Re: 4.0 to go official soon?

From: Eric S. Raymond <>
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 1997 20:53:11 -0500 (EST)

> The new release of Debian GNU/Linux is going to be frozen on the 27th
> of February, and I'd _really_ like to be able to put ncurses-4.0 in
> there, but am loath to do so before it's been officially released.
> Does anyone have a clear idea when the "official" 4.0 is going to hit
> the stands?
> Furthermore, does anyone have any objection if I package the current,
> un-official 4.0 release so that our maintainers may begin building
> packages against it, so those packages can ship in the next release of
> Debian?

I would object strenuously. So would Zeyd benHalim.

Please do *not* package and redistribute the so-called "4.0.0" release.
It is a power play by one of the co-developers. He has been refusing
to communicate with the other three.

When there is an official release, I will allow it on Sunsite.

		Eric S. Raymond
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