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From: Juergen Pfeifer <>
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 1997 21:48:30 +0200

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Keith Bostic wrote:

> Just to keep everyone up-to-date on what I know, or what I think
> I know. ;-}
> First, let me say that I'm not trying to force a solution on
> anyone, and I'm only acting as an interested party that doesn't
> want to see a lot of great work go to waste. If I'm getting in
> the way, just let me know and I'll shut up!
> My understanding is that Eric and Thomas have both agreed, in
> principle, to finding a neutral 3rd party to manage the ncurses
> project. There are 3 people that have expressed willingness to
> act in this role. In no particular order, they are:
> Peter Seebach
> Florian La Roche
> Jason Evans
All of them look ok to me. I know Florian is working for a popularGerman Linux distributor, might be this is a small bonus point for

> Eric is not yet sure he's willing to agree to a new copyright
> notice which would permit modification and redistribution. He's
> investigating some possible alternatives that might satisfy
> folks needs and his wishes. I have told Eric that I believe
> this is an important issue for the BSD and Linux groups as well
> as for the FSF.
> Thomas, Juergen, Zeyd, I haven't spoken with you on this issue
> -- please let me know if you are comfortable with either the BSD
> or LGPL copyrights for the ncurses work, with copyright held by
> the FSF.
I already said that BSD or LGPL is ok for me. I only want to seemy name in the code I've written.

> Juergen, Zeyd, I apologize that I haven't spoken with either of
> you. In particular, please forgive me if I'm stepping on your
> toes -- that is not my intention. Juergen, I would also
> encourage you to consider if managing the ncurses group would
> be something that you would have time to do and feel comfortable
> doing?
If that's what necessary to get things right and will be agreed byall players I will do that.

> Right now, I think that we're on hold until Eric comes back with
> his decision on the copyright.
> --keith

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