Re: screen refresh

From: Thomas E. Dickey <>
Date: Wed, 28 May 1997 18:46:05 -0400 (EDT)

> > > In ncurses, what is the best way to redraw a screen that has been corrupted
> > > by non-ncurses functions such as printf(). To further complicate matters, I
> > > am using panels also. Currently I use wrefresh (curscr). Sometimes it
> > > works, but other times it fails, I suspect it could be something in my
> > > code, but I thought I should run this by the experts first.
> > you should try 'touchwin(stdscr)'
> I think it won't refresh screen properly. 'clearok(stdscr,1); refresh();' will.
I've been using

        touchwin(stdscr); wrefresh(curscr);

for sysv versions, and a hack with the clearok for bsd versions.
(I'm aware that bsd curses has a 'touchwin()' that doesn't work,
but I've been using the sysv version with good success). So that applies
to ncurses as well.

Thomas E. Dickey
Received on Wed May 28 1997 - 18:46:05 EDT

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