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From: Johannes Leveling <Johannes.Leveling_at_Informatik.Uni-Oldenburg.DE>
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 16:33:36 +0200 (MET DST)

> what are atm the free extension-languages with the best support for/ interface to the ncurses-library?
> As far as i know, there is no macro-language with a standard interface to ncurses. Python has a half-the way standard interface to curses (not compiled in by default) that can be used with ncurses. Perl5 has some modules for curses-support that are yet far from being standard, and W.Setzer seems to work on an improved interface to ncurses. Tcl seems not to be interested in character-cell-fullscreen-api's and stopped all former attempts to write an interface of tcl to curses. Emacs seems to have incorporated a ncurses -interface in its latest versions, but it's somehow obscured. According to J.Blandy, for guile-scheme, Stallman's favorite extension language,there's not been written yet a package to access ncurses, though it should be a simple, just time-intensive straight programming task.
> Anyone know more about activities in that directions? With the increasing role of extension languages for scripting,prototyping,extending and glueing, there should be use for interfaces of those langues to ncurses too.
> Klaus Schilling
There is an ncurses-interface to SCM (the Guile predecessor
by Aubrey Jaffer) - a scheme dialect.
I uploaded it a while ago to the scheme-repository (I have to look up where it resides)

There was another version (NCRS-0.51) which provided
basic curses support (not including colours, etc.)
ncurses (version 1.9?) support and pdcurses support
(for DOS platforms).
This version is not yet published, but You can eMail me
if You are interested.

Johannes Leveling

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