Re: ncurses 4.1

From: Eric S. Raymond <>
Date: Sun, 1 Jun 1997 20:20:32 -0400 (EDT)

> Eric, could you tell me the specific things that Dickey did which you
> think are wrong? If you prefer, you could tell just me, rather than
> the whole list. That could avoid distracting harsh arguments.

I want the whole list to know, if they don't already.

He removed the names of Zeyd benHalim and myself from the maintainers' list
with neither my consent nor the authority as senior maintainer to do so.

He declared himself primary maintainer and issued distributions against the
active protests of Zeyd benHalim (the most senior developer) and myself
(the other copyright holder and senior developer, and in fact the person
who put him on the developers' list to begin with).

He refused to apply changes to the software which I submitted and considered
important for performance -- changes to a portion of the code *I* had written
and was responsible for (the vertical-motion optimizer).

He has continually refused either to explain his actions or reverse them.
He has responded to neither private email from me nor public pressure from
others on the ncurses list.

The trigger of my revocation of his privileges is that he has
attempted to assert control of yet *another* project I hold in trust
for the community, the termcap/terminfo database bequeathed to me by
its BSD maintainer.

These behaviors grossly violate the customs under which hackers normally
cooperate. Mr. Dickey appears to have neither understanding nor interest
in these customs. He has therefore forced me to means I find extraordinary
and repugnant. I have been avoiding the issue, aside from occasional
attempts to get him to respond to private email, for six months. I can
avoid it no longer.

		Eric S. Raymond
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