Change-Log-5 for VILE
Changes for vile 6.0 (released Tue Jun 18, 1996)

(pgf)   960618
        + no longer use non-standard RCS extensions to generate revlist.
          this is slower, but it works always.  (

        + change makefile targets "tar" and "shar" to "tarball" and
          "sharball". (

        + add "const" to tempnam() args to satisfy reported problem with
          DEC C -- apparently there is already a prototype in scope for
          tempnam().  (vms2unix.c)

        + documented (years late :-) the "save-keyboard-macro" command,
          which will copy the keyboard macro to a named register. (vile.hlp)

        + allow arg. to "load-register" to force a full-line style load.
          this allows
                1 use-register e load-register "#endif"
          to be used to duplicate a 'yy' of "#endif".  previously you
          could not get the full-line effect, i.e. it worked like 'yW'.

(tom)   960612 (zg)
        + modify configure script, putting test for socket, nsl libraries after
          X-libraries, to avoid duplication (

        + modify cd/pwd logic to recover better when the current and parent
          directories aren't readable by the current process (path.c, random.c).

(tom)   960527 (zf)
        + added "--enable-echo" option to

        + applied Andy Harper's correction for VMS 'tempnam()'.

        + added VC_AC_PREREQ macro to allow conditional generation of the
          configure script, according to whether my patches for autoconf have
          been applied.  Added local copy of new autoconf macros as well
          (, aclocal.m4).

        + reordered autoconf macros (aclocal.m4)

        + redefine AC_MSG_CHECKING, AC_CHECKING so that they log the same info
          to config.log (aclocal.m4).

        + removed VC_SIZE_T because recent autoconf checks stdlib.h

        + removed VC_TEST_GETPGRP macro (aclocal.m4, estruct.h,

        + removed VC_SETPGRP macro (aclocal.m4, proto.h,, main.c)

        + added aliases for Sf, Sb termcap capabilities (AF, AB) for ANSI
          termcap descriptions.

(tom)   960522 (ze)
        + corrected a couple of lengths for strncpy0 calls (file.c)

        + modify handling of toggle-buffer-list so that giving a parameter
          overrides the default pop/unpop, and toggles the listing of invisible
          buffers instead (buffer.c)

(pgf)   960516 (zd)
        + clarifications regarding file/command/shell completion (vile.hlp).

        + modified quote() routine to allow input of decimal values -- now
          entering ^VNNN, ^V0NNN, or ^VxNN will insert the character with
          that decimal, octal, or hex vale.  (255 max).  entering fewer
          than 3 digits will enter the value, and the terminating character
          will be "ungotten" and then re-consumed as usual.  feature
          requested by user, implementation inspired by vim.  (insert.c,

        + added digraphs.rc, a set of :map! commands to aid the insertion
          of ISO 8859/1 8-bit characters.  the ^Kcc form of the maps (and
          their exact values) is borrowed from vim.  (digraphs.rc,
, vile.hlp, makefile.djg)

        + the [Standard Input] buffer is now marked "read-only" rather
          than "view" to match other piped-to buffers.  (all clients of
          set_rdonly() affected, since argument was added.)

        + removed disclaimer from help file regarding x! and w!.

        + added -R option to set "readonly" mode, put -v back to setting
          "view" mode as it used to, updated man page to reflect all this.
          (vile.1, main.c)

        + the initial response to a ":e" prompt is defaulted to the first
          command line argument to vile.  (file.c, main.c)

(kev)   960417 (zc)
        +, configure:  Changed so that configure
          will run cleanly and create something useful in a Sparc / Solaris
          / X11R6 environment.  Regenerated configure.  Also fixed a few of
          the autoconf warnings for

        + (X_EXTRA_LIBS, X_PRE_LIBS): Removed these makefile
(tom)   960416 (zb)
        + further corrected 'shell_complete()' to test and adjust for leading
          "!", and use this to also simplify call from 'cmd_complete()'
          (bind.c, input.c).

        + prevent 'do_lines_in_region()' from processing the nominal end of a
          full-line region, since that is off-by-one to accommodate width
          requirements; this fixes ":.,.+3>>>" (region.c).

(kev)   960416 (za)
        + basic.c (setcursor): Permit the mouse to set the cursor when
          doing an "op" command.  Prevent MK from becoming corrupted if
          call too set_curwp() caused a window change.

        + filec.c (mlreply_file): Use Tom's filename completion stuff
          on shell commands for things like ":e !gunzip -c /usr/doc/<TAB>".

        + input.c (shell_complete): Fixed an off-by-one/beginning-of-buffer
          bug.  [The variable "base" should never be less than zero after
          the termination of the "for" loop.]

(tom)   960415 (z)
        + show read-only mode in status line (display.c)

        + refined/corrected VMS pathname translations, to better handle root
          directory, and ^X-e command (file.c, filec.c, glob.c, path.c,

        + implemented filename-completion in shell commands (bind.c, filec.c,

        + modified filename-completion to recognize environment variables

        + change token-expansion from ':' to '&' for VMS and MS-DOS (estruct.h,
          input.c, main.c).

        + implement error-finder for CSet C/C++ (finderr.c)

(tom)   960410 (y)
        + modified TERM struct so that no function-pointers should be null.
          Inactive functions are assigned from the null device's TERM struct.
          This provides better type-checking, as well as getting rid of
          no-effect compiler warnings.

        + restored <dir.h> include for TurboC (random.c)

        + adjusted ifdef's to allow changes to 'imdying()' to compile on
          MS-DOS and OS/2 (file.c).

(pgf)   960329 (x)
        + new modes:  "readonly", which prevents writing a buffer out, and
          "readonly-on-readonly", which sets this mode if the buffer is not
          writable according to the OS.  setting the latter causes vile to
          mimic vi's default behavior.  it is off by default.  "vile -v",
          invoking as "view", and reading from a pipe all now set
          "readonly" mode rather than "view" mode.  (modetbl, main.c,
          file.c, vile.hlp, vile.1)

        + better (?) help on using '/' as a path delimter on PC operating
          systems. (vile.hlp)

        + new command, "set-unix-mode", as a complement to "set-dos-mode".
          this capability was there before as "1:set-dos-mode", but it sure
          was hard to explain to people.  (cmdtbl, vile.hlp, file.c)

(jrs)   960328 (w)
        + estruct.h: Make TERM "optional" members "mandatory" and protect
          references to all optionally implemented members with null
        + ansi.c, at386.c, borland.c, dg10.c, dumbterm.c, hp110.c, hp150.c,
          ibmpc.c, ntconio.c, st520.c, tcap.c, termio.c, tipc.c, vmsvt.c,
          vt52.c, x11.c, z309.c, z_ibmpc.c: Remove all TERM-related optional
          ifdefs and replace all stub functions with null function pointers.
        + borland.c: Convert function defintions to ANSI C and make most
          functions static.
        + estruct.h: Add new optional window title method to TERM and
          enable it for WIN32.
        + buffer.c: Optionally set window title based on buffer name.
        + dirstuff.h: Use <direct.h> instead of <dirent.h> with Visual C++.
        + estruct.h: Remove unnecessary ifdefs around undefs.
        + file.c: Compile a working version of imdying on all platforms.
        + history.c: We want to use our own isgraph so undef the OS version.
        + npopen.c: Do all I/O redirections while keyboard is closed.
        + ntconio.c: Make most functions static, make the insertion
          cursor code match the expected optional interface, implement
          the TERM title method, unsucessfully try to catch abrupt
          exits and do something about them, die gracefully if console
          I/O fails.
        + path.c: Remove unused code to downcase the path in is_msdos_drive.
        + random.c: Change a bunch of compiler ifdefs to a single include
          of dirstuff.h which already handles all of the special cases.
          Add a judicious downcasing on non-caseless MS-DOS-like systems
          like DJGPP to compensate for the above-mentioned change to
        + termio.c: Don't put WIN32 typeahead code here since it is
          already dispatched via TERM methods.
        + README.PC: Various documentation fixes.

(tom)   960323 (v)
        + removed tmp.c and OPT_MAP_MEMORY

(tom)   960317 (u)
        + added "compile-error-expressions" to allow macros to force the [Error
          Expressions] buffer to be created; otherwise it would only be created
          on the first use of "find-next-error" (finderr.c).

        + modified predefined error-expressions to remove unnecessary ':';
          making them a little more general.  This makes the error finder
          slower, however (finderr.c).

        + modified RegStrChr2 to eliminate unnecessary 3rd parameter, making it
          faster.  Use 'const' where possible in this file (regexp.c).

(tom)   960308 (t)
        + correction to test for 'PC':  linker on HP/UX allows read from
          non-existent location during configuration (

        + corrected special cases in word-wrap, by refining 'blanks_on_line()',
          and use of 'n' in 'wordwrap()' (input.c, word.c).

(pgf)   960307 (s)
        + added b_lines_on_disk element to BUFFER struct, to get back
          "count from bottom" functionality in finderr. (file.c, finderr.c,

        + patch from jim hourihan to support "Cpp" keywork in vile-c-filt,
          to allow colorizing all cpp lines at once, rather than listing
          keywords individually. (c-filt.c, vile.hlp)

(tom)   960303 (r)
        + corrected sign-extension of characters (map.c)

        + added termcap capability for "@7" (Key_end)

        + modified treatment of 'PC' in termcap driver; it should be extern
          since it is "owned" by 'tputs()' (tcap.c).

        + modified termcap driver to treat \200 specially in the key mapping
          i.e., add a mapping with the corresponding \0 (tcap.c)

(pgf)   960228 (q)
        + when notabinsert was active, autoindent accounting was being
          done incorrectly, causing excess whitespace to be left if
          you entered a '#' in cmode.  (insert.c)

        + removed OPT_BSD_FILOCK, since it hasn't ever been used, and
          the placeholders it was maintaining were incomplete, to say
          the least.  (main.c, file.c, estruct.h)

        + eliminate old screen files, that haven't been touched in a
          while.  (at386.c, dg10.c, hp110.c, hp150.c, st520.c, vt52.c,
          x11simp.c, z309.c, z_ibmpc.c)

        + eliminate old SCREEN defines and ifdefs.  (ansi.c, display.c,
          edef.h, epath.h, estruct.h, file.c, fileio.c, ibmpc.c,,
          spawn.c, termio.c, win31drv.c)

(tom)  96022? (p)
        + use 'const' where applicable (lots of places :-)

        + generate externs for CMDFUNC objects in nefunc.h (mktbls.c, all
          makefiles, and C-files that had declared externs of these).

        + modified 'pathname[]' to separate out the 'exec_pathname' variable,
          to make the remaining pathname[] data const.

(tom)  960224 (o)
        + correct logic of 'is_absolute_pathname()'; for VMS we need to ensure
          that the pathname contains brackets or colons (path.c).

(tom)  960220 (n)
        + modify autoconf script to allow "--with-screen=ncurses" to link
          with terminfo support (

        + modify 'zotwp()' to switch to the most recently-used buffer instead
          of the first one found, fixing behavior under noautobuffer mode

(tom)  960212 (m)
        + modify autoconf script to add $X_PRE_LIBS and $X_EXTRA_LIBS in the
          X configuration tests (

        + corrected potential null-pointer reference for $abufname (eval.c).

(tom)  960204 (l)
        + modify 'pathcat()' so that if the 'leaf' given is an absolute
          pathname, then we'll ignore the 'path' (usually an implied
          directory), to handle case in finderr when a full pathname is parsed

        + modify logic of find-next-error so that multiple distinct matches
          on the same line will show up in the message-line (finderr.c).

        + remove P macro (and ANSI_PROTO) from several modules (c-filt.c,
          manfilt.c, mktbls.c).

        + change 'int' to 'long' in places where we cast to/from pointer
          (region.c, x11.c).

        + added TTflush to tcapkclose so that xterm-mouse is reset properly
          when spawning subshell (tcap.c).

        + moved X_CFLAGS to CPPFLAGS definition so that lint works for xvile

(tom)  960118 (k)
        + convert function definitions to ANSI form (55 c&h files affected),
          so that K&R form is no longer used.  Removed macro ANSI_VARARGS, and
          reduced ACTUAL_SIG_ARGS definition.  Compiled with VAX-C, TurboC,
          WatCom 10.0a, gcc 2.5.8, gcc 2.7.2 (Linux, SunOS, Solaris, HP/UX 9),
          CLIX, IRIX, SCO, UnixWare 1.2.  Also used 'unproto' to compile SunOS
          and HP/UX.  Used ansi2knr for initial changes (i.e., finding places
          that used K&R syntax), but this patch does not use ansi2knr.

          This is not fully ANSI -- vile uses a number of Posix functions that
          aren't recognized in strict ANSI modes by a number of compilers.
          It does require that the compiler recognize prototypes and stdarg.h

(jrs)  960108 (j)
        + path.c (curr_dir_on_drive) [SYS_WINNT]: Translate drive argument
          from a drive letter (e.g. 'A' or 'a') to a drive number (e.g. 1)
          since this is what _getdcwd expects.
          (lengthen_path): Predicate curr_dir_on_drive call on OPT_MSDOS_PATH
          instead of listing individual systems so that e.g. this code is
          also compiled in on SYS_WINNT.  Check for curr_dir_on_drive
          failure and handle that case by assuming the current directory
          on a non-existent drive is the root directory.

(pgf)  960107 (i)
        + change order of TTkclose and TTclose in ttclean.  i think this
          will give us back old behavior wrt terminals that have TI/TE
          sequences.  we want to finish any screen-oriented i/o before
          calling ttkclose.  (termio.c)

        + removed okay_to_ask param from make_bp() and unqname(), since
          it is now unused.  removed return value from unqname().  (exec.c,
          file.c, proto.h)

        + fixed unqname to continue trying wider and wider suffixes until
          a unique name is found.  it will still loop, but only after a
          very large number of buffernames has been tried.  uses base-36
          index on end of filename. (file.c, proto.h)

        + added %r to dofmt -- takes two args, uses the first as a radix
          with which to print the second.  (display.c)

        + bp->b_bname is now null-terminated (again?).  it's really much
          cleaner this way.  NBUFN has changed
          from 20 to 21, to make room for the null.  eliminated get_bname()
          routine.  (buffer.c, display.c, edef.h, estruct.h, eval.c,
          exec.c, file.c, finderr.c, input.c, main.c, modes.c, proto.h,
          spawn.c, tags.c, tmp.c)

        + added a chgd_hilite() side-effect function, which causes
          a call to attrib_matches() when any of "magic", "ignorecase",
          or "visual-matches" is changed.

        + split up the "level" arg, which was overloaded to mean
          two things, into two separate args, one which says it's a
          global value we're changing, and the other which says we're
          just testing whether we can change it.  (estruct.h, modes.c)

        + guard against null gregexp in attrib_matches() -- possible
          if pattern failed to compile, making pat[0] non-null, but
          gregexp null.  (search.c)

        + fix ifdefs to make it easier to test dos pipes under unix.  get
          rid of duplicate close in dos readPipe, pointed out by jrs.  (the
          second close is out in filterregion()).  (npopen.c, spawn.c,

(tom)   960105 (h)
        + corrected inadvertant K&R substitution in APP_S macro, moved
          bsd-lint expressions to avoid shadowing (finderr.c).

(pgf)   960103 (g)
        + prevent characters following ^A, ^X and # prefixes from being
          subject to remapping.  (input.c, vile.hlp)

        + small change to "find matching indent" macros in vile.hlp, to
          make them work when they encounter non-empty blank lines. (vile.hlp)

        + tweak watcom makefile to use "protected mode" compiler.
          selectable as $(CC), in case this breaks 10.x compiles.

        + fix for identifiers starting with '_', from sean ahern. (c-filt.c)

(tom)   960103 (f)
        + corrected reference to char beyond regular expression in regexp
          via 'lregexp()' function (regexp.c).

        + corrected 'free()' of null pointer in finderr.c, and retested with
          compile & lint logs, covering most most of the regular expressions in
          that module (finderr.c)

(jrs)   951231 (e)
        + (AC_HAVE_FUNCS): Move it after library checks
          (so we can test for functions in auxiliary libraries) and
          add checks for the functions tparm and tparam.

        + djhandl.c (ctrl_c_count, was_ctrl_c_hit): Declare it as unsigned 
          long instead of u_long for DJGPP v2.

        + estruct.h [CC_DJGPP]: Define HAVE_UNISTD_H to eliminate some
          not declared warnings with DJGPP v2.
          (OPT_COLOR) [DISP_TERMCAP]: Don't conditionalize it based on

        + gppconio.c: Suppress the entire file under DJGPP v2 because the
          bugs it was supposed to fix are fixed.

        + makefile.djg (vile rule): Don't let stubedit globbing=no
          failure prevent a sucessful build for DJGPP v2 which doesn't
          seem to support it.

        + os2vio.c (PRETTIER_SCROLL): Don't define it.
          (vio_scroll): Base conditional scrolling code on

        + proto.h (was_ctrl_c_hit): Adjust prototype to match new

        + tcap.c (tparm) [HAVE_TPARM]: Declare it.
          (tparam) [HAVE_TPARAM]: Declare it.
          (show_ansi_colors) [HAVE_TPARM]: Use tparm instead of tparam.

        + version.c (getversion) [CC_DJGPP]: Discriminate DJGPP v2 from
          the previous version.

(jrs)   951224 (d)
        + file.c (getfile2bp): Never consult the user about duplicate
          buffer names if `warn-rename' isn't on. 

        + filec.c (headers): Don't supress inclusion of dirstuff.h
          on OS/2 since it doesn't hurt anything.
          (fillMyBuff) [SYS_OS2]: Only down-case filenames read from
          a directory if the drive they are on is not case-preserving.

        + main.c (global_val_init): Initialize `warn-rename' so that
          it defaults to the existing behavior.

        + modetbl (warn-rename): New option.

        + ntconio.c [SUPPORT_BROKEN_SCROLLING]: Rip out the ifdefs and
          compile it unconditionally since the case it applies to now
          no longer affects the efficiency of the most common case.

        + path.c (headers) [SYS_OS2]: Include os2.h.
          (is_case_preserving, case_correct_path) [SYS_OS2]: New functions.

        + version.c (getversion) [CC_CSETPP]: Discriminate VisualAge C++
          from C Set ++.

        + vile.hlp (warn-rename, warn-reread): Document them.

(tom)   951223 (c)
        + rewrote error-finder to support runtime-modifiable error regular
          expressions (finderr.c, edef.h)

        + added b_rmbuff member to BUFFER struct to notify error-finder when
          its buffer is removed; the b_upbuff member handles the modify
          events (estruct.h, buffer.c).
        + use macros b_set_obsolete/b_clr_obsolete (buffer.c, display.c)

        + use RBRACK/LBRACK definitions throughout (filec.c, vms2unix.c)

        + corrected missing initialization of CHARCELL link in extend_line()
          that occasionally broke vile-manfilt (manfilt.c).

(tom)   951217 (b)
        + lint (basic.c bind.c dumbterm.c exec.c insert.c line.c main.c map.c
          oneliner.c patchlev.h path.c random.c search.c select.c tags.c
          x11.c), including correcting error return within gotoeol(), and also
          testing error return from bclear() in pregion(), and
          attributeregion() in clear_match_attrs().

        + corrected ifdef'd logic from vile 5.5a with new function 'ins_mode()'
          replacing logic that's only used in mouse-code (display.c)

(jrs)   951216 (a)
        + bind.c (fill_partial): Use StrNcmp of length 1 instead of
          char equality to inherit case-insensitive comparision
          when extending completions as far as possible.  This is
          so that if we have `bind.c' and `BIND.OBJ' we will complete
          up to `bind.' if OPT_CASELESS is enabled.

        + file.c (fileread): Explicitly check for additional command
          line input so that `e! RET' doesn't prompt for more input.
          In that case, default to the filename of the current buffer
          and optionally prompt for replacement based on the new option

        + filec.c (mlreply_file): Supress prompting to reread the
          current buffer based on the new variable `warn-reread'.
          This is for people who like `e! RET' to assume they know
          what they're doing.

        + main.c (global_val_init): Initialize `warn-reread' so that
          it defaults to the existing behavior.

        + makefile.wnt (LDFLAGS): New variable to control debugging
          and the logo.
          (vile.exe, mktbls.exe): Use it.

        + modetbl (warn-reread): New option.

        + ntconio.c (ntscroll): Remove cRest variable and its
          initialization since the default is what we want anyway.
          Ensure that rectangles are described by their last row
          or column, not its sucessor.  Narrow the amount of
          backfilled scrolled areas by noting that the bug is the
          failure to backfill the non-overlapped portion of a scroll.

Changes for vile 5.6 (released Thu Dec 14, 1995)
        + allow "position-window" to be used from macros, e.g.
          "position-window bottom".  giving it an arg now reframes to
          that line from top or bottom, e.g. "11 position-window top".
          (cmdtbl, eval.c, vile.hlp, window.c)

(pgf)   951212 (f)
        + writing a region (e.g. ":.,$w foo") when the ends of the
          region did not fit on the screen would cause "BUG: updpos...".
          now fixed, by ensuring that moves are always flagged correctly.
          (btw, this was hidden by anything else that set a w_flag bit,
          like "ruler" mode.) (exec.c)

        + fixed propagation of null character when highlighting string
          literals that span lines.  (c-filt.c)

        + fixed description of label syntax (vile.hlp)

(tom)   951209 (e)
        + implemented "next-tag" function, bound to ^A-^], which steps through
          alternate tags definitions for the last tag value (cmdtbl, tags.c).

        + ifdef'd out code that causes vile to die when it receives an EOF
          (linux only, termios.c)

        + modified to allow trivial (one-match only) glob-expansion of items in
          'tags' mode so that ~/tags and $HOME/tags work (tags.c).

(pgf)   951209 (d)
        + take out call to wrapword() in newline(), which caused an
          extra newline in some wrapping cases.  the condition it was
          taking care of is now caught earlier on.  (insert.c)

(pgf)   951208 (c)
        + created separate .zip targets for watcom and djgpp builds, since
          i seem to have to switch back and forth all the time.  (

        + do_num_proc and do_rept_arg_proc would accept ^X or ^A prefixes
          followed by digits as further modifications to the argument
          count, so 2 ^X-2 wouldn't work as advertised.  now it does. 

        + fixed kbd_reply() so that starting a response with ^V now
          clears the existing response -- it used to append the
          quoted character instead.  (input.c)

        + correction for showmatch mode when the left fence is the first
          character in the buffer. (fences.c)

        + better explanation of difference between "wrapword" mode
          and newer "wrapmargin" mode.  (vile.hlp)

        + added fallback define of S_ISDIR in path.c.

(tom)   951205 (b)
        + corrected value of 'fname' in 'readin()' after calling 'ch_fname()';
          this may have been the original bp->b_fname value, which is
          reallocated when resolving a pathname (file.c).

        + modified to check for null pointer return from 'create_msgs()'

(tom)   951203 (a)
        + corrected logic of 'line_height()' to get rid of unwanted wraparound
          on the last column of the screen when linewrap mode is set (display.c)

Changes for vile 5.5 (released Sun Nov 19, 1995)
        + added tags file format information to vile.hlp.

        + removed vmalloc.{c,obj} from makefile.{djgpp,wnt,blc}

        + prevent ^T from inserting spaces if "notabinsert" is set. (insert.c)

        + force two spaces after a ':' when reformatting paragraphs. (word.c)

        + mention screen resolution control on PC in man page. (vile.1)

        + trimmed trailing whitespace from vile.hlp.  where does that stuff
          come from, anyway?

        + fix forceblank() to consider lines containing whitespace to be
          blank.  (random.c)

        + call upmode() when resetting modeline format.  (eval.c)

        + vms C compiler complains about folded pre-processor lines.  sigh.

        + added two new macro accessible functions, &local and &global, which
          return the value of a vile setting.  for instance, "&global cmode"
          will give the global cmode setting (true or false) and "&local list"
          will give the local autoindent mode setting.  (modes.c, eval.c,
          modetbl, macros.doc, vile.hlp)

        + minor fixes for incremental searching: better tie-in with 'n' and
          'N' commands, and uses CR as search terminator.  (search.c,
          isearch.c, edef.h)  (from s.suresh)

        + eliminate vttidy(), since it had degenerated to a simple
          wrapper for ttclean().  call ttclean() directly in all cases.
          (spawn.c, termio.c, version.c, file.c, main.c, proto.h, display.c)

        + put TTkopen() call into ttunclean, so that keybad and xterm-mouse
          translation get turned back on after a suspend or shell escape.
          and then i removed it again.  the TI sequence for the linux
          console homes the cursor.  not a good thing just before a
          pressreturn().  but pressreturn() needs the termio stuff that
          ttunclean does.  so they have to remain separate.
          (termio.c, main.c)

        + introduced swbuffer_lfl() which takes lockfl as arg.  swbuffer() is
          a wrapper which calls swbuffer_lfl() with lockfl == TRUE (the old
          behavior).  this allows getting rid of the early readin() that was
          happening in bp2swbuffer() (due to the lack of a lockfl arg), which
          was in turn causing read hooks to run too early, before the buffer
          state (modes, name, etc.) was set up correctly.  (buffer.c, file.c,

        + rearranged swbuffer_lfl to make sure it does the right thing
          with inactive buffers.  (buffer.c)

        + small addition to vile.hlp regarding where comments can appear
          in command files (i.e. probably only on lines by themselves)

        + i couldn't configure xvile on sunos 4.1.3 with X11R6 installed,
          because the test link against -lXt failed, due to missing -lSM
          and -lICE.  these have already been tested for and found, so i
          added $X_PRE_LIBS to the check for -lXt.  this seems to fix it
          and also seems benign.  is this right?  (, configure,

        + corrected a bug in wrapmargin that caused it to split and alarm
          at the wrong point (insert.c, word.c).
        + corrected a bug in linewrap; when the user appended to the end of
          a line longer than the window, the beginning of the line was
          overwriting the modeline of the next window (display.c).

        + modified termcap color support to work with rxvt 2.12 (tcap.c).

        + rewrote logic for color mode-type to make it an enum-type, more
          general, and made the visual-matches mode an enum (modetbl, main.c,
          modes.c, search.c).  This makes name-completion work properly on
          enumerated types.

        + added 'default' enum value for termcap colors and added logic to
          reset colors to default, i.e., orig_colors on exit (modes.c, tcap.c).

        + modified color modes to be global, since we don't support per-window
          colors anymore (modetbl, display.c, main.c).

        + changed 'popup-choices' to a enum-type (modetbl, bind.c, main.c).

        + make the 'spal()' function a member of the TERM struct to eliminate
          unused/dummy functions, and to capture internal initialization
          of 'palstr' (lot of places).

        + corrected error in vile-manfilt that dumped core due to off-by-one
          in realloc threshold, and fixed a memory leak (manfilt.c)

        + added global mode 'resolve-links' to control whether vile resolves
          and caches directory names (modetbl, main.c, path.c).

Changes for vile 5.4 (released Thu Oct 19, 1995)

        + This revision provides improved support for Windows NT and
          Windows 95.  The screen performance is dramatically faster
          and a new completion mechanism is introduced which is
          neither purely case-sensitive like Unix nor purely
          case-insensitive like traditional MS-DOS.  This is used
          to cleanly support case-insensitive but case-preserving
          filesystems such as MS-DOS FAT with long filenames or
          native NTFS.

        + bind.c, proto.h: Add case insensitive flag to kbd_complete,
          skip_partial, show_partial, show_completions, scroll_completions,
          and fill_partial.  Take care to propgate case changes
          which occur during completion to the keyboard input area.

        + eval.c, modes.c: Change kbd_complete callers.

        + dirstuff.h, makefile.wnt: Repair crufty WIN32 port.

        + edef.h: Rename the operating system `windows/nt' as `win32'.

        + estruct.h: Rework compiler and system defines so that
          Visual C++ is detected and so that Borland C++ can be used
          to compile the WIN32 version.  Also undef some more common
          names like ABORT which pollute the namespace of many

        + file.c: Make getfile2bp external so that it can be called from
          main.  Use the canonical name instead of the supplied name
          to form the buffer name for case-insensitive, case-preserving
          filesystems.  This change makes `:e readme RET' for a file
          whose real name is `README' have a buffer named `README'.

        + main.c: Use getfile2bp instead of make_bp so file specified
          on the command line behave more like found files; confer
          the above example.

        + filec.c, glob.c: Never lowercase WIN32 filenames and instead
          compare them case-insensitively.  Pass case-insensitive flag to
          kbd_complete on WIN32.

        + path.c: For WIN32 call the new function realpath from
          canonpath so that the preserved case of a filename is
          reconstructed even though a different case was used to
          access the file.

        + termio.c: For WIN32 add prototype for ntgetch and don't call

        + version.c: Discriminate between Turbo C and Borland C++ to
          clarify and shorten the version string.  Add support for
          Visual C++.

        + makefile.blc: Yet another makefile for WIN32 (like makefile.wnt)
          which uses Borland C++ instead of Visual C++.

        + ntconio.c: Massive overhaul for performance, consistency,
          bug fixes and new features.  The driver is dramatically
          faster now because of reduced API transactions through
          batching and because of avoidance of inherently slow functions
          such as WriteConsole.  Correct a number of inconsistencies with
          the other MS-DOS-like drivers such as the use of bright
          white and clearing the screen upon exit.  Fix a number of
          bugs such a bad interaction between kbhit and getch and
          work around a bad bug in the Windows 95 implementation of the
          WIN32 Console API.  Enhance the driver to support all of the
          function and editing keys and some missing control-key

        + bind.c, filec.c: Temporarily disable case insensitive reply
          correction for now since it doesn't work reliably and it only
          provides a cosmetic advantage.

        + estruct.h: Add a new option OPT_UNC_PATH for systems
          which support Universal Naming Convention (UNC) pathnames.
          Enable for win32.  Turn on ellipsis and range globbing on
          win32.  Define new glob range negation characters (^ and !).

        + filec.c, glob.c, path.c: Change numerous conditionals specific
          to win32 to use the new OPT_CASELESS option.

        + glob.c: Extend globbing to handle OPT_CASELESS.  Fix bug which
          prevented ranges from working on any platform.  Implement
          range negation.

        + ntconio.c: Disable mouse support until the bugs are worked out.
          Don't allow non-keyboard events to cause type ahead check to
          loop forever.

        + dirstuff.h: Clean up crufty ifdefs and defines for win32
          directory operations.

        + path.c: Correct faulty mapping between _getdrive and curdrive.
          Rename realpath to case_correct_path and use it for OPT_CASELESS.
          Handle UNC pathnames correctly during canonicalization and
          case correction.  Fix bugs in case correction that showed up
          because of differences between Windows NT and Windows 95.
          Fix bug in internal name detection that prevented range globbing
          from working at the beginning of a pattern (e.g. `[a-z]*').
          Make pure system and share UNC pathnames (e.g. `\\system\share')
          always appear as directories so completion on them works.
          This works around a bug in the win32 file attribute semantics.
          Be sure not to add `\*.*' to a directory that ends with `\'
          in the the MSVC opendir replacement, add just `*.*' instead.
          Fix monster memory leaks in MSVC readdir replacement and change
          mechanism to allow multiple simultaneous open directories.

        + makefile.wnt: Suppress annoying compiler banner.

        + fileio.c: Work around another Microsoft bug and make ffsize
          work reliably on files remotely mounted from Windows 95 systems
          by using stdio instead of fstat.  Also use the default isready_c
          because WIN32 stdio is either MS (which is like traditional
          stdio) or Borland which is already handled.

        + main.c: Only make '~' a wildcard character on Unix since we only
          expand ~login on Unix.  This allows short filenames which contain
          tilde to be expanded properly (e.g. C:\PROGRA~1 => C:\Program Files)
          on WIN32.

        + Add the WIN32 Borland C makefile to the official

        + npopen.c: Handle WIN32 like MS-DOS, not like Unix so that
          command filtering works correctly without much effort.

        + ntconio.c: Re-enable mouse input and completely rewrite the
          mouse handling to use the generic selection code shared with
          X11.  This change fixes a number of WIN32 mouse bugs and saves
          about 100 lines of code.

        + path.c: Rewrite case_correct_path for WIN32 so that it correctly
          handles strings which grow on expansion such as those files
          which include any short-name components.

        + proto.h, select.c, x11.c: Compile the selection yanking code
          on WIN32 and add an argument which controls which register to
          yank into.  Change all callers.

        + spawn.c: Remove crufty inclusion of sys/stat that seems not
          to be needed on any platform.  Even if it is, it should be
          safe to include it unqualified as it is in other files.
          Change the default COMSPEC from cmd.exe to on
          WIN32 since there is no cmd.exe on Windows 95 but there is
          a on Windows NT.  In any case, COMSPEC is usually
          set.  Enable filterregion code on WIN32 since inout_popen
          now works.

        + x11.c (x_preparse_args): Make sure that the scroll bar GC has
          the graphics exposures field set to false.  (The calls to XCopyArea
          using the scrollbar GC are from a pixmap which will always be
          copied in its entirety.

        + x11.c: Changed resources so that default colors will be various
          shades of gray.  This code is presently disabled.

        + x11.c (copy_paste): #if'd out the code which caused pasting at
          the beginning of a line to be put on the line above and pasting
          at the end of a line to be put on the line below.  Just define
          OLD_PASTE to be 1 if you want the old behavior back.

        + x11.c (x_expose_scrollbar): Renamed from x_expose_pane.

          (update_scrollbar_sizes): Set up an event handler for scrollbar
          expose events.

          (x_preparse_args): Removed call to set up expose event handler
          for panes.

          The above changes were made because popup menus (from other
          applications) could cover up the scrollbar and not redraw it
          properly (I don't really know why).

        + x11.c (curs_sb_v_double_arrow, curs_sb_up_arrow, curs_xterm
          curs_sb_down_arrow, curs_sb_left_arrow, curs_sb_right_arrow,
          curs_double_arrow, curs_watch): Moved these out of struct
          _text_win so that they are global.  This'll be handy for the day
          when someone gets up the courage to actually create multiple
          (top-level) X windows.  There's a lot of other stuff to be moved
          out, but this is a start.

          (slider_is_3D, scrollbargc_lt, scrollbargc_dk): New fields in
          struct _text_win.

          (alloc_shadows): New function which allocates pixels for light
          and dark shading for a 3-D look.

          (draw_thumb, update_thumb, x_expose_pane, x_preparse_args): Added
          new code for drawing 3-D scrollbars.

        + input.c (kbd_reply): Set reading_msg_line to FALSE _after_
          popping down the completions window in order to ensure that the
          buffer hook does not get run.  (It should not have been run when
          popping the buffer up either, so when it's popped down, the
          situtation should be the same prior being popped up.)

        + buffer.c (make_current, run_buffer_hook): Removed the message
          line check from make_current() and moved it to run_buffer_hook. 
          We do not want to run the buffer hook if reading from the message
          line.  See below (I fixed this once before) for more information.

        + modetbl (SMOOTH_SCROLL): New boolean mode.

        + main.c (global_val_init): Initialize GMDSMOOTH_SCROLL value. 
          Default is false so that it'll jump.

        + display.c (update, updupd): Added additional test to the "return
          early" code to enforce smooth scrolling if GMDSMOOTH_SCROLL is

        + main.c (main): Prevent curbp from pointing to an already
          freed memory area.

        + x11.c (sel_prop, selection_data, selection_len): Removed these
          fields from struct _text_win.

          (atom_TARGETS, atom_MULTIPLE, atom_TIMESTAMP, atom_TEXT): Added
          variable declarations and initialization statements for these
          atoms.  Initialization is performed in x_preparse_args().

          (free_selection, x_stash_selection, strndup): Deleted  these

          (x_get_selection, x_paste_selection, x_get_selected_text,
          X_convert_selection, x_lose_selection, own_selection): New or
          rewritten functions to use the Xt Intrinsics instead of Xlib for
          handling selections.  In particular, xvile now handles the
          following targets: TARGETS, MULTIPLE, TIMESTAMP, STRING, and
          TEXT.  xvile should now be ICCCM compliant with respect to
          selection handling.

          (x_process_event): Removed all selection handling code.

          [ Thanks to Brian Schellenberger ( for
            contributing code which made xvile more ICCCM compliant.  I
            used his contribution as a framework for x_convert_selection().

            Chan Benson's "Implementing Cut and Paste in the X Environment"
            (The X Resource, Issue 10) was also instrumental in making the
            above changes. ]

        + buffer.c (make_current): Prevent the buffer hook from being run
          if we're presently reading from the message line.  In particular,
          this will prevent the buffer hook from running when the
          Completions buffer is popped up.  (:set and :setv were adversely
          affected since these operations are often performed from one of
          the buffer hooks and they are not reentrant.)

        + filec.c (fillMyBuff): Changed the algorithm for non-VMS machines
          to use qsort() (via sortMyBuff) instead of an insertion sort.  On
          a 100 MHz pentium, this caused the cpu time needed to build a
          completion list for a directory of roughly ten thousand files to
          go from approximately 3 minutes to a mere 2 seconds.  (I know
          that 10,000 files seems like a lot.  But one of my coworkers
          discovered this performance deficiency in a directory with over
          32,000 files.  xvile needed in excess of 14 minutes of cpu time
          to build the completion list on a SPARC-20.)

        + filec.c (qs_pathcmp, sortMyBuff): New functions.

        + vile.hlp: Minor corrections.

        + select.c (attributeregion): Only allocate memory for new attribute
          when actually adding new attribute.  attributeregion() is also
          responsible for deleting attributes.

        + bind.c (engl2fnc): Make sure the binary search terminates.  Setting
          shell variable VILEINIT to ./vileinit would cause engl2fnc() to
          loop endlessly.  I now know that this was not the proper usage
          of this environment variable.  But engl2fnc() still shouldn't
          get stuck in an infinite loop.

        + eval.c (gtenv, SetVarValue): Make sure that curbp is not NULL
          prior to using it.  This can happen during the execution of
          .vilerc.  The resultant behavior is not necessarily what the user
          expects, but at least it doesn't cause a core dump.  For example,
          put the following into your .vilerc:

                  ~if &seq $progname "xvile"
                        set title $cfilname
                        set iconname $cbufname

          I think the expected behavior would be to have $title and
          $iconname in xvile take on the values of $cfilname and $cbufname
          respectively.  But curbp is NULL when these actions are
          performed.  I don't dare move any of the initialization code in
          main() around or something else'll break.  [I'm not really all
          that bothered by this behavior.  The "buffer-hook" variable works
          well for this type of stuff.]

        + fences.c (InDirection, simple_fence, fmatchindent): Fixed problem
          in which closing right curly bracket was not getting indented
          properly in cmode.

        + input.c (kbd_reply): Don't erase default message if a completion
          character is entered.  This takes Tom's fix to this code somewhat
          further.  Scenerio: I enter ":e ../vile-5.3/fil<TAB>".  It only
          completes to ../vile-5.3/file.  At this point I too hastily hit
          return (having mistakenly expected the completion to be unique). 
          I realize my error and hit ":e " I see ../vile-5.3/file.  I press
          <TAB> and see the other completions (I have popup-choices set to
          immediate).  I see the other completions and expect to be able to
          modify the default response since I _have_ pressed a key _and_
          the default response has not been erased.

        + main.c (main): Fixed a small bug introduced in 5.3g which caused
          xvile to core dump when given no arguments.

        + main.c (cmd_mouse_motion,loop): Permit cursor to rest on the 
          newline if it was placed there via the mouse.  This permits
          the pasting of text at the end of the line. 

        + get rid of #elif in display.c, for K&R compiler on HP/UX.

        + set "scanbound_is_header" flag in oneliner.c when doing
          line substitutions.  fixes broken :s/foo/bar/ commands.
          (search.c, oneliner.c, edef.h)

        + applied lee johnson's fixups to my changes for OS/2. (estruct.h,

        + change name of variable used to cache interruptible pipe-read
          results.  variables must contain '_cv_' to work correctly.  this
          speeds up subsequent configure runs quite a lot, since the
          pipe-read test is a looong one.  (aclocal.m4)

        + applied fixes from purify'ing on HP from Warren Vik (path.c,

        + protect against null filenames (with BUG: report) in readin().
        + add another OS/2 specific errno check to ffropen() (fileio.c)

        + turn on prototypes for OS/2 and IBM compiler in mktbls.c

        + set [Messages] buffer invisible and active to a) keep it from
          being found by ":n" and b) keep readin() from being called on it.

        + eliminated references to vmalloc code.  i haven't used it in
          years, and there are better debugging libs available.  
          (estruct.h, exec.c, file.c,, undo.c)

        + added ".cc" to the default cmode suffixes. (main.c)

        + changed the deblank() routine to a forceblank() routine -- with
          no arg still removes blank lines, but with an arg will force
          that many blank lines at current point.  can be used to quickly
          double-space some text, for example.  (random.c, cmdtbl, vile.hlp)

        + minor change to help re-display code to better preserve DOT across
          help invocations, and to prevent spurious moves if help is reinvoked
          while still on-screen.  (bind.c, buffer.c, edef.h)

        + remove usage of gets() from c-filt.c  (on recommendation of
          runtime warning from gcc on freebsd...  imagine my surprise :-)

        + fix c-filt.c to correctly recognize keywords which contain
          spaces after the '#', as in:
                #if foo
                #  define bar

        + clean up bufhook so that the hook won't be called too early
          in the case of being invoked from swbuffer.  that is, we
          keep make_current from invoking the hook, since swbuffer
          isn't ready (curwp may not be set up yet).  this let's
          me run the C-filter macro as a buffer-hook.  (buffer.c)

        + added the "< register, which contains the last few hundred
          keystrokes typed.  actually, it will contain somewhere between
          128 and 256 characters, since its limited to a single dchunk.
          (estruct.h, map.c, line.c, vile.hlp)

        + added "dotags" and "devonlylist" targets to makefile.

        + applied patches to make ^T do a proper shiftwidth in insert
          mode.  also be sure insertmode doesn't get reset by functions
          called from insertmode.  (from grant mcdorman)  (insert.c)

        + modify xterm-mouse code to allow its use with TERMs other
          than xterm.  currently, if it's not really an xterm, then
          the mouse reports are assumed to be zero-based rather than
          one-based.  apparently some Amiga terminal emulator does
          this.  this can be generalized if needed.  (from grant mcdorman)

        + c-filt.c now supports "Literal" attribute, for highlighting
          strings.  (c-filt.c, vile.hlp) (from ben stoltz)

        + applied patch to support '?' searches in tags files.  (tags.c, from
          eric krohn)

        + implemented nvi-style infinite undo, which overloads '.' command
          to continue undoing changes, if it immediately follows an undo.
          added status message to help figure out which way (forward or
          backward) you're going.  (cmdtbl, undo.c, main.c, vile.hlp)

        + gave line_report() return value indicating whether it printed
          message or not.  (random.c, line.c, globals.c, proto.h)

        + suppress compiler warning in glob.c

        + changed "Only one occurrence.." message to not beep, and not cause
          popup messages if you hit it during startup.  this also means "terse"
          mode will suppress it. (search.c)

        + removed some dead "ifdef BEFORE" code and commented lines.  (undo.c
          basic.c bind.c insert.c line.c)

        + added gppconio.c to the distribution.  one of these days maybe
          this can go away, when the fixes are incorporated in the djgpp

        + changed the test code in aclocal.m4 to always try and include
          ioctl.h and sys/ioctl.h.  this makes it match the usage in
          fileio.c.  the test code didn't have ioctl.h, therefore thought
          we needed our own extern for ioctl(), and ours doesn't match
          the freebsd prototype (theirs is variadic).  i seem to only
          have autoconf 2.2, so if someone wants to rebuild configure
          with 2.3, that's fine with me.  (aclocal.m4, configure)

        + corrected ifdef in path.c that broke vms compile.

        + added configuration tests for prototypes, varargs.

        + corrected missing flag in 'gotoline()' that caused reframing error

        + corrected off-by-one that made 'N' fail for pattern "." (search.c).

        + added '\' and ':' to pathname-characters for MSDOS (main.c).

        + corrected handling of "--with-CFLAGS" (

        + corrected allocation-size in resolve_dir (path.c)

        + corrected logic of binary-search version of engl2fnc (bind.c)

        + corrected off-by-one errors in text yanked by goto-matching-fence
          command (fences.c, select.c).

        + corrected translation of SEL_KREG in 'index2reg()' from '{' to '.'

        + modified button1-release in xvile to yank the selection (x11.c).

        + corrected 'updattrs()' to not highlight text that cannot be selected
          e.g., line numbers (display.c)

        + compiler warnings for DEC-C and Watcom 10.0a (estruct.h, fences.c,
          filec.c, mktbls.c, npopen.c, os2pipe.c, os2vio.c, path.c, proto.h,
          random.c, spawn.c, termio.c, vmspipe.c, vmsvt.c) on OpenVMS and OS/2.

        + modified quoted-motion to interpret repeat-count as code for type of
          selection: 1=exact, fullline=2, rectangle=3 (select.c).

        + modified xvile to _not_ start display if only a "-V" option is given

        + removed 'slash-char' mode, modifying code to use '/' for internal use
          of MSDOS pathnames (filec.c, glob.c, modetbl, main.c, modes.c,
          path.c, random.c).

        + modified name-completion so that if we match _something_, typing a
          character won't erase the buffer (input.c).

        + revised manpage filter to allow for escape sequences that set
          boldface/underlining -- this happens on OSF1 (manfilt.c).

        + corrected code that supports OPT_XTERM >= 3 -- this is mostly for use
          in demos since we don't handle text-position reports in :-commands,
          for example (tcap.c).

        + modified VALNAMES structure to have a side-effects function pointer,
          replaced the inline logic in mode-setting with a table (modes.c,
          modetbl, mktbls.c).

        + modified logic that set up name-completion table for the combined
          modes + variables to suppress "no"-prefix, etc.  Made related
          changes to ensure that vile prompts for boolean modes set via ":setv"
          (eval.c, input.c, modes.c).

        + corrected logic that updates command-line display during name
          completion (bind.c).

        + modified mode-value completion to include booleans and colors, if the
          enumerated value code is configured (modes.c).

        + modified so that vile will prompt for reloading tags buffers when
          user uses ":e" to view the buffer (file.c).

        + modified to show the actual filename for the help-file (bind.c).

        + modified to remember position in help-file when re-reading it (bind.c,

        + corrected adjust_forw, adjust_back functions to avoid returning
          non-line location which broke reframing (window.c)

        + corrected test in 'reframe()' for case where wrapped line was larger
          than the window (display.c).

        + modified to use w_line.o to store offset so that current position in
          wrapped lines that are larger than the window still displays

        + added configure test for ANSI_QSORT (aclocal.m4).

        + modified test for nsl library to see if it's needed; otherwise this
          breaks xvile on IRIX 5.3; the standard X library configure test may
          also add this library (

        + linted on solaris and irix -- conversion and constant-conditional
          (lots of places).

        + make the case-insensitive code for WINNT a configuration option

        + modified logic to make fake window & buffer to satisfy references
          before vile starts screen mode (main.c, window.c).

        + added "dumb" terminal driver to allow for prompting before vile
          starts into screen mode (main.c, termio.c, dumbterm.c).

        + modified file-completion on VMS to use kev's qsort improvement

        + corrected version-parsing for VMS filenames (vms2unix.c)

        + corrected VMS filename-completion when user supplies "/" (filec.c).

        + modified most exit-calls to do 'vttidy()' first (file.c, ibmpc.c,
          main.c, vmsvt.c, version.c, termio.c)

        + modified test-scripts for VMS to work across devices (descrip.mms,

        + moved terminal/keypad-initialization into TTkopen(), and the matching
          resets into TTkclose() so that "vile -V" works properly with the
          dumb-terminal driver (tcap.c, termio.c).

        + corrected off-by-one error in VMS shorten_path that caused ../SIO to
          be shown as [-.IO] when cwd was ../SRC (path.c)

        + enabled directory-completion for VMS (estruct.h).

        + removed some ifdefs for apollo and CenterLine C that should be
          obsoleted by the 'configure' script (estruct.h).

        + moved TTkclose/TTkopen calls in fileio.c down to where they're
          actually used -- spawning subprocesses -- to avoid spurious
          reinitialization of the terminal in termcap mode (fileio.c,

        + corrected motions '(' and ')', which did not handle empty lines
          like vi (basic.c).

        + corrected handling of command-line '+' when argument is greater
          than buffer length, and also ensured that initial-search string
          doesn't conflict with contents of .vilerc (main.c).

        + corrected logic of regstrchr, which did not skip '\' characters for
          range-expressions.  This caused pattern "[<>]" to match '\' also

        + modified ibmpc drivers to update current_res_name, so that vile will
          restore the screen resolution after spawning a command (borland.c,

        + corrected logic for $buffer-hook so that it's not invoked unless the
          buffer is the current window, so that editing commands work

        + modified logic to enable 'readin()' to run $read-hook when reading
          from a pipe -- which concludes with an FIOEOF code (estruct.h, file.c)

        + corrected logic that sets the first buffer-pointer so that startup
          scripts can manipulate it.  This implies that we'll always create the
          unnamed buffer, just in case it's needed, and remove it after reading
          .vilerc if it's unmodified.  Also remove, if possible, any stray
          windows belonging to the unnamed buffer if a named buffer is
          available, just in case .vilerc created windows (main.c).

        + modified ffexists/ffaccess to check that their argument is really
          a valid pathname (fileio.c).

        + corrected logic that closed [History] buffer, which was resetting
          'autobuff' mode, and warning message if :show-history was given when
          history mode was off (history.c).

        + corrected the check I'd added to ffexists/ffaccess (I'd used
          maybe_pathname, which was requiring pathname-delimiters) to use
          isInternalName instead (fileio.c).

        + modified logic in execute-named-command to prevent accidental
          invocation of commands (such as ":q!") when the command is terminated
          by unexpected character (such as <esc>) (exec.c).

        + corrected logic that sets last_eolchar when interpreting macros,
          so that commands such as "set nu lw" will work (input.c).

        + modified logic so that saving the unnamed buffer to a file renames
          the buffer (file.c).

        + made mouse work for msdos+watcom configuration using polling (estruct.h,

        + updated makefile for watcom 10.0a (makefile.wat)

        + corrected logic in wrap_at_col(), which sets the column at which the
          wrapmargin mode activates; I'd used 'col_limit()' in an expression,
          which broke when linewrap was set.  Also checked for end-of-line
          before wrapping; this was an error in 'o' (insert.c).

        + modified interface of 'getccol()' and 'getcol()' to pass 'list' mode
          for the special case of testing wrapmargin (insert.c, random.c, etc).

        + rewrote manfilt.c to handle more general escape and underline sequences

        + refined treatment of wrapmargin to trim trailing whitespace when a
          tab/space is inserted past the wrap-margin.  This still isn't
          _exactly_ what vi does (insert.c, word.c).

        + corrected handling of ^D/^U/^F/^B scrolling commands for long wrapped
          lines which weren't doing anything if the screen didn't display at
          least two lines, and final position of ^B, which wasn't going to the
          top of screen (basic.c)

Changes for vile 5.3 (released Tue May 09, 1995)
        + implemented "watchinput" arg for the poll code in catnap().

        + fixed the definition of VDISABLE to attempt to use _POSIX_VDISABLE
          before using our own value. (termio.c)

        + cleaned up path lookup (flook()) code, and the code that tries
          to find our executable.  previously, we didn't know where the
          executable was until someone used the ":version" command.  and,
          we assumed that argv[0] could always be used to find us.  but
          if argv[0] contains no slash chars, we can make no assumption
          about where we came from.  there are still some problems in here,
          because i think we sometimes try to run access() on things that
          aren't quite pathnames yet.  (bind.c epath.h estruct.h main.c
          path.c proto.h version.c)

        + correct behavior of forwline()/gotoline() so that we get an error
          if we try to go to a line beyond the end of the buffer.  (basic.c)

        + don't check for '\r' on empty lines when counting doslines. (file.c)

        + fix ".bak" style backups when the filename is of form ".foo".  now
          change this to ".foo.bak" rather than just ".bak".  (UNIX only)

        + added TI/TE and KS/KE processing to tcapk{open,close}.  i don't
          know that this is always right, but it fixes an xterm arrow key
          bug in some cases.

        + removed TI/TE part of above change.  it's not always right.  the
          terminal open/close code needs serious examination.  sigh.

        + removed broken ULTRIX ifdef in x11.c, which tried to support
          KEY_Remove.  it was broken.  i _could_ make it work, but i
          don't know what i'd bind it to.  (x11.c)

        + fixed "arrow key during insert" bug introduced in 5.2, which
          prevented arrow from moving beyond EOL when inserting.  (basic.c)

        + vile will now warn and insist on ":q!" if not all edited buffers
          are visited during the edit session (i.e. some are still
          "unread").  this is for vi compatibility, since some people use
          "ZZ:n" when moving through their files, and vile was quitting
          after the ZZ.  (the routine anycb() has been renamed
          any_changed_buf() as well.)  (main.c, buffer.c)

        + a new mode, "warn-unread", which will suppress the above behavior
          if it is turned off.  (modetbl, main.c)

        + implemented "visual-matches" mode, which allows one to highlight
          all matching occurrences of a search string when doing a search. 
          that is, if i search for "foo", then all occurrences of "foo" in
          the buffer will be highlighted (as specified by the value of
          "visual-matches").  i did not allow for color -- only bold,
          italics, underline, and reverse are supported.  this can be
          added in the future, i suppose.  (modetbl, modes.c, main.c,
          search.c, undo.c, estruct.h, vile.hlp)

        + added command to clear visual-matches:  "clear-visual-matches",
          bound to '=' by default. (cmdtbl, search.c)

        + added concept of "ownership" to attributes, so that, for example,
          search-string attributes can be cleared independently of selection
          attributes or ctl-A sequence attributes.  (select.c, search.c,
          estruct.h, display.c)

        + added/changed text in README.CFG which describes what to do
          when configure or the make doesn't work.  (README.CFG)

        + reset the action of VDSUSP char under POSIX.  (termio.c)

        + applied patch from rick sladkey, for borland.c fixups and djgpp

            Part 1: borand.c enhancement and bug fixes
            + enhance borland.c so that scrolling regions are used

            + enhance borland.c so that individual characters are buffered
              which makes certain conio packages much faster (e.g the DJGPP

            + enhance borland.c to handle PC-style function keys (e.g.  F1,
              F2, PageUp)

            + make the cursor-toggling code in borland.c, generic, optional
              and turned off by default since a big blinking block is
              horribly ugly

            + fix the color handling in display.c so that the broken and
              unusable garbf kludge in bor?color in borland.c is no longer

            + fix erase to end of page in borland.c so it actually works

            + enhance the mode detection in borland.c so that the screen
              mode does not need to be changed in the default case (i.e. 
              when using the current mode)

            + prevent borland.c from clearing the screen on exit so it is
              like vile on every other display device (i.e it goes to the
              lower left instead)

            Part 2: misc bug fixes affecting the MS-DOS versions

            + change the default msdos slash character to '/' instead of
              '\\' because typing tab (for completion) after backslash
              inserts a ^I instead which makes completion under MS-DOS much
              less useful and fairly annoying

            + fixed a null pointer dererencing bug in main.c which occurs
              when the vile.rc file is being edited but it does not exist

            + enhanced makefile.djg so that either ibmpc.c or borland.c can
              be used and so that borland.c is used by default

            + fixed a bug in path.c that caused the first slash after a
              drive letter not to be canonicalized properly (e.g. 
              C:\FOO\BAR => c:\foo/bar)

            + fixed a bug in path.c affecting DJGPP that caused relative
              pathnames containing an explicit pathname to be corrupted
              (e.g.  C:FOO => ../:/foo) by deleting incorrect code whose
              intention is solved by the previous fix

            + omit a conflicting prototype for delay which I don't know who
              needs but it can't be used as is on all platforms

            + fixed a fairly serious bug in file.c that causes the file
              size to be computed incorrectly at startup on dos-mode files
              which caused an explicit write of an unmodified buffer to
              append garbage to the file because the size was overstated by
              the number of returns in the file which have already been
              deleted but not yet subtracted from the count

        + further changes to make rick's changes work okay under watcom.
          the DOS path-deliter is now selectable, with "set slash-char". 
          (edef.h, estruct.h, file.c, filec.c, fileio.c, glob.c, input.c,
          modes.c, modetbl, path.c, proto.h, random.c, vile.hlp)

        + added in patch from Russ Herman which fixes kbhit() problem with
          function keys in OS/2.  (borland.c)

        + eliminate FAIL macro in regexp.c, since it saves very little,
          and is hard to write correctly without _someone's_ compiler or
          lint complaining about it.  (regexp.c)

        + fix infinite loop caused by null search patterns (e.g. ".*" or
          "^".  (estruct.h, search.c)

        + got rid of vestigial "tungetc()" code.  (input.c, proto.h, edef.h)

        + fix (quickly) the broken @a-in-a-macro problem. (map.c)

        + added ifdef'ed code which allows logging all keystrokes to
          a tempfile, which can help when trying to recreate rare bugs.

        + modify regstrncmp to take use system strncmp when possible.

        + made "fence" characters (i.e {,}.(,),[,]) configurable by
          user (new mode, "fence-pairs"), so that < and > can be added
          easily (i hear this is useful for html editing).  (fences.c,
          insert.c, main.c, modes.c, modetbl, proto.h, vile.hlp)

        + added patch from anthony shipman, to keep X11 selections from
          starting unless at more than one char is swept.  (x11.c)

        + added a binary search to engl2fnc, but it's not quite right.  i
          was in a hurry.  it's ifdefed.  (bind.c, externs.c)

        + minor efficiencies in regstrncmp and regstrchr.  (regexp.c)

        + interrupted() is now a macro again, when appropriate.  this
          speeds up simple searches to run something like 10% faster.
          (main.c, edef.h, estruct.h, proto.h)

        + fix cosmetic message bug when 'q' command is ended immediately
          with another 'q'.  (select.c)

        + fix forwchar() to work as advertised.  from a user's point
          of view, it now skips the newline if no arg is given, so it
          can move across lines.  this meant some places where it was
          called with default args internally had to be changed. 
          (basic.c, word.c)

        + force an update() in reposition(), so that "redraw-display"
          can be used in a macro to force an incremental screen update.

        + fix typo in cmdtbl.

        + created pictmode.rc, a primitive "mode" which assists in
          drawing ascii "art".  not that i've used it much yet...

        + changed cbuf[2] in replacechar() to cbuf[NLINE].  apparently
          the length arg that is supposed to prevent overruns doesn't
          work, if you do a command like "replace-char %keywas", i.e.
          use a variable to provide the response. (insert.c)

        + added ISO-8859 characters and punctuation to ispunct() etc.
          classes in charinit().  i assume this is "right".  (main.c)

        + applied patches from Lee Johnson ( for
          support of OS/2 from the IBM C Set ++ Compiler (2.x).  changes
          mostly to pipe support, directory access, and file completion.
          new makefile (makefile.icc), new screen (os2vio.c), and new pipe
          routines (os2pipe.c).  (borland.c, buffer.c, dirstuff.h,
          display.c, edef.h, estruct.h, file.c, filec.c, fileio.c, glob.c,
, mktbls.c, modes.c, npopen.c, path.c, proto.h,
          random.c, spawn.c, termio.c, version.c)

        + fixed --with-cflags option to configure script (,

        + add another mention of ctrl-button functions, in the button
          section of help file.

        + modified configuration scripts to conform to autoconf 2.2
          (aclocal.m4, configure,, dirstuff.h).

        + modified select.c to recover from manfile error that produces
          empty attribute-region (select.c).

        + removed "#error" for SunOS's K+R compiler (line.c).

        + modified to make OPT_MAP_MEMORY and SMALLER configurations compile
          (cmdtbl, display.c, search.c

        + modified tmp.c to use calloc on page/chunks to appease Purify.

        + added auxiliary programs to lint-rules (

        + use void-casts for strcmp, lsprintf, etc., (lots of places), and
          FALLTHROUGH comments for SunOS and IRIX lint (display.c, main.c,
          oneliner.c, wordmov.c)

        + removed redundant ';' after FAIL() macros that causes IRIX lint
          warnings in (regexp.c).

        + mods for miscellaneous lint (csrch.c, exec.c, filec.c, insert.c,
          main.c, modes.c, proto.h, region.c, tcap.c).

        + added stdarg.h to test so ANSI_VARARGS will work.

        + modified lint ifdef's for ANSI_VARARGS <stdarg.h> case, tested
          with IRIX lint (estruct.h).

        + added configuration tests for 'errno', 'time_t', 'off_t'
          (, aclocal.m4).

        + split-out neproto.h (from nefunc.h); cleanup gcc's -Wnested-externs
          and -Wredundant-decls warnings (mktbls.c, estruct.h, proto.h, etc.)

        + use IRIX lint to find/modify functions that can be made static
          (proto.h and several modules...)

        + corrected logic in makefuncdesc() and fnc2kcod() that caused vile to
          ignore the user-defined key bindings (bind.c).

        + modified mlreply_file() to handle the ^R!shell-command case (filec.c)

        + corrected ifdef that broke 'slash-char' mode when compiling
          SMALLER (main.c, modes.c).

        + modified wildcard-expansion for VMS to handle comma-separated lists,
          and /readonly option.

        + corrected tab offset in 'vtputc()' so that linewrap displays properly
          with various tab sizes (display.c).

        + added ifdef to use MAXPATHLEN if it is defined in <sys/param.h>

        + adapted code by kev to resolve directory names which may contain
          embedded symbolic links (path.c,

        + display.c (l_to_vcol): Make sure that we don't try to examine
          characters which are past the end of the line.  Also compute
          non-varying parts of the loop condition in advance for efficiency.

        + Don't use grep to pick out -D lines since some
          versions of grep limit the number of characters which are output.

        + search.c (attrib_matches): Start DOT out at the head of the buffer
          to attribute matches for instead of at the first line.  This will
          cause the first character in the buffer to be highlighted if

        + search.c (attrib_matches): Added new code for attributing with

        + modes.c (fsm_mono_attributes): Added color to this list.  Hmm...
          "color" doesn't seem to be a "mono" attribute, does it?

Changes for vile 5.2 (released Thu Feb 23, 1995)
        + added vile-c-filt to the man page.  (vile.1)

        + remove root cause of"C<right-arrow>c" core dump -- no longer
          allow an extra amount of right-motion just 'cuz we're in insert
          mode.  whatever the reason for this extra was, it doesn't seem
          to be necessary anymore.  recoded remaining conditions for
          clarity.  (basic.c)

        + estruct.h (OPT_COLOR): Don't define in terms of DISP_X11.  This
          fixes the ":set all" core dump.  OPT_COLOR indicates that the
          older (line-by-line) color mechanisms should be used.  These
          mechanisms are stubbed in x11.c, but are not implemented (and
          probably won't be).  My recent change to NCOLORS (for DISP_X11)
          made some OPT_COLOR ifdef'd code in modes.c break (there are only
          eight entries in the cname array but there are now sixteen
          colors.) So rather than put NCOLORS back to 8, it seemed more
          expedient to simply disable all of the OPT_COLOR code which xvile
          was never able to make use of anyway.  We should also probably
          take the OPT_COLOR related ifdefs and stubs out of x11.c.

          (VIDEO_ATTR): Make sure that this is typedef'd to be a short
          when DISP_X11 is defined.

        + corrected core dump when user types "C<right-arrow>c" (line.c).

        + change "defined(sun)" to "SYS_SUNOS".  (finderr.c)
Changes for vile 5.1 (released Tue Feb 21, 1995)
        + fix longstanding bug when keyboard macro is executed while
          it is being recorded.  (input.c)

        + fixed broken beginDisplay/endofDisplay nesting in xterm-mouse
          code, which caused lockups after a resize operation. (tcap.c)

        + fixed misspelled ifdef which caused filename truncation when using
          "tilde style" backups.  (fileio.c)

        + changed "X11" to "DISP_X11" in and descrip.mms.

        + fixed OPT_REVSTA ifdefs so modeline reverse-video can be turned
          off.  (display.c)
        + trimline() can be called with DOT.o == llength(lp), for instance
          if a macro calls "end-of-line" followed by "append-string" where
          the string starts with a CR.  trimline() was trimming (or not,
          didn't matter), and then backing DOT.o up to the last char on the
          line.  the CR would then break the line, instead of appending to
          it.  this is probably a problem in other functions as well, if
          called from a macro, since we don't do the "DOT.o can't sit on
          the newline" hack while executing macros.  (region.c)

        + replaced contents of c-filt.c with x-filt.c.  it seems to be a
          full superset of its functionality.  it is now installed along
          with manfilt, as vile-c-filt.  the help file now talks more about
          it.  (c-filt.c,

        + documented the color.[fb]color[1-16] subresources. (vile.hlp)

        + included the c-filt.flx code contributed by alistair crooks in
          the distribution.  (c-filt.flx,

        + changed the "built" names of manfilt and c-filt to vile-manfilt
          and vile-c-filt, to match their installed names, and to match
          the documentation. (

        + changed the new color resources to be {f,b}color[1-9,10-15],
          rather than A-F as before. (x11.c)

        + turned off IBM_VIDEO for linux.  it's not necessarily true.  
          turned on OPT_COLOR for linux and DISP_TERMCAP, which is what we
          were trying to imply with the above anyway.  (estruct.h)
        + patchlev.h (PATCHLEVEL): Updated to "c".

        + x11.c (update_scrollbar_sizes -- NO_WIDGETS version):
          Restructured loop which allocates new scrollbars and grips
          somewhat.  In addition to no longer creating one more grip than
          necessary, we also explicitly check to see which grips need to be

        + x11.c (check_scrollbar_allocs): Allocate the same number of grips as
          scrollbars.  We don't actually need this many, but allocation in this
          manner caused some subtle allocation problems with GROW().  GROW() was
          being called as follows:
                GROW(cur_win->grips, Widget, oldmax-1, newmax-1);
          When cur_win->grips is initially allocated, cur_win->grips is
          NULL, oldmax is 0, and newmax is cur_win->rows/2.  Note then that
          -1 is being passed as the third parameter to GROW().  This causes
          newmax elements (rather than newmax-1 elements -- the number of
          elements allocated) to be zero'd near the end of the grow macro.

          The other piece of code affected (adversely) by this allocation is
          in update_scrollbar_sizes() where new scrollbars and grips are
          created.  It turns out that one more grip than necessary is created.
          Under certain conditions, the GROW macro would zero out this extra
          grip.  When reinvoked, update_scrollbar_sizes() would assume that
          this extra grip had been created and not bother to recreate it.

        + patchlev.h (PATCHLEVEL): Updated to "a".

        [ Note: The following changes constitute the merge of Jukka Keto's
          changes for color support to xvile.  Thanks Jukka! ]

        + estruct.h (OPT_COLOR): Define in terms of DISP_X11, not X11.

          (NCOLORS): Conditionally define this to be 16 instead of 8.

          (VAFGCOL, VABGCOL): Removed.
          (VACOLOR, VCOLORNUM, VCOLORATTR): New defines.

        + select.c (attribute_cntl_a_sequences): Color support.

        + x-filt.c: New file.  This is Jukka's syntax coloring filter for C
          programs.  I modified it slightly to compile clean under gcc with
          Tom's favorite warning flags: -Wall -Wshadow -Wconversion
          -Wstrict-prototypes -Wmissing-prototypes.  Also fixed a problem
          with "'".  It also no longer requires an ansi compiler.  Note: It
          should probably be merged with c-filt.  A command line switch to
          [xc]-filt could be used to indicate whether monochrome or color
          should be used.

        + x11.c (struct _text_win): New fields colors_fgc, colors_bgc,
          colors_fg, and colors_bg.

        + (Xt{N,C}{f,F,b,B}color{0-9,A-F} i.e, XtNfcolor0,...): New
          resource defines.  Kind of ugly to have to declare all of
          these like this, but that seems to be the way its done.

          (color_resources): Structure which defines the color subresources.

          (x_preparse_args): Get the color subresources and initialize
          the color GCs.

          (x_setfont): Set new font for all of the color GCs.

          (flush_line): Handle color attributes.  Also check for the
          most common (default) attribute first for efficiency.
        + corrected end-of-line problem with autoindent that broke 'append-string'

        + turn off 'access()' function for DEC C on a VAX as per bug report
          by (estruct.h).

        + added arrow-key definitions for VAX (vmsvt.c).

        + corrected treatment of underlining in termcap driver (tcap.c).

        + implemented termcap-based colors (tcap.c).

Changes for vile 5.0 (released Fri Feb 10, 1995)
        + rearranged ifdefs leading to OPT_WORKING def'n for clarity.

        + a couple of the new scratch buffer names were too long.  (edef.h)

        + added commands for undoing system maps ("unmap-system-chars")
          and abbreviations ("unabbreviate").  (map.c, cmdtbl,
          vile.hlp, proto.h)

        + NetBSD, FreeBSD, etc. all seem to define the termcap "kD" attribute
          as DEL.  i consider this questionable, since they also produce
          DEL from the Backspace key, but in any case, it means we shouldn't
          define a system map for the DEL key.  we should really have separate
          system maps for insert and command modes, but i think that might be
          overly complicated.  so instead, i suppress the mapping of an ASCII
          DEL to anything else (at the system level -- the user can still do
          whatever they want.)  (tcap.c)

        + renamed our signal() wrapper to setup_handler(), and always use it.
          on systems with sigaction(), use it in place of calling signal() to
          ensure system calls are restartable.  setup_handler() is now in
          main.c, moved from termio.c (buglist, display.c, file.c, main.c,
          proto.h, spawn.c, termio.c, x11.c, x11simp.c)

        + use test for restartable reads on pipes rather than stock
          restartable system call test, when trying to configure OPT_WORKING.
          OSF/1 3.0 has restartable system calls, but reads (and writes) on
          pipes will return EINTR regardless of SA_RESTART state.  they
          call this a feature, based on the POSIX spec.  i haven't been
          able to check.  (if you link against -lsys5 on OSF/1, you _can_
          turn on OPT_WORKING.  but they claim that may be a bug, and
          a "libsys5.a" may exist on other system, so i'm not going to
          trust or use it.) (aclocal.m4, configure,, estruct.h)

        + pasted characters now have the NOREMAP bit set, to prevent map
          expansion of pasted text. (x11.c, estruct.h)

        + changed token parsing to no longer treat ^L and ^M (i.e. formfeed
          and carriage return) as whitespace.  this fix is mostly for :map,
          so that carriage returns can appear in the lhs and at the start
          of the rhs, but it should also allow those characters in other
          response contexts as well.  (exec.c)

        + implemented "flow-control-enable" command, which re-enables
          software flow control for those users who still need it.  not all
          implementations (posix/sgtty/termio) were disabling it in the
          first place -- i'm surprised selections worked there (they may
          not have.) (termio.c, cmdtbl, proto.h, vile.hlp)

        + protect against infinite recursion when attempting to print
          0x80000000 as a signed integer.  (display.c)

        + changed file completion buffer to show the full prefix of the
          thing that's being completed (patch from jukka keto). (bind.c)

        + added jukka keto's c-filt.c program to the distribution. (c-filt.c,

        + changed HAS_ALARM define to HAVE_ALARM, and let it be autoconf'ed.
          (estruct.h,, configure)

        + added code in ffgetline(), which is where pipes are read, to
          check for EINTR from a SIGALRM and redo the read() if we're
          on a system where the read() isn't restartable. this lets
          us turn on working on all system that have alarm(). THEN, i
          backed this change out with ifdefs, since i think some old
          kernels can lose data if they get a signal during a
          read().  (fileio.c, display,c, estruct.h, edef.h)

        + put start of child process status reporting in system_SHELL().
          ifdef'ed it out, since the WIFSIGNALED etc. macros probably
          aren't on all systems, and i don't want to break this release.

        + introduce checks for SCO systems, which are probably not so odd
          when compared with their peers, it's just that their peers have
          all gone away.  (, configure, termio.c, estruct.h)

        + fix globbing in root directory (i.e. ":e /j*k" now gets "/junk"),
          and move DOS check for this same thing ("c:auto*.bat") slightly.
          ensure what we don't end up with doubled or trailing slashes
          ("//foo", "/foo/") anywhere, since DOS won't open those or stat
          them properly.  (glob.c)

        + fixed benign wp/curwp mixup in l_to_vcol().  (display.c)

        + change expression for lint. (map.c)

        + move ifdef for ANSI_QSORT into estruct.h, so it can be used in
          proto.h as well as glob.c (proto.h, glob.c, estruct.h)

        + added a couple of SIZE_T casts to keep "new ansi semantics" warnings
          at bay.  (file.c, history.c)

        + fixed some typos in the vile.hlp, added a version number, to
          correspond to the version it's distributed with.

        + change name of __MAXINT to not have __ on front, add cast to (int).

        + changed the FL_PATH search order to look in the table first.  this
          a) seems more correct, and b) will help ensure that the new helpfile
          location (/usr/local/lib) will be checked before the old (which was
          /usr/local/bin).  took /usr/local/bin out of the internal table.
          i have more changes pending for this area, having to do with bugs
          in how we determine where the executable came from.  but i'll hold
          them until next release.  (bind.c, epath.h)

        + added note about old helpfiles to README and README.CFG.

        + added some more reminders for myself to the release_warnings
          target. (

        + created patchlev.h file.  include and use it it in version.c.

        + added missing range checks to EXACTLY case of regrepeat() to
          prevent going off end of line when matching 'cc*' on a line
          that ends in 'c'. (regexp.c)

        + fixed ifdefs for signal_pg(), to negate pid when killing a pgrp
          with kill().  (estruct.h)

        + moved setting of new process group out of x_open(), and into a
          command, which can be used in a .vilerc if someone needs it.  it
          seemed like the cases we were trying to catch were bugs in other
          programs (shells and window managers).  this seems like the most
          flexible approach, at least until i understand the problems a little
          better.  (x11.c, main.c, cmdtbl, vile.hlp, proto.h)

        + simplified, and moved non_filename() to version.c, so it can more
          easily use the PATCHLEVEL string.  (proto.h, version.c, path.c)
        + changed PATCHLEVEL from a char constant to a string, for more
          flexibility in naming patches.  duh.  (version.c, patchlev.h)

        + added GNU General Public License to distribution, as required by
          configure/  (, COPYING)

        + tweaked/updated copyrights, added some vile specific caveats and
          info to the COPYING file.

        + reenabled '!' expansion in shell commands.  more vi's than not
          seem to do it.  (input.c)

        + arrange to check the X event queue when doing updates() during
          a pipe read.  we were only checking in x_working() before, which
          isn't called if "set noworking" or OPT_WORKING == FALSE. (proto.h,
          x11.c, file.c)

        + modified column shown by ruler to be the actual cursor column, rather
          than the effective column (display.c).

        + made vms sys$/lib$ calls consistent (uppercase) to simplify greps
          (path.c, random.c, termio.c, vms2unix.c, vmspipe.c, vmsvt.c).

        + changed input-buffer size and error checks for vms to avoid
          data overrun problems (termio.c).

        + corrected glob-expansion for environment-variables, e.g., $FOO

        + updated tests for memory leaks (bind.c, map.c).

        + corrected glob-expansion of msdos pathnames that use '/' (glob.c).

        + corrected bug that prevented '!' from being inserted into shell
          commands without being escaped (input.c).

        + added command 'append-string' for symmetry with 'insert-string'
          (insert.c, cmdtbl).

        + modified vax scripts to compile on AXP hardware under OpenVMS
          (descrip.mms, display.c, vms_link.opt,, vmsshare.opt)

        + corrected shadowing of 'stat' in npopen.c

        + added version.o: patchlev.h dependency to all makefiles.
          (descrip.mms makefile.djg makefile.tbc makefile.wat makefile.wnt)

        + main.c (newprocessgroup): Changed XHAVE_SETSID to HAVE_SETSID.
          Added HAVE_BSD_SETPGRP ifdef which is necessary due to the fact
          that setpgrp on BSD systems requires two arguments.

        + x11.c (scroll_selection): Sign extend row and col.  It's possible
          to sign extend in fewer lines of code if we make certain
          assumptions about the widths of ints, shorts, and longs.  Not as
          portable though.

          (extend_selection): Add scrolling timeout _after_ updating the

        + vile.hlp: did a lot of tweaking/rewording/correcting.

        + display.c (l_to_vcol): Use wp->w_dot instead of DOT.  DOT uses
          curwp which is not what we want here.  This problem was causing
          core dumps when I got into xvile and did the following:


        + x11.c (x_change_focus): Do not attempt to give ourselves focus
          when focusFollowsMouse is true and we enter the window.  Also,
          don't rely on the receipt of FocusIn/FocusOut events for deciding
          whether or not to show the cursor.

          (x_preparse_args): Set the XtNinput resource to TRUE in the
          call to XtVaAppInitialize() instead of in a separate call to
          XtVaSetValues(). [This is how Volume 4 in the O'Reilly series
          recommends doing it].

          (x_wm_delwin): Removed the unused WM_TAKE_FOCUS stuff from this

          (grip_moved): Removed superfluous "#if MOTIF_WIDGETS" / "#endif"

          (scroll_selection): Cleaned up decoding of row and col.

          (x_preparse_args): Took out WM_TAKE_FOCUS stuff.

This change log started on Wed Jan 11, 1995.