Re: 4.0 to go official soon?

From: T.E.Dickey <>
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 05:49:06 -0500 (EST)

> You misunderstand. The problem is not with what is in the release but in
> the way it was "released". Tom dumped a copy in my incoming directory,
> uploaded it to sunsite and his ftp site. All his happened BEFORE any one
I do save my email. The actual story is somewhat different. Yours keeps

> was informed (hence all the questions as to when 4.0 was released).
> Moreover, Tom took the liberty of declaring himself the official maintainer,
nope. The wording is "primary maintainer", which is true (no one can deny
that, though some people insist on being added to the list w/o any plausible

> took Eric out of the loop, announced publicly the location of betas.
Unfortunately, Eric is part of the loop. And resents the changing of any
of the ~700 places where he's marked his name.

beta's have been publicly announced since mid April 1996. Your reaction
is a bit delayed.

> Don't forget that Eric and I STILL own the copyright on ncurses. I would think
not exactly true. I hold (that's the correct term) a copyright on about 1/4 of
the system. Juegen holds a copyright on slightly more than that. Eric & you
have asserted a collective copyright on ncurses, which is not quite the same
thing. However the work during 1996 was mostly mine; there's no legal way that
you can assert copyright on that. (If you want numbers, Eric's contribution
during the past 9 months is only 3rd or 4th behind Juergen - he's just ahead
of Alexander).

> Put he pointedly REMOVED Eric from the CC list whenever I sent him and Juergen
> any mail. I understand that he was pissed at Eric's tone, but the sulking
I believe that I did this one time - and also you removed CC from one of
my postings. (Please be consistent).
> Nobody is doubting Tom's or Juergen's contributions. I packaged 1.9.9g as
> the last snapshot before we got 4.0.0 out the door. Several last minute
um. I packaged 1.9.9g (this is a matter of record). You had no changes.

(And the content for 4.0 was agreed in advance, as well as a tentative target

Thomas E. Dickey
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