ChangeLog for INDENT
-- $Id: ChangeLog,v 1.134 2023/02/05 14:39:33 tom Exp $

	+ improved configure script checks, reducing compiler warnings.

	+ update install-sh

	+ testing/
	make checking less verbose (can override with $INDENT_DIFF), because
	twm/xorg files will "never" match

	+ indent.h, args.c, lexi.c: memory-leak

	workaround for a case where the font change is wrapped to the next line

	+ indent.1: fix glitch reported by check-manpage

	+ indent.gperf: add the numeric variations, too

	+ resync with my-autoconf.

	+ fix some codespell warnings

	+ fix some shellcheck warnings

	+ add TPARM_STATE, TPARM_DATA to ncu-profile

	+ resync with my-autoconf.

	+ update config.guess, config.sub

	+ add NCURSES_API to ncu-profile

	+ resync with my-autoconf.

	+ modify test-script to not error-out when reporting differences for
	  twm-indent or xorg-indent, since those use GNU indent, which varies

	+ resync with my-autoconf.

	+ add typedef names from form.h and menu.h to jpf-profile.

	+ add *_EXPORT_VAR names to tdindent script.

	+ resync with my-autoconf.

	+ update config.guess, config.sub

	+ add type names from C99 to symbol table.

	+ minor documentation updates

	+ resync with my-autoconf.

	+ update config.guess

	+ fix a couple of regressions with "*INDENT-ON*" and "*INDENT-OFF*"

	+ add special case in tdlint script for _X_UNUSED and X_NORETURN

	+ resync with my-autoconf, but define stub macros to avoid X Window
	  checks in this program's configure-script.

	+ update config.guess

	+ add scripts xxx-compare, xorg-indent and twm-indent to support my
	  work on twm.

	+ amend treatment of "*INDENT-OFF*" to avoid trimming blank lines
	  before/after except as set via the -sob option. 
	+ amend tdlint script to account for renaming of GNU indent program
	  in test-packages, so that line-number messages are filtered properly.

	+ provide a simpler change for "*INDENT-ON*", which does not trim.

	+ repair Debian test-package's workaround for update-alternatives

	+ minor fix for configure macro CF_GCC_WARNINGS to accommodate
	  inconsistency between gcc and clang warning options.

	+ update config.guess, config.sub

	+ suppress tab-conversion within "*INDENT-OFF*" blocks.

	+ revised tdlint script to work with readonly files/directories in
	  dry-run (-n) mode.

	+ add a few ncurses types to ncu-profile

	+ add _XtString, etc., to xxx-profile.

	+ allow for "/*xxx*/" single-line comments in tdindent script when
	  working around GNU indent's lack of "--profile" option.

	+ simplify "-s" option in tdindent script, using "-nut" which is
	  assumed in both cindent and GNU indent.

	+ switch to "--enable-warnings" in configure script, for consistency.

	+ updated documentation.

	+ make the "-v" verbose option more informative, showing the parameter
	  value and also noting when an option is ignored since an explicit
	  setting overrode an implicit one.

	+ add debugging feature to show options in effect

	+ implement -ncdw/-cdw options for compatibility with

	+ implement -cbi option for compatibility with

	+ implement -nut/-ut options for compatibility with

	+ revert 2019-07-07 change for "*INDENT-ON*", which trimmed too much.

	+ add typedefs for termios.h to xxx-profile, ncu-profile, vtt-profile.

	+ add Xt and Xaw typedefs to xxx-profile, as well as "common" typedefs
	  from ncu-profile.

	+ add mode_t to ncu-profile.

	+ regen gperf.c with gperf 3.0.4

	+ fix an extra newline when turning indent back on with "*INDENT-ON*"

	+ make it simpler to substitute the other indent version by overriding
	  $INDENT_PROG, for comparison/testing.

	+ minor fix for configure macro CF_GCC_WARNINGS

	+ update config.guess, config.sub

	+ add "-linux" option for compatibility with script,
	  using manpage description from "2.2.11".

	+ add "xxx-indent" script as an alternative to script from

	+ updated several configure macros: CF_CONST_X_STRING, CF_GCC_WARNINGS,

	+ update config.guess, config.sub

	+ improve script converting info to man

	+ handle special case of "..." like a keyword

	+ updated keywords for lynx

	+ updated several configure macros:  CF_CC_ENV_FLAGS, CF_GCC_WARNINGS,

	+ update config.guess, config.sub

	+ add keywords for ncurses6

	+ updated several configure macros:  CF_ADD_CFLAGS, CF_CC_ENV_FLAGS

	+ update config.guess, config.sub

	+ modify indent.texinfo to work with install-info

	+ add Screen keyword for ncu-profile, for xterm

	+ add several keywords to cdk-profile

	+ add LINENUM keyword for gnu-profile

	+ updated several configure macros to use POSIX shell case-statement

	+ update config.guess, config.sub

	+ improve whitespace adjustments for GCC_xxx symbols in tdindent.

	+ updated configure macros, e.g., for Minix.

	+ add some keywords to ncu-indent for xterm (patch by Ross Combs).

	+ update config.guess, config.sub

	+ add some keywords to ncu-indent for xterm (patch by Ross Combs).

	+ add some keywords to ncu-indent for xterm.

	+ add some keywords to cdk-indent for cdk.

	+ updated configure macros, e.g., for Intel compiler and Solaris

	+ update config.guess

	+ correct column-computation for "/* *INDENT-EQLS* */" feature, which
	  had an off-by-one error for tab-stops.

	+ updated configure macros, e.g., for clang and mingw

	+ update config.guess, config.sub

	+ add some keywords to ncu-indent for xterm.

	+ add "/* *INDENT-EQLS* */" comment feature, to aid in aligning
	  assignment statements.

	+ add "-ta" option to allow identifiers suffixed with "_t" to be
	  automatically handled as types, prompted by recent FreeBSD change.

	+ modify check in dump_line() which puts a comment onto a new line to
	  not do this for preprocessor lines.

	+ ensure that there is a blank before comments which are not in column
	  one, e.g., when using -ppi option.

	+ update keyword list per ISO/IEC 9899:1999

	+ fix special case of comment on last line of file having no trailing
	  newline; the parser had exited from comment-mode and treated the
	  contents of the comment as identifiers.

	+ fix character comparison in preprocessor keyword parsing to handle
	  abutting punctuation, e.g., "#if(0)".

	+ modify logic in io.c where -ppiN is handled to avoid changing s_lab
	  variable, since this can confuse later updates for that variable.

	+ revert change to lnx-profile, too intrusive.

	+ modify lnx-profile to use -nlps and -cp options.

	+ added -ppiN (--preprocessor-indentation) option like indent 2.2.9.

	+ modify comment formatting to ensure that two comments due not abut
	  without a separating space.

	+ correct a loop-limit when moving string to handle an inline comment
	  special case.

	+ make -cpN option apply to text after "#else" or "#endif" which is
	  converted to a comment.

	+ add configure check and makefile rules for lint.

	+ fix check for non-comment text after "#else" or "#endif" to allow
	  for whitespace between "#" and the keyword.

	+ bug-fix for files without an ending newline when parsing comments
	  on a preprocessor line.

	+ improve sed script in tdindent used to handle multiple GCC_xxx's on
	  the same line, to reduce unintended matches.

	+ add check to ensure that --break-after-declaration does not cause
	  a blank line in multiline comments which begin on the same line.

	+ make -nlps option actually work; it didn't work in any available
	  version.  Instead, indent "always" behaved the same whether -lps
	  was given or not.  Change default to avoid surprise.

	+ use isblank() consistently to replace comparisons on space/tab,
	  fixing a few places where only space was checked.

	+ add "elif" to ifdef-level parsing.

	+ fix an old bug where indent doesn't treat conditionals with different
	  embedded whitespace as the same level.

	+ add option -ly, to handle lex/yacc files.

	+ enable the -D option all the time, without ifdef'ing for DEBUG.

	+ add GCC_UNUSED to tdlint filtering.

	+ amend a check for --dont-break-procedure-type option to detect a
	  newline before a procedure name, to allow for a left-curly brace
	  to be the previous token.  This can happen with ifdef'd extern "C"
	  bracketing of C code.

	+ add check for types such as "char" passed as macro parameters, to
	  avoid indenting as if the statement were a declaration.

	+ update configure script macros to reduce reliance on an obsolete
	  shell feature.

	+ provide useful messages for case when INDENT-OFF comment is not
	  followed by an INDENT-ON comment.

	+ minor portability fixes for ctype.h usage

	+ minor fix to ensure that options with numeric parameters are kept
	  with the option when handling older indent's lacking the --profile

	+ add manpages for tdindent, regenerate manpage and html documentation.
	+ add tdindent and wrapper-scripts to incorporate ncu-indent, etc.

	+ add command-line "--profile" option to indent program to override the
	  "" profile.

	+ reindent all C files except gperf.c using -gnu option.

	+ add manpage, generated from info file.

	+ fix strict gcc warnings, e.g., type-conversions and writable

	+ remove MS-DOS (16-bit) code.

	+ add test scripts and data, for "make check"

	+ modify configure script and makefile to support --program-suffix,

	+ add configure check for ctags, needed for some BSD ports.

	+ add configure options --disable-echo and --with-warnings.

	+ add RPM and Debian packages scripts, for testing.

	+ modify makefile to work with $(DESTDIR)

	+ fixup makefile template's use of autoconf variables such as prefix.

	+ update configure script, using autoconf-252

	+ in file indent.c newline case, add check for writing a pending
	  preprocessor statement.  In some cases, a "#if" immediately following
	  an "#endif" would result in the text following the "#if" to be
	  appended to that line (from 2.1.0).

	+ refine check for inner_stmt, resetting p_l_follow only if the left
	  curly-brace follows a left parenthesis or comma, as expected.

	+ revert change for fake semicolon from 2002-04-14 (other changes
	  yield the same effect).

	+ modify logic for save_com so that a comment which follows a
	  final right-parenthesis is not moved to a new line.  That keeps
	  comments from moving in this case:

	  	int main(int argc,
			 char *argv[])	/* the params */

	  Otherwise the comment would be moved past the left curly-brace.

	+ fix an interaction overlooked in inner_stmt that caused an
	  unnecessary newline on the closing right-parenthesis of an
	  if-statement inside the inner-statement block.

	+ add inner_stmt field to parser_state struct, using this to denote
	  a statement within "({" and "})" pairs.  The corresponding logic
	  allows if-statements, etc., to be indented within the delimiters.

	+ add command-line -D option if DEBUG is defined.  This turns on parse
	  information.  Also show the lines which are read, to provide context
	  for the parse information.

	+ fix the comment for reduce() which is garbled in all of the versions
	  of GNU indent.

	+ generate gperf.c and gperf-cc.c (as in 2.2.7), but align with 2.0
	  tables, to provide a known starting point.

	+ replace incorrect cast for chartype[] array indices.

	+ generate chartype[] at runtime.

	+ fake a semicolon, i.e., update state information, between ")" and an
	  immediately-following "}".  This also is needed to make xterm's
	  if_XXX macros indent properly.

	+ prevent forced newline between "({" or "})" characters, to treat
	  gcc compound statement properly as well as xterm's if_XXX macros.

	+ rewrite warnings for broken lines, showing the column and token at
	  which they break.

	+ make error/warnings more consistent, moving "Warning" and "Error"
	  keywords inside message() and changing that so that warning messages
	  applied to a given line are only written if -v is given.

	+ use input-line number computed in fill_buffer() rather than output,
	  since that does make previewing indent's changes easier.

	+ drop 'out_coms' variable, using 'com_lines' instead in the summary
	  printed by the -v option.

	+ change logic for line_no, to record it as the output line number,
	  and correct some places where it was not counted, e.g., within
	  multi-line comments and at a backslash before a newline.  Line 
	  numbers are not computed correctly either way with indent 2.2.7

	+ minor cleanup of configure script to use $AWK, $CFLAGS and $LDFLAGS


	+ convert to ANSI C.

	+ change message() output format to make it consistent with other
	  applications such as 'grep', i.e., filename:linenumber:message


	+ fix a buffer overflow when reading a comment with very long line
	  (e.g., 2k).


        + suppress a blank line before #endif after a declaration, unless we're
	  putting blanks around preprocessor lines anyway.

	+ update the configure script (I was not able to build the original
	  program on SunOS 4.1.3 because of the memmove reference).

1998-12-02    <>

	* indent.c (need_chars): Changed this #define to an inline
	function.  Also, increase size of buffer by at least `needed'.

1998-11-25    <>

	* lexi.c (lexi): New case label for 'L' in switch (*token) to
	handle wide strings.
	In the if statement for alphanums, fail the test if we are looking
	at L" or L'.
	* regression/TEST: added new test case wide.c to EXAMPLES.

1998-11-24    <>

	* indent.texinfo (Common styles): Corrected description of canned
	styles to correspond with args.c

	* (TARFILES): Removed indent.1 from the list.

1998-11-23    <>

	* backup.c (make_backup): Removed #ifdef __MSDOS__, just declare
	size unsigned int in all cases.

1998-11-22    <>

	* All code now passes through gcc -Wall.

	* args.c: Removed unused variable `exp_troff'.

	* comments.c (print_comment): Removed unused label comment_exit.

	* io.c (dump_line): Removed unused label inhibit_newline.

	* (indent.html): New target.

	* sys.h: Removed conditionals around `memcpy' function and define
	of `bcopy' to `memcpy'.  I will assume that memcpy is available,
	and see if it's problematic.
	* memcpy.c: Changed #ifdef USG to #ifndef HAVE_MEMCPY.

	* regression/TEST: added new test files bbb-test.c and

	* comments.c (print_comment): Use new variable
	`comment_lines_count' to count lines in a boxed comment.  When
	printing a boxed comment, set `parser_state_tos->com_col' to
	`found_col' when returning from a single line boxed comment.

1998-11-21    <>

	* indent.h (struct buf): New `len' and `column' elements added to
	struct buf.
	* indent.c (indent): Update `save_com.len' where appropriate.  Set
	`save_com.column' where appropriate.
	* io.c (current_column): Use `len' element of save_com to detect
	if `buf_ptr' is using the save_com buffer, rather than the `end'
	element, because that could point to the `ptr' (beginning)

	* indent.c (indent): Null-terminate the `save_com' buffer.

1998-11-20    <>

	* indent.c (indent): Include parser_state_tos->classname != '\0'
	in determining whether to set `is_procname_definition'.

	* indent.h (struct parser_state): New elements `classname_' and
	* lexi.c (lexi): If we detect "::" after an indent, set `classname_' and
	* parse.c (reset_parser): Initialize `classname_' and `classname_end'.

	* indent.c (indent): Don't break the line if we had an identifier
	and `parser_state_tos->last_token' is doublecolon.

	* indent.h (codes): Changed enum value `operator' to
	`cpp_operator', since "operator" is a C++ keyword.
	indent.c: Likewise.
	lexi.c: Likewise.

1998-10-20    <>

	* indent.c (indent): In the while (parser_state_tos->search_brace)
	loop, notice if we see a newline and make sure it's output by
	using new local variable `just_saw_nl'.

1998-10-01    <>

	* io.c (dump_line): If we're resetting the indentation level
	because a break is just before an lparen, check that
	parser_state_tos->paren_level >= 2 before doing this.

Thu Aug 27 10:19:24 1998    <>

	* indent.c (main): Removed type of `main'.

1998-08-25    <>

	* args.c (pro): Changed the "-nps" member of the "gnu" options
	settings to "-npsl" as the nps option does not exist.

1998-08-23    <>

	* comments.c (print_comment): If the comment begins in the very
	first column and user specified -fc1, indent it to the code.
	Don't touch the comment at all if -fc1 was not specified.

1998-08-22    <>

	* io.c (dump_line): If `break_line' is set, there is no comment on
	the line, and `buf_break' is properly set, break the line at
	`buf_break' and fill s_code with the un-output portion of the
	line.  Use new variable `not_truncated' to indicate whether the
	line was broken or not.
	Only reset `e_code' to `s_code' if we didn't break the line.
	If we broke the line, the the next line will begin with a lparen,
	then reset `parser_state_tos->paren_indents' to the level for the
	*previous* lparen - otherwise, the line will get indent to where
	the paren was on the original line.

	* indent.c (indent): If we plan to break the line, set
	`break_line' and `force_nl'.
	Wherever we append a blank to the output line, set `buf_break' to
	that point.  Also, NULL-terminate the line.

	* indent.c, args.c, io.c:  All troff-related code removed.

1998-08-17    <>

	* indent.c (indent): Initialize `buf_break' to 0.
	If it seems like we need to break the line, set `buf_break' to

	* indent.h: New variable `buf_break' for keeping track of the last
	place we can break a line.

1998-07-22  Joseph Arceneaux  <>

	* io.c (dump_line): Remove any trailing spaces before outputting

Fri Jun 27 12:29:11 1997  Joseph Arceneaux  <>

	* indent.h: Removed broken declaration of lexi ().

Thu May 15 15:52:25 1997  Joseph Arceneaux  <>

	* indent.c (indent): Handle new codes elements `operator' and

	* indent.h (rwcodes): New rwcodes element `operator'.
	(codes): New elements `overloaded' and `operator'.

	* lexi.c (lexi): When a keyword is found, check for new rwcodes
	element rw_operator and if found return `operator'.
	In default case, return `overloaded' if last token was `operator'.

Fri Apr 11 12:25:08 1997  Joseph Arceneaux  <>

	* indent.h (codes): New code `doublecolon'.
	* lexi.c (lexi): Recognize "::" as new code doublecolon.
	* indent.c (indent): Handle new code `doublecolon'.

	* backup.c (make_backup): Use new variable `size' to handle MS-DOS
	16 bit values for amount written to file.

	* io.c (dump_line): Cast (e_lab - s_lab) to an int for the "%.*s"
	width specifier ('*' means use the first argumen to the string as
	the width).
	(read_file): Cast size arguments to `xrealloc' and `xmalloc' to
	(read_file): Use unsigned int for `size' on MS-DOS, so that we can
	read slightly larger sizes.  Ugh!

Thu Dec 12 10:13:22 1996  Joseph Arceneaux  <>

	* indent.c (main): Make certain that `in_name' is initialized
	before reading file contents;  reading a zero-length file results
	in a call to ERROR, which expects `in_name' to be set.

Thu Jan  4 11:39:39 1996  Joseph Arceneaux  <>

	* parse.c (parse): Don't use variable `case_ind' any more;  do it
	all on the `cstk' parser stack element.
	(inc_pstack): Copy the case indentation value from the lower stack
	frame to the new, top frame.
	(parse): In main switch, case lbrace, if `swstmt' is on top of
	stack and `case_indent' is non-zero, add it to
	(parse): In main switch, case `swstmt', just increment
	`parser_state_tos->i_l_follow' by `ind_size', not `case_indent'.

Sat Dec 30 09:51:52 1995  Joseph Arceneaux  <>

	* indent.texinfo (Invoking indent): Described format of, including comments.

	* args.c (scan_profile): Added handling of comments, both C++ and
	C, in the indent profile.  Also added check for end of buffers.

Fri Dec 29 13:42:30 1995  Joseph Arceneaux  <>

	* regression/TEST: New test file right-margin-comment.c.

	* comments.c (print_comment): After the main switch statement, if
	formatting and the line break is after any text, then skip any
	white space.  For C++ comments, if that white space includes a
	newline, then end the comment by jumping to new label
	New label `comment_exit', for terminating C comment.  Not
	currently used.

Thu Dec 28 16:48:50 1995  Joseph Arceneaux  <>

	* Added new variable `NTFILES', set to "indent.mak".
	Include ${NTFILES} in TARFILES.
	* indent.mak: New file for building under NT.  Contributed by (Beverly Brown).

	* indent.h (fstate): Changed member `allcaps' from 1-bit int to
	unsigned char.

Wed Dec 27 14:33:36 1995  Joseph Arceneaux  <>

	* regression/TEST: New test files first-in-block.c and two-on-line.c.

	* comments.c (print_comment): For lower-level comments which begin
	lines, don't set `start_column' dependent on if the comment began
	in column 1 or not;  always set it to the indent level minus
	whatever unindent was specified.  Do continue to set `format'
	depending on that condition, however.
	case EOL in main loop, if it's a c++ comment, just pop the stack
	and return.  Let the main token handling loop deal with the
	newline and calling `dump_line'.

	(print_comment): New variable `two_contigous_comments', for
	handling cases of lines consisting of two or more comments, but no
	code, on a single line.  All updates of
	`parser_state_tos->com_col' now consider this variable.
	Also, set `parser_state_tos->box_com' to `boxed_comment' wherever
	`parser_state_tos->com_col' is set.

	(print_comment): Subsequent to the first handling of boxed
	comments, removed all initialization of stuff conditional on
	`boxed_comment', since that is 0.  Note that this is before the
	main loop, where this could get set.

Mon Oct 30 13:02:07 1995  Joseph Arceneaux  <>

	* regression/TEST: New test file "kr-proc-decls.c"

	* indent.c (indent): `is_procname' renamed to
 	`is_procname_definition' and set only if
 	`parser_state_tos->in_parameter_declaration' is also set (besides
 	just `parser_state_tos->procname[0]' not being null).

	* args.c: New variable `space_after_pointer_type'.
	* indent.h: Declared here.

	* indent.h (codes): New element `start_token'.
	* parse.c (reset_parser): Used to initialize
	* lexi.c (lexi): When examining an alphanumeric, in the hack for
	guessing if the token is a typedef'd declaration keyword,
	add an if sub-clause "parser_state_tos->last_token == start_token".

	* indent.c (indent): In case newline, try to detect the case of
	breaking the line between a type and a procedure name, and if user
	has specified that procnames don't start lines (e.g., K&R style),
	don't break the line.
	Also, if the type seems to have been a pointer type and the new
	variable `space_after_pointer_type' is set, then request a space.

Sun Oct 29 10:43:09 1995  Joseph Arceneaux  <>

	* parse.c (reset_parser): Initialize the first element of
	`parser_state_tos->il', `parser_state_tos->cstk', and

Sat Oct 28 09:00:29 1995  Joseph Arceneaux  <>

	* indent.c (indent): When searching for brace, in the `default'
	case, don't put the token into the save buffer.  Rather, back up
	`buf_ptr' by setting it to token.  Since this is the place where
	we much with the other input buffer, I'm hoping this action won't
	conflict with anythin.

	* lexi.c (lexi): Don't set `token_end' at the end of this loop.
	Set it instead in the switch statement where `buf_ptr' is
	advanced.  Otherwise, it may wind up pointing into a different
	buffer than `token', because a call to `fill_buffer ()' switched
	the buffers.  Who is the complete loser who designed this program?

	* indent.c (indent): Under the `sw_buffer' label, don't add
	useless extra space to the end of the `save_com' buffer.

	* lexi.c (lexi): In case case '#', if `leave_preproc_space' is
	set, append any blanks following '#' to the token.
	* indent.c (indent): In case preesc, just stick the whole token
	onto the output stream.

	* regression/TEST: Added new test case, no-newline2.c

	* indent.c (indent): In main switch statement, case preesc while
	loop looking for end of line now also checks `had_eof'.

	* indent.texinfo (Option Summary): Doc fix in summary for "-l".

	* comments.c (print_comment): Initialized `save_length'.  Reset
	`save_length' to 0 when we reset `save_ptr' (changes nothing, but
	makes gcc -Wall -O happy).

	* indent.h: Declare `inc_pstack ()'.

	* version.h: Changed version to 2.0.

	* ( Don't depend on ${MAN}

	* indent.texinfo (Comments): Removed discussion of "-l" option
	(Changed indent version number to 2.0, manual number to 1.4)

	* args.c (set_defaults): Made INLINE.
	(option_prefix): Ditto.
	(eqin): Ditto.

Thu Oct 26 11:05:38 1995  Joseph Arceneaux  <>

	* indent.c (output_line_length): New function to calculate the
	apparent length of the current output line.
	(indent): A the beginning and end of the main loop, check to see
	if we have surpassed any line length restrictions (specified by
	`max_col'), and if so, set `force_nl'.
	(indent): In main switch statement cases `comma', and `newline',
	remove ancient check for surpassed line length.

	* indent.c (indent): No longer sets `comment_max_col' to `max_col'
	if the former is 0.  These now both default to non-zero values.

	* regression/TEST: Added "-lc 50" to a bunch of lines, to make the
	comment margin be the same as the line margin, now that I've
	changed the behaviour of this code in `indent'.

	* indent.h (DEFAULT_RIGHT_COMMENT_MARGIN): New #define to 78,
	which is what `comment_max_col' wound up defaulted to before.
	(DEFAULT_RIGHT_MARGIN): New #define to 78.  This will break
	some of the earlier behaviour.

	* args.c (pro): Removed the "-nps" and "-ps" options.

	* indent.h (codes): Changed `period' to `struct_delim', handling
	both '.' and "->".
	* lexi.c (lexi): For case of "->", simply return code
	`struct_delim'.  For case of '.', also return code
	* indent.c (indent): Replaced all instances of `period' with

	* io.c (count_columns): New parameter `stop_char', which can stop
	the count before a null char.
	(dump_line, compute_code_target): Calls to `count_columns' changed
	* comments.c (print_comment): Likewise.

	* sys.h (NULL_CHAR): New #define.

Mon Oct  2 17:25:35 1995  Joseph Arceneaux  <>

	* globs.c (fatal): Don't return `system_error', just `indent_fatal'.

	* indent.h: Removed `system_error' exit value.  This is handled by

Tue Aug  9 20:46:53 1994  Joseph Arceneaux  <>

	* indent.c (PARSE): New macro for calling the parser.  Sets
	`file_exit_value' to `indent_error' if an error happened.

Fri May  6 18:58:04 1994  Joseph Arceneaux  (


Tue Apr  5 21:40:22 1994  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* comments.c (print_comment): In `while' loop handling boxed
	comments, make sure to check if we need to call `fill_buffer' at
	every place `buf_ptr' gets advanced.

Sun Feb 27 01:21:44 1994  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* globs.c (fatal): New function which replaces "sys_error".  All
	affected files changed accordingly.

	* indent.h (WARNING): New define using `message'.
	(ERROR): Likewise.
	Many global things now declared extern here.

	* sys.h: Several system functions declared extern here.

	* globs.c (sys_error): #ifdef DEBUG, call `abort'.
	(message): New function to replace `diag'.

Sat Feb 26 22:41:27 1994  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* io.c: Variable `found_err' removed.
	indent.h: Ditto.

	* indent.c (indent): Added a default case to the big switch

Mon Feb 21 16:55:43 1994  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* backup.c (make_backup): If error, exit with `system_error'.

	* io.c (parsefont): Exit with `invocation_error'.

	* backup.c:
	* globs.c: #include "indent.h"
	* Note these new dependencies.

	* args.c (set_option): In case PRO_PRSTRING, exit with
	`invocation_error' rather than 0.
	Changed all calls to `exit' to use type 'enum exit_value`.

	* indent.c (indent): Return value now of type `enum exit_value'.
	New variable `file_exit_value' used to return this value.
	Calls to `exit' changed to `return' statements.
	(main): New variable `exit_status' used to return final exit
	New variable `status' in for loop for checking return value of
	All calls to `exit' changed to use new enum values.

Sun Feb 20 18:16:56 1994  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* globs.c (xmalloc): Changed value of `exit' to 2.
	(sys_error): Moved here from io.c.

	* backup.c (make_backup): Changed value of `exit' to 2.

	* indent.h: New type `enum exit_value'.

	* comments.c (print_comment): When processing a boxed comment and
	we have reached the end, increment `buf_ptr' before checking
	limits and calling `fill_buffer'.

Sat Feb 19 18:29:20 1994  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* lexi.c (lexi): Understand complex suffixes (GNU C extensions)
	'i' and 'j'.

Thu Feb 10 15:51:35 1994  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* comments.c (print_comment): Call `CHECK_COM_SIZE' when
	processing boxed comments.

Wed Feb  9 09:39:14 1994  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* backup.c (make_backup): Removed unused variables `p' and

Fri Feb  4 01:34:59 1994  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* Changed `pr_comments.c' to comments.c.

	* comments.c: Initialize `parser_state_tos->box_com' to 1 in boxed
	comment section.

Tue Feb  1 01:03:50 1994  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* args.c (set_option): Handle new enum `PRO_FUNCTION' by calling
	p->p_obj as a function.

	* indent.texinfo: Updated version info, copyright.  Whoops!
	Ignore all references to "-nbbb" and "-bbb".

Sat Jan 29 18:15:42 1994  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* Version 1.9 released.

	* indent.texinfo (Option Summary): Describe new option "-lc".

	* args.c, indent.c:  `block_comment_max_col' renamed to
	* comments.c: `right_margin' set to `block_comment_max_col'.
	Documentation of `print_comment' changed.

	* (NOTES): Changed to include COPYING.
	* COPYING: Upgraded to version 2 of the GNU license.

	* NEWS, README, VMS.README: Updated for version 1.9.

Wed Jan 19 17:54:32 1994  Joe Arceneaux  (jla at sparky)

	* comments.c (print_comment): Handling of standard box comments
	rewritten;  now it all happens in its own little loop as soon as
	the thing is detected.

Thu Jan 13 10:37:31 1994  Joe Arceneaux  (jla at sparky)

	* comments.c (print_comment): Change of Fri Jun  4 18:10:54 1993
	reinstalled.  How this ever got uninstalled is a mystery to me,
	and makes me wonder about keeping the main source directory on a
	GNU machine.

Wed Jan 12 15:08:48 1994  Joe Arceneaux  (jla at sparky)

	* comments.c (print_comment): Handle better the cases of formatted
	comments with no contents.
	Make main loops conditional on (! had_eof).  Pop stack and reset
	parser_state_tos->com_col after main loop before returning.

Sun Jan  9 23:35:28 1994  Joe Arceneaux  (jla at sparky)

	* io.c (fill_buffer): Rewrite main loop.

Fri Jan  7 15:10:23 1994  Joe Arceneaux  (jla at sparky)

	* io.c (read_file): Complain if file is zero-length.

Thu Jan  6 17:10:44 1994  Joe Arceneaux  (jla at sparky)

	* indent.c (indent): Removed several calls to `fill_buffer' which
	were superfluous because we know the char just read was not EOL or

	* io.c (sys_error): Cleanup realloc buisiness and moved former
	static `errbuf' into this function.  It never returns, so no worry
	about reallocing.

	* io.c: Cleaned up several #if 0.

Tue Jan  4 20:06:17 1994  Joe Arceneaux  (jla at sparky)

	* comments.c (print_comment): In the conditional `if
	(blankline_delims)' removed while clause `(p < buf_end)'.

Wed Dec 29 17:21:29 1993  Joe Arceneaux  (jla at sparky)

	*  Renamed file `pr_comment.c' to `comments.c'.

	* io.c (read_file): Call `xrealloc' on and if there is already stuff there.

Wed Dec 22 14:11:24 1993  Joe Arceneaux  (jla at sparky)

	* indent.c (indent): In case newline, once again modified
	conditional for calling `dump_line':  Added sub-clause of not
	being `parser_state_tos->in_decl'.

Mon Jun 28 20:41:52 1993  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* sys.h: For MS-DOS, only define USG if not using GCC.  This breaks
	`memcpy' and stuff from ctypes.h, apparently.

	* (distclean): Remove config.status.
	* (.c.o): Put ${DEFS} first, and ${CFLAGS} last.
	* RELEASE-NOTES renamed to NEWS globally.

Mon Jun 21 17:43:26 1993  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* indent.c (indent): Check that `code_lines' and `com_lines' are
	both greater than zero before printing out their ratio.

Fri Jun 18 17:46:09 1993  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* version.h: `VERSION_STRING' inc'd to version 1.9.

	* backup.c: Removed all instances of old define `SYS_BACKUP_SUFFIX'.

	* io.c (vms_read): Fixed while loop to be more correct, and return
	bufp - buffer rather than nread, which may be incorrect value.

Thu Jun 17 21:08:14 1993  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* Changed `CFLAGS' to just "-O".

Wed Jun 16 15:32:36 1993  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* Version 1.8 released.

	* New variable VMSFILES describing the files needed
	for indent under VMS.
        Removed comments.texinfo from list of files to tar.
	Use `gzip' utility for compression, rather than tar -z.
	* configure-6-93:
	* Copies of the configure script and its input
	file from the autoconf directory.  The reliability of the ones in
	the autoconf directory is questionable.  `configure' and
	`' are now links to these files.

	* version.h: Comments rewritten.

Tue Jun 15 10:14:47 1993  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* Thanks to for the VMS patches.
	* io.c (read_file): Use SYS_READ, conditional expansion, instead
	of read.
	(vms_read): Substitute for `read' under VMS.

	* backup.c: Set `simple_backup_suffix' from new define
	BACKUP_SUFFIX_STR.  Define this (to "~") if undefined.
	* sys.h: Conditional defines for VMS added.
	* args.c (set_profile): Use new define PROFILE_FORMAT for
	formatting homedir/profile path.

Mon Jun 14 11:37:14 1993  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* indent.texinfo (Comments): Section completely rewritten.  Old
	 text in file old-comments.texinfo.

	* indent.texinfo (Statements): Explained how -bl and -br affect
	struct declarations.

	* indent.c (indent): In case newline, modified conditional
	determining whether or not to call `dump_line' to avoid doing so
	after a right brace if user has specified `btype_2'.  This makes
	enums and structs more consistent -- in default mode, the name of
	the struct goes on a separate line from the rbrace and on the same
	line in K&R mode, and does so consistently whether in or outside a
	procedure block.

	* sys.h: Added some defines for compilation under MS-DOS, under
	#ifdef __MSDOS__.  Thanks to

	* io.c (read_file):  Adjust `fileptr.size' to be what `read'
	returned, if different from the results of `stat'.  This is
	because the DOS `read' converts the CR-LF on disc to '\n' in

Fri Jun 11 12:39:38 1993  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* lexi.c (lexi): Accept LL and ULL as suffixes to numbers as well.
	Suggested by

	* indent.c (indent): In case `rbrace', when conditionally setting
	`force_nl', extended the first clause of the if conditional to
	make `rw_decl' equivalent to `rw_struct_like', and also depend on
	`btype_2'.  This keeps the structure name on the same line when
	running with -kr option.
	* parse.c (parse): In case `lbrace', in conditional for adding
	`brace_indent', also consider `btype_2'.

Thu Jun 10 17:21:54 1993  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* io.c (count_columns): Rewritten and renamed from `count_spaces'.

Wed Jun  9 12:45:07 1993  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* indent.texinfo (Disabling Formatting): New section describing
	the new feature implemented below in io.c.

	* io.c (compute_code_target): Rewritten to be clearer.  Note that
	the use of `max_col' is inconsistent with it's use elsewhere,
	where it is primarily for use with comment formatting.
	* (fill_buffer): Rewritten completely.  Now handles command
	comments /* *INDENT-OFF* */ and /* *INDENT-ON* */.
	`inhibit_formatting' is now a local variable;  the reference to it
	in `dump_line' has been removed.  Control of formatting is handled
	entirely within `fill_buffer'.

Tue Jun  8 19:03:22 1993  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* indent.c (indent): In case `lbrace', when resetting
	..->decl_on_line, also reset ->in_decl.  Not doing this had the
	effect that the first statement after the opening '{' of a
	procedure would not be properly continued if it was broken across
	two lines.  There is probably a better place to do this.

	* io.c (dump_line): In the loop which outputs `s_code', removed
	the stupid tab calculations, as well as the undocumented feature
	for printing out the character '0200'.

	* parse.c (parse): In case `lbrace', if last reserved word was
	`rw_struct_like', don't indent for struct if the last token was an
	`rparen'.  This fixes a bug with a struct pointer parameter.

	* regression/TEST: Added new test struct_param.c.

Mon Jun  7 17:01:23 1993  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* indent.c (indent): When handling an embedded comment, if there
	is code on the line, set `embedded_comment_on_line' to 2,
	otherwise to 1, to communicate to dump_line () if the line starts
	with code or comment text.
	* io.c (dump_line): In section for code (s_code != e_code), if
	`embedded_comment_on_line' is 1, then use comment indentation,
	otherwise, use code indentation.

Fri Jun  4 18:10:54 1993  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* pr_comment.c (print_comment): When looking at a leading '*' to
	decide if it begins the second line of a starred boxed comment (by
	looking at what column it was in), compare that column to
	`found_column' rather than `start_column'.

	* indent.c (indent): In case preesc, when handling stuff following
	the '#', set `quote' when we encounter the quoting character the
	first time.  Also merged cases '\'' and '"'.

	* regression directory:  Merged all the new comment code tests
	into the standard regression tests.

Wed May 19 12:11:10 1993  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* pr_comment.c (print_comment): At `end_line:', don't compress
	into newlines if it's the first line (because it has the starting

	* pr_comment.c (print_comment): Moved checks for `buf_ptr' past
	end outside of while loops (only '\n' and '\0' end the buffer, and
	changed "buf_ptr >= buf_end" to "buf_ptr == buf_end".

	* parse.c: `parser_state_tos' elements `comment_delta' and
	`n_comment_delta' eliminated.
	* indent.h: Ditto.
	* pr_comment.c: Ditto.

	* io.c: Old comment code removed.

	* pr_comment.c (print_comment): New variable `visible_preamble'
	set if the preamble is not whitespace.  Used to make sure lines
	which only have whitespace on them become single newlines.
	Don't use `postfix_blankline_requested' to add newlines.  This
	screwed up the algorithm for dealing with paragraph breaks.
	In the `end_line:' section, only advance `buf_ptr' if it wasn't a
	paragraph break, because in that case we have scanned ahead a
	character to detect "\n\n".

Tue May 11 17:26:18 1993  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* pr_comment.c (print_comment): For comment formatting, changed
	comparison of `column' to `right_margin' from >= to >.

Tue Apr  6 17:51:41 1993  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* pr_comment.c (print_comment): Also consider the characters '='
	and '_' to make up the top line of a boxed comment.
	* comments.texinfo: Changed to reflect this.

Wed Feb 24 15:22:51 1993  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* Added "-O" to CFLAGS.

Thu Feb 11 15:54:10 1993  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* Version 1.7 released.

	* Renamed from
	All "-f zmakefile" arguments to `MAKE' removed.  Dependencies on
	"" changed to "".

	* Makefile: Changed references to "zmakefile" to "makefile".

Wed Feb 10 12:25:04 1993  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* indent.c (indent): In case preesc, when going through the line,
	consider EOL as terminating a C++ comment.

Mon Feb  8 04:45:06 1993  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* memcpy.c: Function `memcpy' surrounded by #ifdef USG.  USG is
	only defined if `configure' did not find `bcopy'.  memcpy.o should
	only be loaded if `configure' did not find it.
	* sys.h: If USG not defined, define memcpy to be bcopy.

	* Renamed from
	* configure: Use "makefile" rather than zmakefile.  Explicitly
	name `indent' in rule for same.

	* indent.texinfo: Updated copyright and version information.
	Added new section Bugs.  Added "nlps" option.

	* io.c (pad_output): Rewritten.  If `tabsize' is less than one,
	use spaces rather than tabs.

	* sys.h: #define TAB and EOL.
	Changed type of element `size' in struct file_buffer to unsigned

	* indent.h, io.c: Type of `in_prog_size' changed to unsigned long.

	* indent.c, parse.c, pr_comment.c, lexi.c, io.c: Use new macros
	TAB and EOL instead of '\t' and '\n'.

	* args.c, indent.c, backup.c, io.c, parse.c: Cast integer
	arguments to printf.

	* indent.c:
	* lexi.c:
	* parse.c: Added missing parameters to calls to `diag'.

	* args.c: Added new long option "remove-preprocessor-space".

Fri Feb  5 17:40:08 1993  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* indent.c (indent): In case semicolon, case lbrace, and case
	rbrace, disabled code which checked paren levels (with
	parser_state_tos->p_l_follow) to enable passing weird stuff to
	macros.  See comments ending "-jla".
	(indent): In case lparen, if in a declaration, don't indent out to
	`dec_ind' if the paren was '['.
	* Removed several global variables which were shadowed by locals
	to function `indent'.

	* args.c: Turned off, by default, "lps" option.  Added "nlps"

	* io.c (current_column): New function.

	* lexi.c: In case ':', set parser_state_tos->want_blank under
	certain conditions.

Tue Feb  2 14:03:39 1993  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* indent.c (indent): Handle C++ comments, with special attention
	to the code for case preesc.

Thu Jan 28 17:31:57 1993  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* parse.c (reset_parser): Initialize parser_state_tos->com_col to

Wed Jan 27 13:45:16 1993  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* indent.c (indent): Handle new code type `cplus_comment'.

	* lexi.c (lexi): Handle C++ comments ("//").

	* indent.h: Macros CHECK_CODE_SIZE and CHECK_LAB_SIZE moved to
	indent.c.  Macro CHECK_COM_SIZE moved to pr_comment.c.
	New code, `cplus_comment'.

	* pr_comment.c (pr_comment): Removed variable `just_saw_decl' and
	it's use.

Sat Jan 23 19:36:31 1993  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* indent.c (indent): Only reset `com_ind' if it's less than or
	equal to 0.  Don't call parse (semicolon) initially.  Skip any
	leading newlines, resetting col to 1. Don't set
	`parser_state_tos->ind_level' and `parser_state_tos->i_l_follow'
	if col > ind_size.

	* parse.c (reset_parser): If tabsize is 0, set it to 1.

Fri Oct  9 21:01:49 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* indent.c (indent): Restuctured the conditional for setting
	`force_nl' in case rbrace to be clearer.  Also, only check whether
	to set `postfix_blankline_requested' we're not setting `force_nl'.

Wed Oct  7 16:15:25 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* io.c (diag): Only one format of error message now.  Output it on
	the standard error in any case.

	* indent.c (indent): In case decl, don't call "parse (decl)" if we
	are in a "sizeof".

	* args.c: Make default value for `format_col1_comments' be false,
	to correspond with the "-gnu" spec.

Fri Aug 28 19:15:50 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* args.c (set_option): Added missing argument to call to

Mon Aug 24 12:47:32 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* sys.h (INLINE): Define this to "__inline__" if __GNUC__ is
	defined, not "inline".  Good thing we have standards...

	* indent.c (indent): New variable `embedded_comment_on_line' set
	if an embedded comment is found.
	* io.c (dump_line): Increment `com_lines' in the case where the
	comment buffer is empty, but `embedded_comment_on_line' is true.
	Clear that variable in both cases.  This makes indent include
	embedded comments in its count of total comment lines.

	* io.c (read_stdin): If the input buffer is realloc'd, update the
	character pointer `p'.

Wed Aug 19 18:25:48 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* Version 1.6 released.

	* indent.c (indent): In case comma, use `tabsize' rather than 8 to
	determine if we're past max_col.
	In case newline, also dump the line if we are past max_col.

Fri Aug 14 19:08:04 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* io.c (dump_line): Test `swallow_optional_blanklines' separately
	from (prefix_blankline_requested && not_first_line).  Makes "-sob"
	work properly.

	* indent.c (indent): Initialize several local variables to 0.

Tue Aug 11 18:02:38 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* indent.c (indent): In case rbrace, add clause to conditional for
	setting `force_nl'.  The clause forces a newline after '}' in most
	In case swstmt, set `parser_state_tos->in_decl' to false, since we
	know we're not in a declaration if have just seen "switch" (of
	course, who knows what indent might think about things).  This
	corrects the indentation of a case label following the lbrace of
	the switch.

Mon Aug 10 16:23:54 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* indent.gperf: "return" generates `rw_return', not `rw_break'.
	How did this happen?  I didn't make this change, and it was not
	present in indent 1.4.  Doubtless this insidious program modifies
	itself destructively...
	* lexi.c (hash, is_reserved): regenerated from indent.gperf.

	* args.c: Make the -gnu setting specify "-bli2" rather than

	* lexi.c (lexi): Accept 'F' suffixes on numeric constants.

	* sys.h Require "__GNUC__" to define INLINE, not "__STDC__".

Mon Aug  4 21:22:54 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* Version 1.5 released.

Mon Aug  3 21:14:40 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* indent.c (indent): In case rparen, removed the change of Jul 28.
	This is now done if the case mask fails and
	parser_state_tos->in_decl is true and ..->block_init is false.
	The old change broke the "-ncs" feature.  Perhaps this could have
	been done otherwise by using ..->last_u_d.
	Also, decrement `parser_state_tos->paren_depth' immediately.

	* All source files formatted with ./indent.

	* pr_comment.c (pr_comment): If `parser_state_tos->box_com' is set
	(which means that the comment is presumed to be hand-formatted),
	set `parser_state_tos->n_comment_delta' to
	(1 - parser_state_tos->com_col), rather than using `count_spaces'
	to calculate the space up to the comment column.  Not only is this
	simpler, but the old code used `cur_line' to count those spaces,
	which was pointing to the *NEXT* line in some cases (because some
	code in indent () which ignored newlines (like in the case of
	multi-line comments after #define statements) called fill_buffer ()).
	Another example of just how brain damaged this code is.  For more
	extreme self-abuse, look a the interaction between pr_comment ()
	and dump_line ().

Sun Aug  2 02:10:32 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* pr_comment.c (pr_comment): When computing
	`parser_state_tos->com_col' for beyond the normal comment
	position, use (tabsize - 1) instead of 7.

Wed Jul 29 22:50:45 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* lexi.c (lexi): If `buf_ptr' == '(' after scanning an alphanum
	which is not a keyword, add clause that paren_depth must be 0
	before considering this as a possible function definition.

Tue Jul 28 17:17:08 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* parse.c (parse): In case lbrace, handle state of being in a decl
	specially: If this brace succeeds a struct-like thing and it goes
	on a line by itself (! btype_2), then add `brace_indent' to the
	amount of indentation.  This make GNU-style indentation of
	structures, etc. work properly.

	* indent.c (indent): In case rparen, if not the beginning of the
	code, and in_decl, set `parser_state_tos->want_blank'.  This is to
	handle ensure a space before the last rparen of cases like
	"int (*fp ()) ()".

Fri Jul 24 18:53:15 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* indent.c: Changes to handle spaces between options and their
	values.  It would be better to use `getopt', but this change is
	much simpler.
	Declaration of `set_option' changed to return int.
	(main): Increment `i' by the value of `set_option ()'; also, pass
	argv[i + 1] as second parameter to `set_option'.
	* args.c (set_option): Take new parameter `param'.
	New label `arg_missing', just before label `found', to handle
	missing option value error.
	If `param_start' is 0, set it to `param'.
	(scan_profile): Rewritten to look at two entries at once, and pass
	both to `set_option'.

Wed Jul 22 15:55:56 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* indent.c (indent): In case lbrace, set
	`parser_state_tos->want_blank' under certain conditions if not at
	beginning of line and `btype_2' was specified.

	* indent.c: Macro `need_chars' moved here from indent.h.

	* io.c (read_file, read_stdin): No longer appends " \n" to the end
	of the file, which is now simply delimited with '\0'.  xmalloc 2
	less bytes for the buffer.
	(fill_buffer): Stop and set `had_eof' when '\0' is
	encountered in the file text, then return immediately.
	* lexi.c (lexi): New case in main switch statement for '\0', which
	indicates eof.  Removed code to set this in case '\n'.

Fri Jul 10 14:45:25 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* lexi.c (): If keyword "struct" was found inside of parens
	(case rw_struct_like:) set parser_state_tos->cast_mask before

Wed Jul  8 21:11:01 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* lexi.c (lexi): Accept 'U' and "UL" suffixes on integer

Fri Jul  3 16:05:45 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* indent.c (indent): For cases unare_op and comma, don't space out
	to decl_indent (dec_indent) if we are inside parens
	(parser_state_tos->paren_depth > 0).

Thu Jul  2 13:36:50 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* indent.c (indent): In case rparen, if paren starts the line,
	check that paren_level is greater than zero before using it to
	index `paren_indents'.

	* args.c: New variable `leave_preproc_space'.  Set by new option
	* indent.h: Declare `leave_preproc_space'.
	* indent.c (indent): In case preesc, don't ignore blanks after '#'
	if `leave_preproc_space' is set.
	* indent.texinfo: Entries added for new option "-lps".

	* indent.c: At the end of case preesc, call dump_line() if this
	appears to be a case where it won't get called when processing the
	newline character.

Wed Jul  1 16:12:57 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* lexi.c (hash, is_reserved): Regenerated (from gperf) with new
	words "volatile" and "const".

	* args.c: Removed the trailing comma from the last element of enum
	profile.  This breaks some compilers.

	* Makefile: Changed to drive the configuration process.
	* Renamed from
	* CONF-README: Renamed from INSTALL

Tue Jun 30 21:34:16 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* globs.c (mymemcpy): Function deleted.
	* sys.h: Declarations and defines for mymemcpy, etc, removed.
	* indent_globs.h: All references to memcpy removed.
	* backup.c: `mymemcpy' changed to `memcpy'.
	* indent.c: Ditto.
	* io.c: Ditto.

	* configure:
	* memcpy.c:     New files.

Sun Jun 14 13:38:12 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* Version 1.4 released.

Fri Jun 12 15:02:37 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* globs.c (mymemcpy): Now a void function.  Don't return anything.

	* io.c (dump_line): When printing label, use `tabsize' to
	increment target if `com_st' contains tabs.  Also use
	`tabsize' to calculate target when it's less than zero.

Thu Jun 11 20:27:48 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* indent.c (indent): When token_type is a binary_op, if
	parser_state_tos->want_blank is not true, but the preceding
	character is not a space, put one on the line.

	* Removed variable `sccsid' from all files.

Wed Jun 10 13:00:26 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* args.c: Added long option name "dont-space-special-semicolon"
	for -nss.

Tue Jun  9 13:01:21 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* Makefile: Automatically make the files README and RELEASE-NOTES.

	* sys.h: Provide defines for using memcpy or bcopy.

	* globs.c: `mymemcpy ()' only defined #ifndef mymemcpy.

	* indent.c (main): Set `in_name' to the current input file name.

	* io.c (dumpline): Check parser_state_tos->paren_level before
	using it to index parser_state_tos->paren_indents.

Mon Jun  8 17:55:07 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* lexi.c (lexi): In conditional (paren_count == 0), add '=' to the
	characters (along with ';', ',', and '(') which constitute a
	function definition.  This was to cause an ugly declaration from
	libc ("int (*foo) __P ((int bar)) = bax;") to remain on one line.
	Note that this is not valid C.

	* indent.c (main): When indenting multiple output files, make sure
	to close each output file before continuing.

Fri Jun  5 13:56:54 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* io.c (read_file): Use mymemcpy() instead of bcopy();

	* backup.c (max_version):  Don't free dirname unless it was malloc'd.

Wed May  6 02:01:18 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* Version 1.3 released.

	* indent.texinfo:  Reorganization of the "Invocation" part, and a
	new menu entry "Backup files", as well as corrections throughout.
	A new option "nip" added.

	* indent.c (main): New variable `using_stdin', used to indicate
	when `-' was specified on the command line.

Tue May  5 21:28:06 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (

	* args.c: Set default for `decl_com_ind' to 33.  If
	BERKELEY_DEFAULTS is defined, default `continuation_indent' to 4.

Sun May  3 00:43:10 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (jla at hugo)

	* parse.c (reduce):  when reducing <stmt><dolit>,
	do set i_l_follow to il[parser_state_tos].  This was removed
	earlier after a new reduction was added, but this obviously fixes
	some bugs.  It will stay if indent passes all the old tests.

	* args.c (set_option):  When calling `addkey' to add a user
	identifier, make it type 'rw_decl' since these are supposed to be
	typedef identifiers.
	Removed "-d4" spec in "-orig" option settings.
	Made default for "-fca" be false.

	* args.c (set_profile): Only read one profile.  The one in the
	current directory has priority.  Return the path of the profile read.
	* indent.c (main): If `verbose' and we've read a profile, tell the
	user on the stderr.

Sat May  2 18:33:14 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (jla at hugo)

	* args.c: `Bill_Shannon' replaced with `blank_after_sizeof'.
	indent.c: Likewise.
	indent.h: Likewise.

	* args.c: New variable, exp_nip, for new option "-nip", which is
	equivalent to "-ip0".  Long option name is

	* New shell script which generates "dirent_def.h", and
	include file with directory reading definitions.
	* Makefile:  Take "" and "dirent_def.h" into account.

	* backup.c: Make only simple backups if we can't read directories
	(NODIR is defined).  Functions for numbered backups conditionally
	Documented all functions.

	* indent_globs.h:  Broken into two new files, indent.h and sys.h.
	All files changed accordingly, including the Makefile.

Thu Apr 30 14:53:33 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (jla at hugo)

	* backup.c, backup.h: New files with backup routines.
	* io.c (make_backup): Moved into backup.c.
	* io.c (sys_error): No longer static, called from make_backup.

Wed Apr 29 14:56:10 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (jla at hugo)

	* args.c: Make default value for `else_endif_col' 1, as in "-gnu"

Tue Apr 28 23:18:07 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (jla at hugo)

	* indent.c (main):  Only output to stdout if stdin is used and no
	output file is specified, or one input stream is used and -st is
	* args.c: New variable `use_stdout' set with option "-st".
	* indent_globs.h: Declare `use_stdout'.

Sun Mar 22 14:59:35 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (jla at hugo)

	* parse.c (init_parser, reset_parser):  Two new functions which
	respectively allocate the necessary parser data structures, and
	initialize the parser state.
	* indent.c (indent): New function which does the actual indenting
	of it's input, which comes in the form of a file_buffer pointer.
	(main): Command line scan changed to use new option "-o" and read
	possibly multiple files into new variable `in_file_names'.
	Main body changed to use new `indent' function on possibly
	multiple files, and accommodate default standard io specification.

	* io.c (make_backup, read_file, read_stdin):  All file io routines
	rewritten (`make_backup' formerly `bakcopy').  read routines
	return pointer to new structure 'file_buffer'.
	`make_backup' only makes backup file, no longer sets up original
	file for writing.
	* indent_globs.h:  Declare struct file_buffer, and io routines.

Fri Mar 20 18:33:18 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (jla at hugo)

	* args.c: Option "-st" and associated variable `use_stdinout'
	removed.  Option "-o" and associated variable `expect_output_file'

Mon Feb  3 20:22:04 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (jla at

	* args.c: If BERKELEY_DEFAULTS is defined, use the original
	defaults rather than GNU style.

	* Version 1.2 released.

Thu Jan 23 14:02:06 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (jla at

	* Makefile: info version of manual included in distribution.

	* args.c: New long options "berkeley-style", "berkeley" added
	which correspond to original style.

	* lexi.c ():  Added explicit parens in checks for alphanums.
	* indent.c (main):  On switch default when searching brace, added
	explicit parens to 2nd if statement.
	* indent_globs.h, io.c: Made variable `in_prog_size' unsigned.

Wed Jan 15 11:59:35 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (jla at hugo)

	* args.c:  Accept "-gnu" option.

	* indent.c (main): In case rbrace, don't use ind_level and il[tos]
	as criteria for setting search_brace.  This allows "-ce" to work
	more strictly.

	* indent.c (main): In case lparen, let '(' after an ident which is
	rw_return begin casts.
	* lexi.c (lexi): If ident was a reserved word, save it in
	Changed "return" from `rw_break' to new enum element `rw_return'.
	* indent_globs.h: Moved type "enum codes" to this file from
	lexi.c.  New element of parser state `last_rw'.

Sun Jan 12 01:40:23 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (jla at hugo)

	* lexi.c (lexi): if in decl and looking at '(', additionally
	accept, after closing ')',  '(' as constituting a function
	declaration (along with ';' and ',').

Thu Jan  9 18:31:44 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (jla at hugo)

	* io.c (dump_line):  When outputting nonblank lines, if
	n_real_blanklines is > 1 and swallow_optional_blanklines is set,
	make n_real_blanklines 1.

Wed Jan  8 10:06:43 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (jla at hugo)

	* args.c (option_prefix):  New function to recognize option prefix
	from table.  Now handles both "+" and "--" for long option prefixes.

Mon Jan  6 01:15:29 1992  Joseph Arceneaux  (jla at hugo)

	* Makefile:  Made more compatible with GNU standards.  Unix man
	file removed from distribution.

Fri Dec 27 14:58:13 1991  Joseph Arceneaux  (jla at hugo)

	* parse.c:  Correctly handle "do ... while" statements, using new
	stack symbol DOSTMT.
	(parse):  For semicolon, if code DOSTMT is top of stack, replace it
	with STMT.
	(reduce):  New reduction <dohead><whilestmt> => <dostmt>.  Also,
	when reducing <stmt><dolit>, don't change indentation.

	* indent.c (main):  In case rbrace, after parse(rbrace), set
	force_nl if top of stack is dohead and ! btype_2.
	(main):  Initialize noncast_mask to 0.

Mon Dec 23 18:34:11 1991  Joseph Arceneaux  (jla at hugo)

	* args.c (set_option): Recognize long options, using new struct
	option_conversions, if option begins with POSIX_OPTION_PREFIX.

	* indent.c (main): Recognize "--no-profile" as well as "-npro".

	* indent.texinfo: Describe GNU style as default.  Section reworded.

Sat Dec 21 13:27:07 1991  Joseph Arceneaux  (jla at hugo)

	* indent.c (main):  In case preesc (~ line 1282), add !had_eof to
	second while clause to avoid hanging in weird text (like test file

	* indent.c (main): In case rparen, (~ line 680) if cast mask was
	set and is reset to zero, then set parser_state_tos->want_blank if
	cast_space was set.  No longer do this (#if 0) in all cases where
	(!parser_state_tos->cast_mask || cast_space).

Wed Dec  4 16:41:13 1991  Joseph Arceneaux  (jla at hugo)

	* version.h:  Version changed to be simply 1.1.4.  Comments added.

Mon Nov 25 15:16:51 1991  Joseph Arceneaux  (jla at hugo)

	* indent.c (main):  When handling decl case, don't reset
	PREFIX_BLANKLINE_REQUESTED if we've just encountered the type of a
	procedure delcaration.  This fixes the -bap bug for procedures
	which begin with a line declaring their type, following the line with
	`}' from the last procedure.

Fri Nov 22 15:26:59 1991  Joseph Arceneaux  (jla at hugo)

	* args.c: Default is now GNU style.  Original obtained by new
	option "-orig".  New variable exp_orig.

	* indent.texinfo: Describe the new -ts option.  Removed the -ss
	option from GNU style.

Thu Nov 21 17:50:48 1991  Joseph Arceneaux  (jla at hugo)

	* args.c: New variables `tabsize' and `exp_ts'.
	* indent_globs.h: Declare `tabsize'.
	* io.c (pad_output, count_spaces): Use `tabsize' to calculate padding.
	* pr_comment.c (pr_comment): Use `tabsize' to compute column.

	* args.c: Removed the "-ss" option for GNU style.

Fri Sep 13 01:30:18 1991  Joseph Arceneaux  (jla at hugo)

	* indent_globs.c: New element to parser_state, `paren_depth',
	which counts global paren nesting.
	* indent.c: Use it in main loop to avoid setting `in_or_st' when
	doing ansii prototyping.

Thu Sep 12 15:53:54 1991  Joseph Arceneaux  (jla at hugo)

	* io.c (dump_line): Initialize target_column to 0.

	* parse.c: New variable debug to control debugging output.