Re: 4.0 to go official soon?

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Date: Thu, 30 Jan 1997 13:29:52 -0800 (PST)

 +---- Zeyd M. Ben-Halim wrote:
 | I'm open to suggestions.

Cool! I went through this tread and pulled out the desires, as
that is usually the cause of suffering. In no particular order:

        * Official ncurses releases for OS distributions.
        * Not distributing unofficial releases.
        * Communication between developers.
        * Official bug list.
        * Open development for easy beta testing.
        * Stability for ncurses users.
        * Public development schedule.
        * Continued development.
        * No dictation.
        * A stable mailing list. (Ah ha! It's all Netcoms fault!)
        * Predictable decision process for releases.
        * LSM edits (undoing, fixing, etc).
        * No rogue releases.
        * No dirty tricks.
        * Politeness.
        * State goals for the next year.
        * Cleanup docs.
        * Clarification of roles.
        * Optimization of the credits.
        * Clarification of copyrights.

My suggestion is adding to this list, concerned parties sorting
by preference, adding commentary for specific items, and
comparing lists. As a member of the peanut gallery I'm not
particularly concerned about this taking place in public or
private, or even that it takes place. I'm just thankful to all
of the developers, bug reporters, and anyone else that has made
ncurses as cool as it is. I hope it stays that way.

Gary Johnson
The Internet is not The Channel.
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