Re: 4.0 to go official soon?

From: Florian La Roche <>
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 11:13:20 +0100

> >I am already using it with the major number set to 3.0, as did past
> >versions of ncurses ship with... (So no need to recompile all
> >binaries.)
> Most programs will probably never notice the difference, but there ARE
> differences. Moving to 4.0 also allows the package version to match the
> shared library version. It is not that critical if you are installing
> ncurses yourself, but for distribution maintainers it is.

I just renamed the shared libs so that the library name and the major name
match. That is not too difficult...

I'm doing this for the jurix-distribution and for S.u.S.E.
The dictated that move. I don't cnsider this an ncurses bug.
It is in the interest of the distribution that one major number is
kept as long as possible, if nearly all progs use ncurses...

> >More open development so that beta-tester can test the whole thing
> >before things are uploaded to sunsite or the main site by Zeyd.
> >(I very much appreciate the packages at
> Unfortunately they are very public. We've had several instances of
> people putting betas up on sunsite or prep.

Just write a small text that this is not desired. But such things
happen and it is much worse if there are not those very public
betas around.
Open development gets much more bugs fixed...


Florian La Roche
Received on Wed Jan 29 1997 - 05:23:35 EST

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