Re: Mr. Dickey's playtime is over

From: Rick Marshall <>
Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 17:12:12 +1000

Eric S. Raymond wrote:
> The ncurses sources were written as free software and will so remain;
> my exercise of rights is a specific response to Thomas Dickey's
> repeated unethical behaviors and his usurpation of the software, and I
> have no intention to prevent others from using the sources in all
> customary ways. I will open a 4.2 archive hosted at snark by next
> Wednesday (it would be sooner but I'm traveling this weekend).
> In the interest of neutralizing any possible feeling that I merely wish to
> selfishly control the project, I will also accept (and am confident
> Zeyd benHalim as senior maintainer will support) self-nomination by any
> third parties of good reputation on the ncurses list to take on the
> roles of principal maintainers. After a suitable probationary period,
> the present copyright holders will assign rights to those maintainers.
> If no suitable persons come forward, I will maintain the source tree
> myself until such time as I can hand off the job to a competent and
> ethical maintainer.

Here, here.

'bout time. We need more software engineers of the standard of Eric and
Ben contributing the "free" world. To see them treated poorly reflects
on all of us. I have benefitted enormously from their work both
personally and professionally and fully support Eric's stand on this

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