c_count for C_COUNT

-- $Id: CHANGES,v 7.37 2023/01/30 01:23:10 tom Exp $

2023/01/30 (c_count 7.22)
        + updated configure macros

2022/10/02 (c_count 7.21)
        + updated configure macros

        + update config.guess and config.sub

2021/01/09 (c_count 7.20)
        + updated configure macros

        + update config.guess and config.sub

2020/09/22 (c_count 7.19)
        + remove obsolete makefile-rules

        + updated configure macros

        + update config.guess and config.sub

2018/05/11 (c_count 7.18)
        + modify spec-file to eliminate debug-symbols

        + updated configure macros

        + update config.guess and config.sub

2015/09/24 (c_count 7.17)
        + fix breakage in configure script from 7.16 (report by Somchai Smythe).

        + updated configure macros

2015/07/05 (c_count 7.16)
        + add configure option --with-man2html

        + updated configure macros

        + update config.guess and config.sub

2014/09/22 (c_count 7.15)
        + ensure that parse-state returns to "code" after a comment is
          completed.  Extend parsing for numbers to improve error-checking.

        + updated configure macros

        + update config.guess and config.sub

2013/12/14 (c_count 7.14)
        + add script for cross-compiling NullSoft installer to MinGW.

        + minor fix for Quoted(); if the first character of a quoted string was
          a blank, it was added to the blanks category rather than to code.

        + improve cross-compiling, to supply getopt from porting directory
          for systems which lack this.

        + updated configure macros

        + update config.guess and config.sub

2010/08/24 (c_count 7.13)

        + pretend that MinGW does globbing.

        + updated configure macros

        + update config.guess and config.sub

2010/07/17 (c_count 7.12)

        + escape dashes in manpage as needed to work around groff.

        + fix strict gcc warnings

        + support DESTDIR in makefile.

        + add configure checks for lint and ctags.

        + add configure --disable-leaks and --with-valgrind options.

        + change configure --with-warnings to --enable-warnings, for

        + rename install.sh to install-sh, to avoid problems with some make's
          suffix rules.

        + drop mkdirs.sh, use "mkdir -p"

        + updated configure macros

        + update config.guess and config.sub

        + reformat changelog, for metrics script.

2006/01/08 (c_count 7.11)

        + correct bookkeeping for unterminated blocks (report by Lester

2005/06/17 (c_count 7.10)

        + improve -v option display by showing the statement numbers at the
          beginning of statements rather than on the terminating semicolon.

2005/06/26 (c_count 7.9)

        + add -n option.

        + correct treatment of "#" in quotes (could be confused with

        + correct treatment of blanks in quoted string in preprocessor
          statement (was counted in statement).

        + modify check for SCCS tag to allow it to be past the beginning of a

        + improve parsing so numbers are not treated as tokens (for average
          length computation).

        + add parsing for \x escapes.

        + updated configure script, add --program-transform-name, etc.

        + remove shar-rules from makefile.in

2002/11/22 (c_count 7.8)

        + some cleanup of makefile

        + drop support for K&R compilers

        + correct token-counts when -q option is set.

        + add -V option, to show version.

2001/02/27 (c_count 7.7)

        + expand wildcards on WIN32 with _setargv().

        + Handle ^M^J line-endings for MSDOS, etc.

        + Updated configure script.


        + add check for files w/o trailing newline.

1998/08/03 (c_count 7.6)

        + modify configure script to work with --srcdir (reported by Marty

1998/07/02 (c_count 7.5)

        + implement check for mismatched braces.

        + add -w option, to show too-long identifiers

1997/10/05 (c_count 7.4)

        + change copyright terms to allow commerical distribution.

        + add -b option, to display blocklevel statistics.

1997/04/25 (c_count 7.3)

        + correct state-parsing of "/*<LF>", supplied test.

        + modify display of line and statement numbers to show the latter only
          when there's a change, and increment the former to start at 1.

1996/12/19 (c_count 7.2)

        + allow '$' in identifiers.

        + correct state-parsing in 'inFile()' which determines the count of
          lines having comments (there was more than one error).

1996/01/13 (c_count 7.1)

        + adjusted ifdef's to assume UNIX (and we're autoconfiguring).

        + use ARGS on the non-UNIX wildcard support prototypes, to work with
          K&R compiler.


        + make this independent of TD_LIB includes and library


        + renamed-program from 'lincnt' to 'c_count'


        + tweaked to compile on MS-DOS

1991/10/21 (c_count 7.0)

        + (resync with TD_LIB)

1991/10/21 (c_count 6.0)

        + lint


        + Header-label for spreadsheet had "STATEMENTS" and "LINES"
          interchanged (fixed).  Also, converted to ANSI prototypes.

1991/05/23 (c_count 5.0)

        + Mods for ANSI compiler (apollo sr10.3 cpp complains about endif-tags)

1990/08/30 (c_count 4.0)

        + history could be RCS or CMS (corrected message)


        + if specific statistics are requested (e.g., "-s") and the "-t" option
          is set, coerce "-p" as well.


        + Added 'filter_history()' procedure, which filters out the
          history-comments generated by RCS or DEC/CMS from the total for
          "normal" comments.  Only "normal" comments are shown in the
          comment:code ratio.


        + corrected format of 'show_flag()'

1990/05/21 (c_count 3.0)

        + corrected final (per-file) call on 'Summary()'


        + rewrote, adding options to make this behave like "a.count"


        + added "-t" (spreadsheet/table) option

1990/05/10 (c_count 2.0)

        + ported to VAX/VMS 5.3 (expand wildcards, added "-o" option).
          made usage-message more verbose


        + assume "//" begins C++ inline comments


        + lint (apollo SR10 "string" defs)


        + "-" indicates that we read the file itself from standard-input,
          rather than names


        + obtain number & length of tokens (identifiers and constants).


        + SCO Xenix: use 'exit()' from main


        + Added '-q', '-d' options so we can check kernel code, as written.

        + Added '-v' option; enhanced tests for illegal chars/comments.


        + xenix-port.  Also, added checks for unbalanced quote/comments.


        + Treat standard-input as a list of names, not a stream of code.


        + Initial revision