Problems with ncurses 1.9.9e

From: Ingo Brueckl <>
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997 19:59:00 +0100


I compiled ncurses 1.9.9e and intended to replace libtermcap and libcurses by
it, linking everything against libncurses.

When I ran the tests I had to observe that most of the results are a kind of
strange, mainly there is no display of forms input (invisible like entering a
password) and that there are only five really different character attributes:
inverse (for standout and inverse), bold (for bold and underline), dim (for
dim), blinking (for blinking) and normal for the rest. Even the attribute
'invisible' is visible!

I use Slackware 3.1 and programs linked with libtermcap display 'underlined'
in dark cyan for example. How can I make ncurses using some different colors
for the character attributes?

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