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atac measures how thoroughly a program is tested by a set of tests using data flow coverage techniques, identifies areas that are not well tested, identifies overlap among tests, and finds minimal covering test sets. atac displays C source code, highlighting code fragments not covered by test executions.


This was written by some folks at BellCore around 1992-1994:

who were working (at the end of 1995) on a commercial version. Chris Lott told me in July 1998 that it was finally available from IBM as part of a C++ toolsuite.

I made changes to port it to Linux with gcc 2.7.0, and later auto-configured for several Unix hosts to use in testing diffstat, cproto, and other programs.


ATAC Tutorial: PDF PS

Current Status

In its current state, the source can work with gcc up to around 3.0. It needs additional work to accommodate gcc's various nonstandard syntax features to go past that version.


See the changelog for details: