Re: ncurses 4.1

From: Richard Stallman <>
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 1997 01:18:59 -0400

      What I want is:

    (a) for Thomas Dickey *not* to control it,

There is some ambiguity in the word "it".

If ncurses is free software, that means that Dickey (or anyone else)
is entitled to make his own version and control it.

However, you can continue to develop and release your version, and
no one but you can control that.

So if "it" refers to ncurses in general, who controls it? No one.
No one can control a free program in this sense.

Therefore, it seems to me that what you want is already true.

    (b) for the usual free-software community customs regarding credits,
        cooperation, and the rights of maintainers and authors to be observed.

For free software, the rights of maintainers is this:
each person has the right to maintain his own version.
As far as I know, Dickey has done nothing to deny you that right.

I am not sure what "rights of authors" refers to, in connection with a
free program. I think you will have to explain more specifically what
you mean.

I see that cooperation has broken down between you and Dickey; I don't
know how that happened, but it is regrettable, and I hope it can be
revived. But this is not something that you (or Dickey) can demand;
all one can do regarding cooperation is offer and invite it.
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