Re: [ (Marcus G. Daniels)] Re: What is "free software"?

From: Marcus G. Daniels <>
Date: 03 Jun 1997 20:42:10 -0700

>>>>> "MAD" == Michael Alan Dorman <> writes:

MAD> If I have something to say to Eric Raymond, then *I'LL* say it.

You did; you spoke in a public place.

MAD> Do not use my good name for your own ends. That is dastardly.

I distributed public information as an indicator of potential
consequences of an action.

MAD> Suffice it to say that I do not appreciate your reposting of my
MAD> messages to any forum without my consent, and would gladly see you
MAD> consigned to the lowest pit of Hell for it.

MAD> That said, I stand behind every word.

I expected nothing less.
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