Re: 4.0 to go official soon?

From: Eric S. Raymond <>
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 18:13:55 -0500 (EST)

> > Please do *not* package and redistribute the so-called "4.0.0" release.
> > It is a power play by one of the co-developers. He has been refusing
> > to communicate with the other three.
> This is not true. Thomas put's me as CC on nearly all his ncurses related
> mails since I mentioned that I have sometimes problems with the ncurses
> mailing list.

But he won't answer my questions. He won't explain why he removed me
from the LSM. He won't answer Zeyd's mail either. He refused to withdraw
his rogue release when Zeyd asked him to. And he refuses to explain his

He has also tried to make trouble for me over at Sunsite. Fortunately
Erik Troan saw through that and copied me on it.

> > When there is an official release, I will allow it on Sunsite.
> This is rather unfriendly.

You're damned straight it's unfriendly. I'm extremely angry about his
behavior; I consider it arrogant, underhanded, and inexcusable. And
if he doesn't change his behavior, I'm going to do a lot more to spike
his guns.

When he took my name off the LSM without asking me, he made it personal.

> No doubt about your contribution Eric, but who the hell gives you the
> right to allow or deny a release? This should be the result of a
> cooperative process.

That'a exactly my point. He's *not* cooperating with me, he's *not*
cooperating with Zeyd. He's expecting us to just live with whatever
he decides. No explanation, no communication, nothing.
> Please, please, please stop politics and start to cooperate again.

I'd be happy to. But Thomas has to at least explain himself first.

		Eric S. Raymond
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