Re: What's the status of ncurses now?

From: Ward Horner <>
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 10:01:33 -0500

>We have a new primary maintainer and a plan to resolve the copyright

When will the new primary maintainer take over? From what baseline will the
work begin? Will he take up where the Dickey left off or start from 1.9.9g?

I realize that some people don't feel this way, but I found Dickey to be
very responsive to my input and he was a great help in my port to vxWorks
OS. My requests were never more than one patch away, which he released
faithfully every weekend.

I guess I'm wondering if we can expect a similar level of support and
effort from the new maintainer.

Ward Horner
Received on Wed Jun 25 1997 - 10:12:00 EDT

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