + modify timebox to allow user to type numbers into the fields.
        + change interfaces of dlg_getc(), mouse_wgetch(), etc., to add
          parameter that returns whether the result is really a function-key.
          This is needed to work with wide-character curses.
        + correct computation of week-number in calendar widget (report by
          Heiner Lamann).
        + updated configure script macros:
          + suppress -Winline with gcc 3.3, since it is broken.
          + fix caching bug in CF_UTF8_LIB
          + improved script for CF_BUNDLED_INTL.
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + add null-pointer checks to some malloc calls which were overlooked.
        + correct logic in dlg_add_result(), which did not copy content of
          non-allocated buffer to the first allocation (report by Daniel

        + correct an uninitialized value in dlg_add_result() (Debian #182683).

        + corrected print_line(), which subtracted the margin twice from the
          right-limit, making a string wrap unnecessarily (Debian #168823).
        + correct initial limit-check for arrows in checklist.c, which used
          the wrong variable, showing the bottom arrow when it should not
          (Debian #168823).
        + modify driver to always call show_result(), to simplify updates.
        + fix several memory leaks, important if dialog is run with a large
          number of widgets (report by forwarded by
          Santiago Vila).
        + check if the screen output is actually to the terminal before trying
          to suppress xterm's alternate screen mode (see 2000/01/18) (report by
          David Oliveira).
        + use dialog_vars.input_result consistently to return the text which is
          printed after a widget completes.  In many cases, dialog now
          allocates enough space to hold the text, rather than use a fixed
          buffer.  The checklist widget was writing directly to the output to
          avoid limits of the fixed buffer.
        + modify dialog.c to also write dialog_vars.input_result if the
          Help-button was pressed (request by Amon Ott).
        + add hu.po (Arpad Biro).
        + update fr.po, pt.po, pt_BR.po to add strings for "Help" button (patch
          by Frederic L W Meunier).
        + fix off-by-one error in menu.c, checklist.c (reported by
          Tomasz Wasiak 2002/09/15 and others:
          Andrew Gaul 2002/11/12,
          Tobias C Rittweiler 2002/11/19,
          Arpad Biro 2003/01/21).
        + updated configure script, improving checks for ncurses in various
          locations, updated NLS script to match lynx.  Added --with-curses-dir
        > Tobias C Rittweiler:
        + make ifdef in mousewget.c consistent with usage in dialog.h
        + use beep() rather than flash() in dlg_edit_string(), for consistency
          with the other functions.
        + change order of buttons so extra button falls between Ok/Cancel.
        + fix so "dialog --print-maxsize" exits from curses.
        + add --inputmenu option.

        + modify checklist.c and menubox.c to treat the extra button like the
          "Ok" button by making dialog print the chosen items (request by
          Tobias C Rittweiler).
        + add examples checklist6 and menubox6 to illustrate the --colors
        + implement -colors option, which allows one to highlight words in the
          titles and most text areas with color or video attributes (adapted
          from patch by Tobias C Rittweiler).
        + add examples inputbox4, inputbox5 to illustrate how to use the
          --output-fd option, and how to use dialog without any temporary
          file at all.
        + add --output-fd option (Debian #153984).
        + documented vi-style keys for calendar, textbox widgets in manpage.

        + improve mouse handling, e.g., for up/down scrolling in calendar,
          checklist, etc.
        + add --extra-button and --extra-label options (adapted from patch
          by Tobias C Rittweiler).
        + correct displayed cursor position in inputbox when returning to the
          input area after traversing the buttons with tabs, etc.
        + add left/right arrows for traversal in calendar and timebox dialogs.
        + implement two new functions dlg_next_ok_buttonindex() and
          dlg_prev_ok_buttonindex(), using these to hide details about the
          traversal over buttons in several widgets.
        + modify checklist.c and menubox.c to verify if both --help-button and
          --item-help are specified before assuming that selecting the help
          button should cause the "HELP {item-help}" message to be printed
          (reported by Marcel Ritter).
        + modify init_dialog() to work around HP's broken tty driver (report by
          John Mudd).  Specifically, the problem is that when opening /dev/tty
          directly (to support the --stdout option), the terminal does not
          change to raw mode.  The workaround opens /dev/tty only as needed;
          the --stdout option does not work on HPUX but otherwise dialog works.
        + updated el.po (patch by kromJx <>).

2002/05/19 - release 0.9b
        + add --no-collapse option to allow one to retain tabs and repeated
          blanks in a message box (request by Roberto Simoni).
        + use DLG_EXIT_ESC constant rather than -1's in several places.  This
          has the effect of changing some exit-with-error cases to denote that
          the exit was because ESC was pressed (patch by Diego Alvarez,
          forward by Santiago Vila).
        + bump package version to 0.9b (with patch-date, as usual).
        + add --exit-label option (request by Roberto Simoni).
        + updated de.po to correct translation for "Cancel" (from Michael
          Piefel, Debian #146402).
        + use definitions from autoconf macro AC_HEADER_TIME to ensure that
          time() is properly prototyped.
        + update pl.po, adding translation for "Help" (patch by Jaroslaw
          Swierczynski <>).
        + update COPYING file, to reflect address change of FSF (reported by
          Santiago Vila).
        + update some configuration script macros:  CF_CHECK_CACHE,
        + correct misuse of "$with_XXX" variables in the configure script,
          which prevented configuration against curses library as opposed to
        + update config.guess, config.sub

2002/03/09 (a)
        + modify geometry of samples/fselect scripts to allow them to run in
          a 24x80 screen (report/patch by Santiago Vila).
        + correct exit-code for menubox.c when Cancel is pressed.  This was
          unintentionally altered when adding --help-button (reported by
          Patrick J Volkerding)

        + add --timeout option, which forces the program to exit with an error
          if no user response is given within the specified number of seconds
          (request by <>).
        + modify calendar widget to allow day/month/year values to default to
          the current date (request by <>).
        + modify display of buttons in checklist.c and menubox.c to handle the
          case where the button label is empty (Debian #134388).
        + extended logic for ok/cancel/help to make this work with checklist
        + revert pt_BT.po, apply changes to pt.po (report by Frederic L W
        > several changes from Stanislav Ievlev:
        + add options --help-button and --help-label to make menubox display a
          third button which can be used to return an exit code causing the
          calling script to show extended help information.
        + use home/end keys in input string-editing, e.g., inputbox.
        + add option --max-input to limit length of string returned by inputbox
          and other widgets which allow the user to edit a string.

        + add --ok-label and --cancel-label options (request by Kyle Sallee).
        + correct usage message for --fselect option (reported by Patrick J
        + add samples/debian.rc, for comparison with slackware.rc
        + corrected samples/slackware.rc, which was just the compiled-in
          default values (patch by Patrick J Volkerding).
        + modify search rule for rc-file to add a global rc file /etc/dialogrc
          (patch by Patrick J Volkerding).
        + updated pt_BR.po with modified entries for fselect.c (Frederic L W
        + add pl.po (Swiergot <>).

        + modify command-line parsing to allow a "--" argument to act as an
          escape, so the next argument is not recognized as an option if it
          begins with "--".  This is apparently one of popt's undocumented
          features, upon which some Debian scripts depend (Debian #116642).
        + add da.po (Morten Brix Pedersen <>).
        + add an install-strip rule to makefile, changing the normal install
          rule to not strip the installed executable (based on discussion with
          Santiago Vila).
        + initialize my_output variable if user cannot open /dev/tty, e.g., if
          su'd to another user (patch by Richard Braakman (<>), Debian
        + add configure option --with-ncursesw, to allow configure/build with
          wide-character version of ncurses.

        + add option --ignore, to make dialog be ignore options that it does
          not recognize.
        + add option --trim, to trim literal newlines and repeated spaces from
          text that will be displayed.  Add samples/msgbox2, which is the
          same as msgbox1, but using --trim (cf: change for Debian #102942).
        + minor correction to attributes for buttons.c to use active_attr on
          the right-side of a button.
        + add a sample dialog rc-file slackware.rc based on diffs in hdasetup
          package at
          (discussion with Frederic L W Meunier).
        + modify to avoid using a statically-named tempfile, allowing
          multiple processes to use this script (patch by James Ranson
          (<>), Debian #110609).
        + correct fprintf() call in j_menu() function, i.e., "--menu" option,
          which did not guard against expanding '%' embedded in the parameters
          (Stavros Chatzistefanidis <>).
        + add et.po (Ivar Smolin <>).
        + update fr.po (Frederic L W Meunier).
        + modify to allow scripts to alter the exit codes, mainly to
          distinguish ESC and ERROR exits.  This is done by setting a shell
          variable such as DIALOG_ESC to a new value (request by Petr Vandrovec
          (<>), Debian #99264)

        + use VPATH in makefile to support build with configure --srcdir, if
          the make program supports that.  Note that samples/install/makefile
          is not generated, due to awkward limitation of autoconf script
          (reported by Frederic L W Meunier <>).
        + add po/pt_BR.po (Frederic L W Meunier <>).
        + correct sense of --enable/--disable shown in configure --help (report
          by Frederic L W Meunier <>).
        + correct logic for --clear option, broken in 2000/07/02 (fixes Debian

        + porting fixes to work on AIX: flush output to work around bug in
          curses library, use ./killall in scripts to avoid conflict with
          AIX program by that name.
        + modify dlg_trim_string() to retain literal newlines if the string
          does not contain "\\n" strings, and to retain leading blanks on the
          resulting lines, for compatibility with older scripts (Debian
        + add charset specification to cs.po
        + change dates in CHANGES to consistent format, add el.po for Greek
          (patch by kromJx <>).
        + eliminate static globals (bss, data) from modules rc, tailbox,
          textbox using better parameter-passing convention, and const.
        + cleanup temporary files in a few of the sample scripts.
        + rewrote tailboxbg using select() rather than fork(), thereby
          eliminating lock-files.  Only one process should be trying to display
          on the screen at any given time.
        + add error check to ensure that numeric parameters are really numbers.
        + correct off-by-one in error messages reporting too-few or too-many
          tokens for a given option (reported by George Mirchev).
        + fix typo in manpage, "textboxbg" where "tailboxbg" was meant
          (reported by George Mirchev <>).
        + use DLG_EXIT_xxx symbols consistently for all exit codes.
        + updated es.po (patch by Santiago Vila).
        + updates for some configure script macros from lynx:  CF_MAKEFLAGS,
        + fixes to compile if <term.h> is included, e.g., when building with
          AIX curses (report by Suzi Dowson <>).

        + updated dialog.pot
        + modify fselect.c to work with autosize, i.e., given height and width
          zero (report by Martin Povolny).
        + add a null-pointer check in justify_text(), needed by fselect.c
        + add several more options which dialog can safely ignore, from
          Xdialog 2.0.2
        + refinements for configure macros checking for $CPPFLAGS, from lynx.
        + update config.guess, config.sub to match autoconf 2.50
        > Martin Povolny <>:
        + add cs.po
        + use nl_langinfo() to customize names for day-of-week, and month

        > Vincent Stemen <>:
          Fixed dialog.c to not pass menu items through dlg_trim_string().
          Stripping extra spaces out of the menu items broke some of my
          scripts by altering the string that it compared to know which menu
          item was selected.  There should be no need to do justification on
          the menu items, which are always one line, anyway.

        > Vincent Stemen <>:
        + rewrote the text justification code to be able to have preformatted
          text in the prompts with extra spaces like the older versions of
          dialog.  If there are "\n" strings in the text, then extra spaces are
          preserved.  Lines are always wrapped on word boundaries.
        + fixed --cr-wrap to break lines on '\n' (newline) characters and not
          add an extra line at the top and bottom of the text.  It now works
          as the manual says it should.
        + it is no longer necessary to use "\n\" at the end of lines to escape
          the '\n' character.  "\n" now works.  However, the old way, "\n\"
          still works.
        + the fixes involved the following changes:
          - rewrote dlg_trim_string() to recognize preformatted text (know
            when not to strip extra spaces) and to pay attention to --cr-wrap.
          - rewrote justify_text() which now calls a new function in util.c,
            print_line(), to print each line and end it on a word boundary.
          - modified real_auto_size() to call a new function
            auto_size_preformated() to calculate the box size for preformatted
          - removed skip_blanks() and skip_text() since they are not used by
            the new justify_text().
          - modified dialog.c to not call dlg_trim_string() on title strings
            so that titles retain their spaces.
        + modified the following demo files in the sample directory:
          - inputbox
              changed all "\n\" strings to "\n" to demonstrate the extra
              backslash is no longer needed.
          - inputbox1
              removed all the "\n\" strings from the end of the lines to
              properly demonstrate --cr-wrap.
          - msgbox1
              this sample was using "--aspect 9 --cr-wrap".  Rewrote it to
              properly demonstrate --aspect.  9 is already dialog's default
              aspect ratio.  It now creates several dialogs in sequence,
              demonstrating aspect ratios of 9, 12 and 6 and properly
              demonstrates --cr-wrap.
        + made the following changes to the manual (dialog.1).
          - rewrote the description of --aspect to be more understandable.
          - rewrote the description of --cr-wrap to be more correct and more
            detailed.  It did say, "Otherwise, the text for each dialog will
            display on a single line.", which is not correct.  It wraps the
            text to fit in the box.
        > T.Dickey:
        + use logic from menubox dialog in checklist to handle autosizing when
          list height is given as zero (fixes problem reported by Eric Veltman
        + modify checklist and menubox dialogs to check for too-wide data, and
          truncate one or both of the name and text fields to fit (also
          reported by Eric Veltman).
        + corrected a few items from Vincent's patch:
          - use C89-style comments rather than C++
          - restore logic in justify_text() which checks for win==0, needed to
            work with standard curses implementations other than ncurses.
            The first call on justify_text() passes a null pointer as a flag
            to indicate that checking should be done, but no screen updates.
          - avoid modifying the buffer in decode_percent(), otherwise a message
            containing a space or newline would be truncated at the whitespace.
          - modify dlg_button_x_step() and dlg_button_layout() slightly to
            work with altered print_autowrap(), etc.
        + fixes to build/work with SunOS 4.x 5lib curses

        + fix a memory leak in mouse_region().
        + simplify handling of optional parameters with new functions
          optional_str() and optional_num().
        + add calendar and timebox dialogs (compatible with Xdialog).
        + correct typo in fallback definition for getparyx, and remove void
          cast for mouse_open and mouse_close which prevented build with
          Sun's Solaris compiler.
        + rename --enable-lxdialog configure option to --enable-Xdialog
        + modify CF_NCURSES_CPPFLAGS macro to match more variations of ncurses
          header files.
        + update config.guess, config.sub
        + modify some configure script macros to avoid problems with buggy
          autoconf 2.49c which breaks changequote().

        + small fix to revised real_auto_size() and justify_text() to avoid
          adding origin to box-width, which broke samples/wheel.
        + apply 1999/12/25 tempfile change to wheel and copismall samples.
        + add sample script for tailboxbg.
        + revised lock-file management to better ensure that locks are actually
          created by the tailbox subprocess(es).
        + correct hardcoded signal 15 in tailbox to SIGHUP to match
          documentation.  Signal 15 is usually SIGTERM, which cannot be caught.
        + correct off-by-one comparison of return-value for arg_rest() which
                dialog --gauge test 10 50
          dump core because it expected a 4th parameter (fixes Debian #80641).
        + resync config.sub, config.guess from
 (which finally have
          cases for OS/2 EMX), minor tweaks to related configure script macros.

        + restore treatment of predefined height/width in real_auto_size()
          which was lost in 2000/12/12 rewrite (report by Raphael Halimi
        + updates for configure script macros AM_PATH_PROG_WITH_TEST,

        + correct change for create_lock(), which resulted in an infinite loop
          (patch by Chris Butler, <>).

        + rewrote print_autowrap() and real_auto_size() to share common code
          justify_text(), which now does text flow even when the string
          contains newlines (fixes Debian #77199).
        + improve create_lock() function using open() with O_EXCL rather than
          fopen() (patch by Matt Kraai (<>), Debian #78951).
        + correct description of --fselect in man page (patch by Tomas Pospisek
          (<>), Debian #77200).
        + add --no-cancel as alias for --nocancel for compatibility with
          Xdialog (report by Luis E Limon <>).

        + some lint fixes using lclint (mostly void-casts, but some
          sign-extension fixes e.g., for ctype.h macros, and loop in
        + modified to build/run on OS/2 EMX with ncurses.
        + minor changes to po/*.po (trim trailing blanks, provide explicit
          translation for "OK"), to work with Solaris gettext.
        + modified to allow this to build with archaic version (1.8.6)
          of ncurses on FreeBSD 3.1 (does not run).
        + update config.guess, config.sub from

        + use new function sub_window() to check success/failure of calls to
          subwin(), printing an error message if it fails (fixes Debian #74903).
        + use combination of isatty/ttyname to look for workable tty device
          on systems which have no /dev/tty, e.g., BeOS.

        + change exiterr() to use stdarg.h, make some messages easier to
        + add dialog_clear()
        + make samples/install/setup build.
        + implemented mouse support for buttons, e.g., in yesno dialog using
          ncurses (the gpm support no longer works, but is useful for reference)
        + add a configure check for chtype.
        + updates for configure script macros (CF_BUNDLED_INTL, CF_CURSES_LIBS,
          config.guess, config.sub
        + cleanup of item-help change, integrate with checklist and radiobox.
        + add ja.po, from Hirofumi Takeda <>.
        > patch by Marco Mariani <>
        + add --item-help option, which makes menubox data interpreted as
          3 columns rather than 2.  The third column is displayed on the
          last line of the screen as a help/status message for the currently
          selected item.
        + add it.po, pt.po
        + change TAG_KEY_HL to FALSE, making unselected items in checklist
          easier to read on Linux console.

        + change real_auto_size() to allow it to be used for dialogs that have
          no prompt, e.g., fselect.  Also, rather than requiring both height
          and width to be given as -1 for maximizing the dialog, allow either
        + increase minimum height needed for autosized yesno dialog.
        + add --version as an alias for --print-version.
        + fix for build on Solaris without NLS (cannot redefine 'gettext()').
        + add fselect dialog (compatible with Xdialog).
        + add --enable-lxdialog configure option.
        + use new configure macro CF_ARG_MSG_ENABLE to show progress with
          enable/disable switches.

        + implement --stdout and --stderr options as in Xdialog.
        + move logic that translates "\\n" into '\n' into main program to
          simplify logic that formats text.
        + make ifdef's for rc-file not specific to ncurses.
        + correct logic making percent parameter of gauge optional.

        + add alternate test-script for gauge, adapted from Xdialog.
        + modify gauge to make optional a percentage which was read at the
          beginning of the XXX-delimited message text, since clones of dialog
          are written to assume this is text.  If the line is not a simple
          integer, dialog will treat it as text.
        + make the percent parameter of gauge optional, as in Xdialog.
        + undo one use of CharOf() in guage.c, an error.
        + fix configure macro AM_WITH_NLS to refrain from attempting to make a
          symbolic link into/libintl.h if we are not using the bundled intl
          directory from gettext (reported by Julian Coleman
        + add ru.po, from Michael Sobolev <>
        + updates for config.guess, config.sub from tin.
        + updates for configure script macros:  CF_MATH_LIB (improperly nested
          brackets/parenthesis) and CF_XOPEN_CURSES (make include of
          <*curses.h> depend on configure tests).

        + repaint screen when a control/L is pressed.
        + apply CharOf() macro to avoid sign-extension on calls to waddch(),
          fixes a problem with accented characters (reported by Santiago Vila).
        + add es.po, from Santiago Vila <>

        + modified to use gettext (configure option --enable-nls).  This uses
          gettext 0.10.35, which must be previously installed.  (It can also
          use an included intl library, but I consider that to be a waste of
          disk space).
        + remove code in checklist/radiobox, menubox that try to use
          abbreviations for the OK/Cancel buttons since those conflict with the
          check for abbreviations in list entries, which are more useful.
        + moved padding of button labels out of string literals, into the
          logic of dlg_draw_buttons().
        + resync/update with configure macros CF_CURSES_LIBS, CF_FIND_LIBRARY,
 and config.guess.

        + add --default-item option, for menubox to set the default selection
          (fixes Debian #49796).
        + add sample scripts for --nocancel and --fb options with inputbox.
        + modify inputbox* sample scripts to show application errors, if any.
        + add --nocancel option, and ignore --noitem, --fb, --fullbutton, to
          make this compatible with whiptail scripts.  (whiptail does not
          handle many dialog scripts however).
        + modify checklist/radiobox to handle home, end, nextpage, prevpage
          keys, as well as make the abbreviation search work for the whole
          list, not only the current page.
        + treat KEY_LL the same as KEY_END in checklist and textbox.
        + add logic for KEY_BTAB.
        + use new function dlg_draw_buttons() to better manage the layout of
          yes/no/ok/cancel buttons.
        + another pass of cleanup of dialog.c, makes it use a single table for
          lookup of option names and help-message.  Eliminated numerous
          adjustments to 'offset' variable.
        + on initialization, check if standard input is from a terminal.  If
          not, open /dev/tty (fixes Debian #57771)

        + implement inline editing in textbox.c search dialog.
        + revise inputbox.c, allowing inline editing with arrow-keys.  removed
          redundant logic in that module.
        + correct a typo that prevented rc-file configuration from building.
        + correct ifdef's to compile/run if the curses implementation does not
          support color.

        + improve test-case for gauge.
        + change gauge.c to show progress in reverse-video, add a check for
          end-of-file in the loop for reading new messages.
        + use curses whline() function to simplify print_arrows() logic in
          checklist.c and menubox.c
        + use curses beep() function rather than hardcoded strings.
        + correct several compiler warnings for gcc -pedantic (mismatch of
          const, signed/unsigned).
        + modify exiterr() to avoid possible expansion of '%'.
        + change CF_MATH_LIB configure macro to allow specifying a particular
          test-function.  For dialog, this should be sqrt().  The macro was
          originally written for ncurses, which needs sin().  However, that is
          a builtin function on the m68k port (reported by Roman Hodek
          <>, this fixes Debian #55553).

        + update manpage (Debian #25648).
        + modify configure test for math library to avoid using a constant
          parameter to the test function, lest gcc optimize the call away
          (fixes Debian #55553).
        + restructure help-message so actual problem is indicated.  The original
          help-message is shown if no parameters are given, or if the --help
          option is specified alone.
        + suppress xterm's alternate screen mode by sending an exit_ca_mode
          after initscr if the terminal looks like xterm, e.g., has key_mouse
          defined, and has private-mode escapes in both enter_ca_mode and
          exit_ca_mode (fixes Debian #55181).
        + change yellow lettering on white to blue on white, since it offers
          better contrast (fixes Debian #51196).
        + use napms() rather than sleep().
        + some cleanup/simplification of main program.  Indent'd dialog.c and
        + eliminate several places where repeated options are treated as
          an error, since they are really executed once anyway.

        + remove pre-autoconf Makefile
        + remove sleep's from a few of the sample scripts, which left users
          thinking that dialog was slow to complete an action.
        + rewrote infobox sample script, using dialog's --sleep option and
          a loop in the script.
        + change 'ch' variable in tailbox.c to an integer, because it is
          compared against EOF (fixes Debian #53157).
        + corrected mandir variable in (reported by Santiago Vila).
        + small changes to sample scripts, from Debian: rename "guage" script
          to "gauge", change path to copy of GPL used in textbox.
        + add uninstall rule to, fixed some dependencies so
          "make install" works without first doing "make all".

        + use more portable scheme for tempfile generation in samples.
        + add a configure script, prefer to not use the original Makefile
          because it works only with GNU make.
        + correct prototype of 'main()', which misused const.
        + modify guage.c to use fgets() rather than gets().
        + merge changes from Debian package maintainer
          Santiago Vila <>:

                + add a password dialog box (Debian #45964, patch by Joey Hess).
                + implement "--defaultno" option to specify if the default for
                  the yes/no box is "No" (Debian #46076, patch by Joey Hess).
                + modify input.c to clear the input field to the right of the
                  given string, to help with screen-refresh
                + check for list_height less than one in checklist.c (Debian
                + use function wscrl() in preference to scroll() in checklist.c
                  and menubox.c (unclear: in ncurses, scroll() is a macro that
                  uses wscrl()).
                + remove the "-I/usr/include/ncurses" option from Makefile
                  since Debian does not install ncurses' header files into
                  that directory.
                + simplify menubox.c using new functions print_arrows() and
                  print_items().  add logic to handle KEY_NPAGE and KEY_PPAGE
                  (Debian #26326).
                + modifications to provide sample scripts (Debian #26211):
                  + change sample scripts to use Debian tempfile utility rather
                    than putting files into /tmp.
                  + change sample scripts to use 'dialog' from user's path
                    rather than in the parent directory as in the build
                + use the system copy of GPL rather than that in the build
                  directory as an example for the textbox script.

        + fix some gcc warnings about ambiguous use of "else"

        + cleaned up some of the redundant code with new functions:

        + modified msgbox.c and yesno.c to work with the KEY_RESIZE sigwinch
          handling in ncurses 4.2

        + corrected spelling of "gauge"

The relevant portions of the Debian change log for the original version
(dialog-0.9a-12) are abstracted here, omitting details of their packaging:


        + Replaced guage.c by the one in dialog 0.6z, which is known to work.
          Fixes Debian #18284: unstable dialog.


        + dialog.c:  dialog_input_result printed with "%s" format.  This was
          Debian #9913, fixed by Bill Mitchell, but the change was lost.
        + Pristine source, .depend is not removed in clean target.  Instead, it
          is made zero length (otherwise it would not work *without* fakeroot).
        + Added '^U' support in input box (Debian #9915, patch by Joey Hess).
        + Wrote patch to fix core-dumping problem (Debian #13170).  Sven Rudolph

-- vile:fk=utf-8