Re: 4.0 to go official soon?

From: Zeyd M. Ben-Halim <>
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 23:21:03 -0800

>Eric S. Raymond wrote:
>> > Furthermore, does anyone have any objection if I package the current,
>> > un-official 4.0 release so that our maintainers may begin building
>> > packages against it, so those packages can ship in the next release of
>> > Debian?
>> I would object strenuously. So would Zeyd benHalim.
>I do not object, because "unofficial" 4.0 is reasonable stable for this
>kind of prerelease work. Eric is doing politics here. I don't like that.

You misunderstand. The problem is not with what is in the release but in
the way it was "released". Tom dumped a copy in my incoming directory,
uploaded it to sunsite and his ftp site. All his happened BEFORE any one
was informed (hence all the questions as to when 4.0 was released).
Moreover, Tom took the liberty of declaring himself the official maintainer,
took Eric out of the loop, announced publicly the location of betas.
Don't forget that Eric and I STILL own the copyright on ncurses. I would think
it would be common courtesy to consult with us before you go off declaring
yourself as the new dictator in town.

>> Please do *not* package and redistribute the so-called "4.0.0" release.
>> It is a power play by one of the co-developers. He has been refusing
>> to communicate with the other three.
>This is not true. Thomas put's me as CC on nearly all his ncurses related
>mails since I mentioned that I have sometimes problems with the ncurses
>mailing list.

Put he pointedly REMOVED Eric from the CC list whenever I sent him and Juergen
any mail. I understand that he was pissed at Eric's tone, but the sulking
was getting childish. I was trying to mediate between them, but Tom was
rebuffing my efforts and going around me all together.

>> When there is an official release, I will allow it on Sunsite.
>This is rather unfriendly. Looking at what has been done at least in the
That's rich! What would you consider Tom's ACTIONS?

>last six months, Thomas and I did most of the coding for ncurses
>maintenance and development. Thomas' regular postings were all very
>reliable and of good quality, much better than sometimes in the past.

Nobody is doubting Tom's or Juergen's contributions. I packaged 1.9.9g as
the last snapshot before we got 4.0.0 out the door. Several last minute
broken code (what's new) and problems with my internet connection contributed
to a Xmas release slipping. Next thing I know people are asking me when did
4.0 come out!!

>No doubt about your contribution Eric, but who the hell gives you the
>right to allow or deny a release? This should be the result of a
>cooperative process.

Easy there! Eric and I OWN the copyright on ncurses, so you would think we
would have some say. I think I have been fairly co-operative. I had serious
concern about packing the Ada95 code in the main distribution (adding 1MB)
but I went ahead and included in 1.9.9g.

>I fully agree that Thomas, measured by his own quality standards,
>should provide a public schedule for the release.

Isn't that like shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted. Tom
already release 4.0 and it is floating around cyberspace.

>Please, please, please stop politics and start to cooperate again.

I'm more than willing to repackage Tom's 4.0 and any subsequent patches for
an offical 4.1 (now I understand IBM's version numbers :-). BUT before that
happens we need to clear up what are trying to achieve in the next year or
so AND clean up the docs to clarify the situation.

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